Saturday 21st May 2022

Finding Geometric Shapes In Nature. #SundayStills Meets #TreeSquare. 90/2021.

Finding Geometric Shapes In Nature. #SundayStills Meets #TreeSquare. 90/2021.


As this post farewells #TreeSquare via #SundayStills I am summing up the four weeks like this:

  • who knew if we look more closely just how much there is to see in JUST one tree
  • what I saw as I reviewed my photos of trees and shrubs was the immense detail in each
  • I noticed far more of the shapes and textures too when I was walking near the trees I selected for photos
  • I will never be bored outside while there is a tree to look at
  • I appreciate their role in our lives..literally keeping us alive more than ever.

Thank you for Becky for a month of #TreeSquare. I shall be checking out what’s happening next time round.

Thank you too, Terri, for your prompts for Sunday Stills.

Allow me to share what I saw as geometric in these images.

Lines, angles and spheres.


Patterns: squares on ground, curves and some trees cut into spherical shapes.


I see conical shapes in the conifer and angled sprouts from each branch.


I did not make this…but someone had fun with this pine tree making a mandala!


The lines in the rails of the horse training track taking the eye to the tree, as it casts shadows.


My deliberate use of fence palings to split this image into three separate rectangles.


The bamboo stretches against the railings and scaffolding of the building under construction next door to my Dad’s Unit Complex


The angles and lines that take the eye of the viewer to the monument, on a very bleak day when Covid has struck in 2020 and services would not be held here for A.N.Z.A.C. Day. The tree in the background lends some comfort to the stark sight.


I can no longer look at a tree without seeing the angles of the branches.


I look forward to seeing what Terri has planned for August. August?? How did we get here so fast?

Sending my best to you all.