Monday 8th August 2022

What’s Ruby Red? Sunday Stills & Colour Challenge. July. 45/2022.

What’s Ruby Red? Sunday Stills & Colour Challenge. July. 45/2022.

Well, what about this! I am back for this week’s Sunday Stills Photo and Colour Challenge just for today...Ruby Red…caught my eye and I love the colour AND a granddaughter with that name, so I am back for this…thanking Terri from here and a little more about this challenge here:


Welcome to the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge!

Sunday Stills is a photography challenge with a weekly theme (similar to the now-defunct WPC). Each Sunday I publish a post of the weekly theme with images of my own interpretation. Any blogger is welcome to participate and interpret the challenge with their photos, poems, stories, music, etc!


is such a hard colour to pin down but I used my eye to give it a go, and if your sense of this coloursdoesn’t agree, sorry…I know, colour can be so very personal.

First off,

when dear Ruby was born was back in 2009, she was the 5th grandchild, and first daughter to our son, after his first son. I love(d) the name and had an heirloom ring with a RUBY in it, from my Mum, and I passed it onto her as a gift of love. I always hoped it would be kept safely and I last saw Miss Ruby wearing it (to show Grandma) in 2015…but with house moves and a marriage breakdown I just hope she has it somewhere kept safely.

Ruby: not in red…she spent up to 3 days a week with us from 6 months to 5 years old while her parents were at work. Joy filled memories here;


Trip Down Memory Lane: Ruby Red.

20 years ago. My Mum, Daughter & Me!

Nature Leads The Way in Ruby Red.

And some more here I say is Ruby Red in colour! 

(let’s not get technical, some of the reds could be “fire engine red, crimson, magenta & more”….)

It’s ME!! 

Art, Book Cover and Ruby (again) 

Miss 12 off to her Primary School Formal: finishing her 7 years there in 2021.

With her proud Dad.

I did have fun putting this collection together for Sunday Stills and The  Monthly Colour Challenge. Who knows, I may be back later in the year.

Thanks for the chance to share, Terri, my version of Ruby Red this week.