Sunday 16th January 2022

The Last Thing I Bought. 39/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.96

The Last Thing I Bought. 39/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.96.

I was not sure what the “last thing” I bought would be when I sat to write this post.

I thought it might have been ‘the groceries’ because that is on-going….and then I thought, maybe it would be some new art materials. I admit, I have been busy updating my collection.

But no, it is none of those.

It is this:

A(new)nother Big W A3 Laminator.

Isn’t that exciting?

Actually no, it is more like embarrassing.

This is the THIRD one I have (not yet) bought.

Update: thought I would have it in my possession now…except, my Big W is out of stock. 


I have made over 200 bookmarks for The Big Hug Box and I can get 5 into one A4 laminating sheet.

You see, I am a pioneer…of sorts …so I have tested my laminators out (for sure) and even though it has not been my intention when I have added dried flowers and some materials that do not have endings which line up….I have:

broken 2 of these laminators as the items got stuck.


For years and years I had a really solid and BIG A3 laminator that I used at home and at school and it only gave up the ghost 2 years ago. It had cost over $150 so I was delighted to find that Big W sold these A3 ones for $30. The A4 one is $20. My mandalas are made on A3 paper which is why I needed and wanted to bigger sized one.

Two have now been dumped. Because they cannot be fixed once the material gets caught on the roller. I was a very sheepish telling my husband about the 2nd one being ruined and he even tried taking it apart but it was not worth it.

I would hope I have learned my lesson.

I do not, repeat, do NOT want to buy a 4th Big W laminator.

So, what have you bought?

Are you a fan of the laminator?


P.S. Here’s the update of the update. NO Big W Laminators could be found….so, still needing said A3 laminator, I went on-line to O’works. Yes. Their model is 3x the price of the BigW and says “it is jam-free”…(my husband scoffed at this based on my track record)…and I can use the convenience of in-store pick up at Northmead when I return to Westmead tomorrow to see the prosthodontist. Too easy? We shall see.

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