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Special Times To Remember. #LifeThisWeek 16/52. 2017.55.

Special Times To Remember. #LifeThisWeek 16/52. 2017.55.

When I planned this prompt I was thinking about the special time (on this date!) I remembered when I heard that I was pregnant for the second time..after a long gap between children (over 7 years) after being told I would not able to have a second child. Then I re-thought my response and decided to add more. Here they are photos and the special times I remember behind each of them! From left to right and clockwise.

Set One.

  1. Here I am in my principal’s role snapped on school photo day circa 2000. I was very proud to be chosen to be a school principal in my own right after years of being both relieving and acting principal in a number of schools.
  2. On Queenscliff Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. May school holidays spent at my parents’ house with my husband and baby daughter. This is in 1972. I don’t think my daughter was keen on the water! Great times spent each time we came back to Sydney from our rural/outback teaching roles from 1971-1977.
  3. The face of a relieved and retired person who is learning to make her way through life without roles and responsibilities that she has lived with for over 40 years. Special memories made via selfies on my beach walks in 2016.
  4. Young parents! We were 21 when our daughter was born and both teaching in small schools out the back of Boggabri NSW. I was back at work by now (phew, I disliked being at home and isolated on a country property) and this young one is in a swing made by her Dad! We were back at school/work and she was well-cared for next door to my school by my boss’ wife, her godmother.

Set Two.

  1. I am around 17 here. This is me, first of the NSW HSC cohort in my senior uniform. It was brown (yuck) and consisted of a skirt, shirt and jacket making it almost ‘suit-like.’ I was not a nerd but a social being at school but finally did remember to study in Year 12 and get into teacher’s college. I loved being part of the first group in NSW to do the HSC and it is 50 years ago this year!!
  2. The lovely man I married all those years ago – 46 to be exact – with me last Christmas in this house we are renting. We are making special memories right now as for the first time in our lives it is ‘just us’ and no responsibilities for family and work, except for some voluntary work by my husband.
  3. Eleven years ago I fulfilled a dream held since teenage years and stood on the North Shore of Oahu looking for the waves that I had sung about in the school bus in the 1960s…”Ride the Wild Surf”…and the surf was flat. Disappointed but a wonderful experience to visit Hawaii..on my first and only (to date) trip out of Australia.
  4. Turning 65 meant this…a big grin and relief that my working life was done and I would be eligible for a part-pension. That meant fewer expenses for us as I had no superannuation so it was a good thing. It was also a sad occasion as it was the last birthday I got to celebrate with my whole family in Sydney. I remember it with mixed emotions as in under 2 months we would be gone from Sydney to live on the Central Coast.

I found this article on memories very interesting and share it from here.

Do you find you remember certain experiences and times very well indeed?

I do, often remembering the weather, smells, sounds as well as sights.

Our brains are amazing!

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