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Taking Stock #2. COVID-19. 18/51. #LifeThisWeek. 36/2020.

Taking Stock #2. COVID-19. 18/51. #LifeThisWeek. 36/2020.

This Monday link-up is a favourite time of the week for me, every week. In fact, it’s the measure of Why I Blog. To connect and share the stories from life.

Life, recently, has impacted all of us in one way or another. We are needing to be “at work” or “on-line” a great deal whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place…all  via computers  & other devices and so on.

Sending  a BIG thank you for supporting my blog and its link up AND for taking the time to comment on my Monday post.

I appreciate this more than you know.

My happy time is Mondays and Tuesdays seeing your comments and then I get to respond!

Thank you all for linking up…and visiting others’ blogs too when you can.

Stay well…and safe…and I hope you continue to find a place here, at Life This Week each Monday.

Can you believe it? Today is 187th LINK UP!! Denyse.


Taking Stock #2. 2020.

What a blast (not) the past 9 weeks have been since I wrote the first Taking Stock in 2020. Here it is. I also did it in photos and as that appealed to my readers and was fun to do, I will be doing this again. With a twist.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 Version.

How is the COVID-19 ‘life’ going for you?

Has it changed for work?

How is it affecting your family and friends?

I wrote about why I had a COVID-19 test here. 

We two were already retired and with a regular income. We are quite used to being ‘us two’ in this house and have plenty of space for our individual needs and for coming together for meals and some TV too. I have been the main one going to the shops for food, prescriptions and so on. My husband has  been out far less and his trips have been to the doctors…and of course, Bunnings. We have had flu shots and probably both need to be more frequent handwashers after going out. However, I generally wear disposable gloves, and apply hand sanitisers on offer where I go, and apply my own back in the car.

Take care everyone,


BIG appreciation to my friend Tanya, who made my original blog avatars and more back in January 2016. Since then with a “few” changes of appearance, Tanya has kindly updated as I need. Gratis. Because she is a friend. Love that kindness.




This is the list of optional prompts I use for my taking stock posts. Feel free to copy them from here if you wish. I note always my appreciation for Pip Lincoln’s Taking Stock prompts. Her blog and website is here as is more about her latest book. See my photo.




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