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Everyone IS Creative. 2018.22.

Everyone IS Creative. 2018.22.

Recently I heard Brene Brown say on the CD of her latest book Braving The Wilderness two things that stuck with me about creativity.

One: she was THAT kid told by her teacher that she couldn’t do art. Her art sucked. As a result, Brene never ever tried again. Until this:

Two: her findings were that the best way to embed the learning in her courses was to integrate them with creativity.


I have taken some of her on-line courses over the past two years and each has a component of journal writing, decorating a page of photos, adding some pictures that inspire and so on. In other words, the head learning becomes embedded with the heart learning.

Source: Brene Brown

My Back Story.

I cannot recall doing anything creative at home like drawing or colouring but I recall coveting the brand new Textas (so colourful) around the time I was in Year 6. I loved the geometry lessons which taught me how to make a flower with a set of compasses. That learning comes back to me every time I make a mandala. I went to High School and would have loved to do Art as a subject but I was advised to follow an academic pathway. Never mind. I had fun decorating diaries, school books bags and so on. I could not draw well but I loved patterns. Still do.

My mum was a colourful and stylish dresser and I am pretty sure I learned that from my observations and my innate creativity. Mum was not educated past age 15 but she was a wizz at cooking and baking. Loads of people were delighted to receive her goodies. I saw creativity in the way my parents’ made their gardens and how Mum arranged flowers.

Into my teaching years, particularly with the children under 8, I loved creating colourful and stimulating classroom environments with my ideas and their art. I found teaching in a space like that was great. However, over the years, I learned that some children do not need a lot of visual stimulation to act out so I amended how I did this.

Over The Years.

Teaching probably kept me as creative as I needed to be until it was time to have a break. I was non-teaching for over 20 years so I went to scrapbooking classes, learned how to make Christmas decorations and went to a term of learning how to observe doing drawing with pencil. I did buy a lot of products over the years and my grandchildren who came to us for care each week got their share of use with my paints, paper, scissors, playdoh and so on.

It actually surprised me not long ago to find that after my visual preference as a learner comes kinaesthetic so I guess I got a lot of that with the cutting, placing and pasting I was doing.

Of course, I also cooked and decorated cakes with icing (still do!) but it really wasn’t until I was permanently retired that I saw that my creativity extended to art-type activities, photography, blogging and making memory books. Then as my outer world shrank as I no longer worked nor cared for our grandchildren something needed to happen.

I needed more. I needed something. As it turned out, I needed to make, to practise, to try and to have some fun.


Some famous people said this about creativity:

I asked my friends on Facebook about creativity and was delighted that not one person who responded said “I am not creative…” well, a few may have said “I don’t see myself as creative but I do….”

Here’s the list from those people.

  • Blogging
  • Creative writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Doing colouring-in and dot to dots for adults
  • Making my garden
  • Dressing each day and adding accessories to suit
  • Sewing
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography
  • Making Photobooks
  • Journalling
  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Ceramics
  • Planning Family Outings and Events
  • Making costumes for dancers
  • Creating websites
  • Talking on radio
  • Dancing
  • Making Slime
  • Card Making
  • Singing
  • what about you?
  • what are your creative pursuits?
  • there are more than I have here I am sure! 


Thank you all who contributed. Here’s a few pics of my versions of creativity.

So, how are you creative?

And  sorry but “I am not creative” is NOT a reasonable answer!!

Thanks for joining in.



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What’s Enough Money? #LifeThisWeek 6/52. 2017.21.

What’s Enough Money? #LifeThisWeek 6/52. 2017.21.

I am someone who thought she never had ‘enough money’ for quite some time. Decades.

It did not matter that I worked full-time in a professional career, and we were paying off a lovely house and car, could buy most things I needed when I needed them, could assist our family in a financial way if necessary.

This was because I continued to compare myself to others.

Especially others who I believed were doing better than me, who had more than me and were obviously well-off financially.

It has taken around the past 2 years for me to edge this belief to the kerb, and whilst not quite kicking it down the gutter, my mind set has shifted for these reasons.

  • gratitude to have a healthy and happy relationship with my husband
  • thankful to arise each day to a new day where I remain well in most respects in accord with my age
  • grown up family members who are settled and caring for themselves and no longer need our input in any respect
  • a comfortable house which we rent until we are ready to buy and this is giving us time to determine where our permanent home will be
  • a day to day existence that is relaxed, pleasant and we have enough to keep us safe, fed, sheltered, learning  and amused
  • we can afford health insurance, insurance for belongings and cars, items such as gifts although we have dialled back the spending there considerably,  some spending for a short holiday but neither of us want to travel so that satisfies us, money for art supplies and hobbies such as music and woodworking
  • there is a back-up plan of savings for what might be needed but there is no longer an obsession that it is not enough

There was a time in mid-late 2014 when it was not this pleasant. I had to finish work and our mortgage payments could not be sustained but more than that…we were actually ready to sell and move on but it took both reasons – I wanted to finish work and we had to get some money behind us to leave Sydney – for us to do so.

The relief from the house sale going through in mid January 2015 was marvellous and I celebrated not with a champagne but an icy pole gazing at the waters at Ettalong.

Keeping it real. And from then on, the attitude shift has evolved.

We have enough money.

How is this for you?

Everyone is different of course.

We have been married for over 46 years and one of us receives a lifetime pension and both of us some government benefits based on our age. It is enough.


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