Wednesday 26th January 2022

Spring Signals It’s Here. #SundayStills.117/2021.

Spring Signals It’s Here. #SundayStills.117/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and I took the chance to show some Spring images.

In Australia Spring begins on 1 September…and we are well and truly noticing its arrival. Mostly via the garden but also the skies…and a great reminder of life begun one Spring a while back…and my gratitude to have a Spring  landmark in my head and neck cancer story! I hope whatever the season is where you are, it is good to you!

Spring is very changeable!

We have had almost heatwave conditions which changed to “winter is back”.

But the flowers never let me down.

Wherever I went..not far thanks to Covid…I saw beauty.

Then there is this from Spring:

Meeting our September born granddaughter, just minutes old….


My good news from Spring. No face to face head & neck cancer checks..but news is ALL good. Next check in ONE year.


This is the house we rent & my husband refreshed the garden in Autumn so it looks great in Spring.

These are Australian native flowers: Flannel Flowers. They are protected and must not be picked. What beauty they have and delicacy in their texture. Normally they are found in bushland and recently as I drove back along a road which bordered a national park, these were at the side of the road. Naturally I stopped…to take photos.

That’s my Spring News.

And for this year my last contribution in 2021 to the lovely friendly space called Sunday Stills.

I am taking time out for self-care….and blogging less.

My Monday Link Up #LifeThisWeek continues each week. You are more than welcome to link up a post, old or new, on or off prompt.

I love connecting via social media, and I sure will be there from time to time.

Thank you to Terri, and Marsha who hosted a while back and to Natalie.

My post, going out on Monday 27 September , shares more.

I hope wherever you are there is wellness and brightness around you…and follow this instruction as I will too:




Going For (Harvest) Gold…Colour Challenge. #SundayStills. 114/2021.

Going For (Harvest) Gold…Colour Challenge. #SundayStills. 114/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and this one was for me a challenge in itself but I went for GOLD….(Harvest Gold) as our Australian sporting commentators would say about Olympic Competitors….and trawled through my images.

I find colour and its detection can be a personal thing and often a subtle one.

For example purple has different hues that can be red based and blue based.

So, I have selected  images from nature and my art and that’s how I’ve “gone for (harvest) gold”



My drawn and coloured collage. I see lots of ‘gold’ shades here.


In the local bush area near our house, as the more brightly coloured wattle begins to fade it darkens and I can see a more gold-tinge.



The  shades of gold are more apparent in the deepest part of the daisy. I think it’s a daisy. I just know I love these for their mandala shapes!



And mentioning mandalas , this one I drew and coloured  has some different shades of yellow into gold which could match the criteria for harvest gold.


Beauty in this plant, with tightly curled petals and some withering capture the more faded gold effect I see.


One of my art designs where I can see a semblance of the harvest gold could be in the blending of some of these…imagination required.


A large free flowing floral design over a background of gentle yellow with some added more orange/gold highlights might squeeze into the category too.


I look forward to reading others’ interpretation of this colour challenge prompt.







Going Back IS Possible But… #SundayStills. 111/2021.

Going Back IS Possible But… #SundayStills. 111/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and this one is very thought-filled.

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

Going back….to school, to work, to University happens in the southern hemisphere in January and February.

I see that this happens to our friends in the northern hemisphere around now as Summer fades to Autumn.

I am used to “back to school” advertisements on TV for shoes, stationery and more. I am very familiar with the “back to work/school” feelings too. The letting go of leisurely life and back to alarm setting and packing lunches…

However, I am here to add more images and what they mean to me about going back.

Starting and ending  with  images and quotes which I believe:


And my photos with my “going back” words.

Through my head and neck cancer years, I would have to go back to my surgeon for frequent  checks and to have more surgery. Here I am back at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse with cakes of appreciation for my team…and going back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to go back home.


There’s a part of me that would go back to this day with then not quite 2 year old granddaughter. Here she is at our then local GP surgery, waiting for my appointment. I had come to Sydney to mind her while her parents had other appointments. She is holding the Teddy we gave her to commemorate her birth. I would LOVE a hug from this girl soon once lockdown is over…and she is now, 8 years old. Still has her bear.


This selfie taken by me, is having taken my Dad some meals, and spent the morning with him, I am on my way back home. 2 hours away. I will be going back here as soon as lockdown is over because he is missing my home cooked meals AND he is very much over being unable to socialise with others where he lives in an independent retirement unit complex.



The three images above are from our trip down memory lane, back  to where we met in 1970. Last year we saw some of the sights we remembered and of course had lots of nostalgic conversations but both agree, we would not go back to living in an area that could not care for our complex health needs…sigh. The things you have to consider at “our age, over 70”.



In January 2006 I visited the west coast of the U.S.A. and did day trips to various places, including Alcatraz. I loved San Francisco area, reminded me a lot of Sydney. I would love to go back but with covid, ageing and not much spare cash for travel, this is not on. But I always say, as the song does, I left (a part) of my heart in San Francisco.



I know I will go back here. To this part of the Freshwater to Curl Curl boardwalk. It won’t look exactly like this of course, but it will still be there. And the views. Just need lockdown (again!!) to end.



This drink, double shot piccolo, at my fave cafe in Wyong, will be where I will be going back…(insert the familiar phrase about lockdown)


And this quote sums up some of my thoughts about going back too.

Do you think you can go back?

If I could change one thing it would be about some financial decisions. However, seeing I cannot do that, I can learn from those times!



Murals, Walls, Silos & Art. #SundayStills. 108/2021.

Murals, Walls, Silos & Art. #SundayStills. 108/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks. This week is the final. Thank you Natalie, and welcome back Terri next week.

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

When I saw “colourful murals” as a prompt for this week’s Sunday Stills, I thought I don’t know that I have any images of these nor would I know where to find any where I live.

But wait, it only takes some noticing doesn’t it?

Then I began to remember where I knew there were  some near us, on the New South Wales Central Coast of Australia…..

The side wall of my favourite cafe in Toukley. Sadly closed until lockdown ends.


Set in a seaside area, this theme of seas and waves is about “no bad days at BluJs”


Next to the library at Toukley is this mural reminding us of the Canton Beach activities in Summer.


And, from the wall of the amenties block at Soldiers Beach is this testament to the whales who pass by on their way north each winter, and back south each spring after calving.


Information about Whale Migration next to the mural.


And again, on an amenities block in Toukley Village close to where I go grocery shopping is this visual portrayal of the area near where we live.


Now these may not be traditional  walls but they sure are walls. Of wheat silos. In Australia this has become quite a phenomenon. This photo from our trip in October 2020 to Barraba where I was teaching in my first year. It was from Barraba that I went to a function in Tamworth and met the man who became my husband over 50 years ago.

The farmer here portrayed with a ‘water diviner’ stick, looking for underground water.


There is no rule a mural cannot be from nature is there?

I love seeing this wall come to life each Spring. Sadly it’s at our local big shopping centre which for us has been ‘out of bounds’ since late June 2021.

This creeping flower was one my Mum loved.

When I go to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (my cancer hospital) in Sydney, I always stand next to the mural outside…signs more like it…but they mean a great deal to me. I also shot this image of my husband inside the large corridor within COBLH which has extensive images and more to share the cancer care that is patient centred and research driven.


And finally, I reckon some of my art might look good as a mural…








Do you have colourful murals in your local area?



Lots To Share Afloat. #SundayStills. 105/2021.

Lots To Share Afloat. #SundayStills. 105/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks. This week is the second. Thank you Natalie.

I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri & Natalie are in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday. This is the prompt: Afloat!

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

Afloat: A Sydney Harbour Ferry.

I love a good ferry ride when I can visit Sydney. This time, however, was one to make memories for me, just before we left to go to live further out of Sydney on N.S.W  Central Coast in 2015. In the background is the Sydney Opera House and a little part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Grandma was happy to take H for a day into the city and part of our excursion, before he started school in 2013 was a ride on a ferry! Being outside you see the best. This part was where the ferry was starting to back away from the wharf at Circular Quay, and then would turn around for our trip to Darling Harbour.

The Sydney Opera House. So splendid from the harbour. Best views from the Ferry. This was finally opened in 1973 and I still marvel at it. I have attended many events there.

Outside, always, for me and another view back towards the Sydney Opera House, with the Botanical Gardens in the background.

I don’t mind a bit of chop on the water and it makes for extra splashes and fun. What a great background showcasing Sydney’s well-known landmarks. The rock building is called Fort Denison and forms part of Australia’s white settlement past.

This a Manly Ferry, photo taken in 2014. Many of these have been ridden by me and my family over the decades when I lived quite close to Manly. These days the much larger ferries are no longer in use & one is moored close to Darling Harbour. This one is a medium-sized one. Often too, they are using speedier ones. Sad in some ways because the 40 minutes slow(er) ride on the Ferry to the City had an air of calm. Unless you were in a hurry!

Afloat? Not always. 

In April 2015, we had already moved to the Central Coast and a weather phenomenon called an East Coast low arrived. For 5 days in rained (and more!) and blew dangerous winds which felled trees. We lived here, close to the water and we could not get to the cars unless we wore gumboots. We had no power and after three days my husband ventured very gingerly out in the white car to bring home a generator and a portable gas stove. The generator was awesome and kept phones charged. Power was restored and then it was a matter of waiting for shops to re-open as their perishable food had to be thrown out as did ours.

Not our boat but moored close to our rental accommodation…I spent a lot of time taking photos and videos as a distraction from how awful the time was.

This was the result for one of those boats. NOT afloat. But “OAR”some photo!

Staying Afloat…

This dear little granddaughter, back in 2016, keeping herself afloat in her ‘lifejacket’ but mostly holding the hand of her Papa and feeling much safer in the shallow water at Norah Head Rockpool.

That’s my take for Afloat for Sunday Stills.



In The Garden From 2014. #SundayStills. 102/2021.

In The Garden From 2014. #SundayStills. 102/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks. This week is the first. Thank you Natalie.

I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri & Natalie are in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday. This is the prompt: In The Garden.

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

In The Garden: 2014. Glenwood House: For Sale. 

In 2013 and into 2014 we began to prepare for the inevitable. Selling our house, with a mortgage, to become debt-free, and for me to stop working and for us to move away from Sydney to the N.S.W. Central Coast.

My husband, whilst having chronic pain from a very much compromised spine (2 very serious ones which have left him with some complications) IS a hard worker and planner for all things building and outside. So, he takes his time and things get done.

In this period too, we continued to care for our pre-school aged grandkids and had them stay with us too…making many memories.

I am so glad I do love to make memories and share some images here from In The Garden.

We miss having a place to call our own BUT it’s our current situation and we are accepting of that.

Almost finished a retaining wall.

Grandchildren ‘helping’ and loving it. The part of the yard needed a retaining wall.

Looked great after completion. All plants and grass added by my husband.



And then there was this:


Out the front too. This hedge gave the front of the house a division from the street, and there was a drive way on both edges of the house boundaries along with a parking pad in between. What was a front garden back in 1998 when we moved into the brand new house, changed to meet the needs of us (and maintenance too) over the years.

What’s In The Garden At Your Place?



Found: At The Lake! #SundayStills Colour Challenge: Burlywood. 99/2021.

Found: At The Lake! #SundayStills Colour Challenge: Burlywood. 99/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks.

I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri & Natalie are in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday. This is her prompt: “Colour Challenge: Burlywood”

Come and read to see what I did for this post!


This colour is not a favourite, I admit straight up. It formed part of my school uniforms back in the 1950s and 1960s so “beige, brown, light brown” are not colours I wear nor enjoy seeing much (unless the brown is CHOCOLATE) so I did have to look closely for examples of this colour I had never heard of before. Maybe it’s not known by this name here in Australia? Anyway, I did not have to go far it seems. Just to visit the Lake.

On My Walk.

We live about 15 minutes drive from water like this: part of Tuggerah Lakes, a huge saltwater lake system. This beach is called Canton Beach and whilst there is a lot of water, much of it is shallow. Popular with families in the summer time.

For me, a chance to photograph the scenes and those who enjoy its environment.

This is What I Found:

in my eyes, to be Burlywood, on the shore and surrounds.

The sandstone

The weeds harvested from the lake ‘browning’ in the sunshine

The sand

Even the clear water where sand is seen.






So I think I responded to the colour challenge: Burlywood.

Do I like it any better? Not really but in nature I see it has a place.