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Taking Stock #5. 49/51 #LifeThisWeek. 119/2019.

Taking Stock #5. 49/51 #LifeThisWeek. 119/2019.

Dear Readers,

My timing for Taking Stock  may not be as regular as some bloggers write theirs, but I will stick to the ‘around every 9th week’ for Taking Stock when it returns as a regular optional prompt in 2020.

Making: lots of art and loving it

Cooking: many cupcakes: some for me, some for you, and some for giving for Christmas gifts

Little cakes. Iced later.

Drinking: regular readers would know this without my words

Reading: birthday card wishes…with such love and care back to me for my 70th at the end of November & this one from long time follower and friend:

Wanting: the bushfires to be extinquished NOW.

Looking: to see if there is blue sky outside instead of smoke and haze

Playing: mahjong on the ipad along with listening for the 4th time on audiobook: Boy Swallows Universe

Wasting: energy on social media calling out our so-called elected leaders: Scott Morrison (you are a $ic$) and Gladys Berejiklian (no words) & the opposition isn’t actually….

Wishing: someone, somewhere needs to act for the people instead of the big end of town & owners of media. Looking at you all,….and in UK and USA.

Enjoying: not being in schools much as I loved them back when I was working. I am tired  and I remember the tiredness of end of school VERY much. Wishing all my education friends and family the very best as 2019 draws to a close: very proud of all that has happened at this public school in particular!


Waiting: for rain. Everywhere in Australia affected by the drought is doing just that. 

Liking: that some communities on the coast are travelling west to take much needed goods to families in the bush affected by the hardship a drought brings

Wondering: if I will enjoy Trent Dalton’s new book next year as much as I did Boy Swallows Universe.

Loving: my Christmas faves playlists back in the car for my solo sing a longs. I love singing Christmas songs….I love Infants Assemblies and classroom music at the end of the year for that too. I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas by Patsy oldie but a goodie! 

Hoping: my husband and I (no we are not Royal) continue to be well as we are both now in our 70s! Our seventies!!

Marvelling: that my father though somewhat frail physically is sharp as a tack mentally  at one month off being 96.

Needing: nothing much at all. Well-satisfied.

Smelling: the blooms that are Christmas is coming (next door’s hedge): gardenias

Wearing: a smile much more than a frown every single day. Back to the beach to escape the smoke scenes.

Following: social media on the  drought, weather and education

Noticing: that it is not helping me to become too immersed as it is somewhat stressful

Knowing: my limits in ability to eat and acting upon them instead of feelings of regret or missing out

Thinking: of how very very fortunate I am. In fact, I am GRATEFUL for my improved health: emotional and physical 

Feeling: grateful…and a bit sad …and a bit happy….and knowing it is also part of the human condition

Bookmarking: a page in this book which I read every day…it continues to help me make sense of the world for me

Opening: the best and most surprising gift I ever received last weekend…for my 70th Birthday from my kids and grandkids..not often I can be surprised either.

Smiling: with joy and appreciation for all the care and love I received on my birthday. I am very much blessed by my family and friends.

Did you take stock recently?

Thanks to Pip Lincoln for her original idea and list. Found here.


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