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What Makes Me Laugh? 32/51#LifeThisWeek. 85/2019.

What Makes Me Laugh? 32/51#LifeThisWeek. 85/2019.

Actually I am starting with what does NOT make me laugh!

  • people poking so called fun at others
  • slapstick
  • cartoons (sorry!)
  • comments which hurt others which are so-labelled “just joking”
  • most American comedy – movies and shows


Now I have that out of the way.

These are some things and people which make me laugh!

  • clever lines and ripostes by people I love/respect
  • dry humour: thinking William McInnes as my example when he tells his stories from growing up in his family
  • British comedy which is based on clever scripts  not gross visuals. Vicar of Dibley is one.
  • chatting, talking and enjoying life with my grandchildren: of all ages. There are laughter moments with them of course but it’s part of the joy. Never laughing AT!

Meeting William McInnes in late 2014 was a treat!

  • and this bloke:

In 2015 we did not know that my cancer was ahead but this is US!


We couldn’t have stayed together for over 48 years without a shared sense of fun and humour.

We particularly enjoy making each other laugh.

There is little better than a shared belly-laugh or that one when you cannot talk because of the laughter.

Then of course, there is the wonderful endorphin release after a great laugh. Nature’s healing balm.

Recently “he” has been known to make me laugh and coffee/water will explode from my mouth if I am not very careful. Post cancer surgeries this is frequent!

So, what (or who!) makes you laugh.

Do share in the comments.



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