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Taking Stock 3. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2018.55.

Taking Stock 3. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2018.55.

When each 9th week comes around I sit for a bit before completing Taking Stock. I like to do the prompts all at once.

This snapshot was completed on Friday 29 June 2018.

I never look at previous ones before completing the current one as I do not want to be reminded.

I will do that perhaps after this is published as I do like to see my changes and also what stays the same.

Thanks again to Pip for her prompts. She blogs here.



Making: plans for creating 100 mandalas in one book by the end of 2018.

Cooking: fried rice – a family favourite by itself or as a meal accompaniment.

Drinking: coffee – double shot 3/4 small latte has taken over from the piccolo

Reading: Kylie Ladd’s The Way Back. Kylie is an Australia author who I support 100% and have met twice.

Wanting: cancer treatments to be D.O.N.E. but understanding not for quite a while yet.

Looking: outside and up…to the sky. I love clouds

Playing: Four plus – on the Ipad. My husband has a record of over 1300…me, just under 700. We are NOT competitive. Much.

Wasting: time on the phone to News Ltd and Fairfax to let them know their new delivery system by a private contractor is NOTHING like the one from the Newsagency.

Sewing: I actually did some sewing when a woollen thread on my new cardi got caught in my purse. My husband snipped it free, which then unravelled that section. Found the sewing basket and some thread and pulled it together but it’s now a ‘wear at home cardi’. A before-shot.

Wishing: that everyone with cancer is cured and the cancer is long gone as a disease. Doing my bit to contribute to those patients who are gifted a Big Hug Box by making bookmarks. Want to know more? Here’s the link.

Enjoying: my drives to wherever when I get to play my music, my podcasts or audible books

Waiting: for a parcel to arrive. If I dared go out, it would arrive, right?

Liking: this time in our lives

Wondering: how my 19 yo granddaughter will go surviving a full Winter seasons where she is working and living now with her boyfriend

Loving: life. It’s alright isn’t it?

Hoping: that more people are kinder to everyone they meet because as it is said “you never know what battle they may be waging.”


Marvelling: the resilience of my plants and flowers. Just a bit of water and some sunshine, along with some pruning and away they go again to delight me.

Needing: to remember how much I am loved and cared for, always.

Smelling: betadine, under my nose, where the teensy tiny hole is still there in a minor way (after 4th surgery, a stitch was placed there with the skin graft, and the first change of stent back in May, pushed the stitch out and small fissure appeared. We are hoping it closes by itself or it means… 5th surgery.

Wearing: my faves of jeans, navy striped top and navy lace ups.

Following: Hannah Gadsby’s story. I saw her Netflix performance and was “blown away”. Links here.

Noticing: that I can have the most wonderful and generous friend in Linda who sent this to me…overwhelmed by her generosity and thoughtfulness, let alone the hard work to get this to completion.

Knowing: I have lots of people who care about me and for me and it is just great.

Thinking: I need to get some more freckles (see coffee pic if unfamiliar with this Aussie choccie) today as they have become my latest comfort food

Feeling: That the anniversary of my 1st Surgery coming up on Friday will be a great reminder to me of how far I have come.

Bookmarking: Chris O’Brien’s book “Never Say Die”. I read it ages ago and gave it away, now as a patient in the hospital he dreamed of but his wife, Gail saw it come true I want to read it again so have it as a library copy.

Opening: mail. I still love opening mail.

Giggling: more smiling broadly (without top teeth) at our sweet granddaughter who face timed us with her Dad on her fifth birthday. We will celebrate with some cake in the school hols.

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All are welcome!


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