Sunday 22nd May 2022

Last ‘Taking Stock’ in 2017. #LifeThisWeek. 45/52. 2017.125.

Last ‘Taking Stock’ in 2017. #LifeThisWeek. 45/52. 2017.125.

Making plans for be more mindful every day especially when I am facing experiences that I find challenging.

Cooking not a lot recently as the freezer is pretty full from recent ‘batch-cooking’. 

Drinking more cups of tea each day so..I can dip my biscuits!

Reading social media, the daily newspapers, blog posts, some books even though I am still unable to become absorbed in them.

Wanting good health news for anyone who is unwell.

Looking up at the sky every day and noticing the clouds which change every minute.

The Lake Views Near Our Place.

Playing a word game on the Ipad which keeps my brain active and my frustration levels high when I cannot make a word from the letters.

Wasting more time on the above game than maybe I should.

Creating art of every kind I love, every day. Paint is my favourite medium at present.

Wishing that the world stays safe. 

Enjoying the times at home in between hospital stays and doctors’ & dentist visits in Sydney.

Surprise Delivery this week from a friend.

Waiting as patiently as I can for my long recovery and reconstruction of my mouth to be finished sometime in 2018.

Liking that I am learning, from my cancer experience, to be more patient than I was.

Wondering from how much my grandchildren have special memories of us, their grandparents. 

Loving the blogging community I am part of and follow. 

Hoping that I can continue my newly-embedded acceptance of “going with what the present is offering”.

Marvelling at my improvement in my thinking and emotional health to the point it is no longer keeping me scared and fearful.

What I Noticed on the walkway to the Beach last week.

Needing reminders that it is nearly Christmas but to be honest, we don’t ‘do Christmas’ much anymore but we will do a tree with lights.

Smelling my husband’s after shave and enjoying the aroma.

Wearing a different outfit every day because I have decided doing that makes me care for and about myself more and it is fun.

Following the increasingly annoying news from the Australian political arena.

Noticing that the jacarandas are nearly finished and the frangipanis are blooming.

Knowing that by the time this post is live I will be at home recovering from my 2nd surgery inside my mouth.

Daily Outfit post..but fewer smiles as mouth is swollen from recent 2nd surgery.

Thinking that the surgical team who care for me are very competent in their roles.

Feeling a lot more confident than I used to be about getting out and about up here and even taking myself to Hornsby recently.

Bookmarking all the wonderful comments that people make to buoy me up when I am feeling a bit down.

Opening cans, bottles and jars with much more difficulty these days

Giggling at some very cute kids of blogging friends who post their pics and vids on Instagram.

Feeling lucky to be receiving the best health care and having the support of my family and friends as I do.

Very relieved Me…about to head home after 2nd surgery. Less than 3 hours since the operation! I am a good recoverer!!

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They can be changed or adapted of course. I use the ones from Pip Lincoln’s blog Meet Me At Mikes with acknowledgment here.

There are five weeks until Christmas Day which falls on a Monday. No #LifeThisWeek that week!

#LifeThisWeek returns on Monday 1 January 2018 with this prompt: Bye to 2017.

I promise to put the prompts for first 9 weeks of #LifeThisWeek 2018 up on the Home Page before then!


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