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Bright Mandala… A Bright Idea. 48.1/2021.

Bright MandalaA Bright Idea. 48.1/2021.

In April I have posted a couple of times for this challenge of squares using the word: Bright. Here is my first post and here is the second.

Now I am back!

Becky encouraged me to do this too, after I saw the challenge elsewhere  and it didn’t have to be every day…so here I am.

Being Square is Fun!

Join in this lovely challenge and post a photographic square daily for one month every quarter. The theme changes every quarter and is announced on this blog a few weeks, occasionally days, in advance of the challenge month. The challenge months are January, April, July and October.

What IS the Bright Idea?

Last week I was upset by a person. It was quite a shock to my system as often is when we least expect it. However, in recovering from this unpleasant encounter, I was able to draw upon my knowledge and practice of ‘Loving Kindness’ which I have used many times for myself and others since learning about it from Sharon Salzberg initially and over time with others, including my Daily Calm practice.

Why Do This?

I did not want to hold onto the sadness I felt. I also wanted to send loving kindness to this person, and anyone else, whose life may be affected in sad ways which can engender anger in responses to others.

So, I did what I now do to help me heal…and to send out loving kindness to the world ….and with hope this person would also feel some settling of the emotions.

I Draw and Make Mandalas.

I Love Them To Be Bright.

I Often Incorporate the Rainbow Colours.

I Deliberately Chose Hearts – healing LOVE and Black/White in contrast to remind us we need not be “in black and white” thinking or doing mode.

Here is the final BRIGHT Square:

The words I chose:

May All People Be:

At ease with what cannot be changed

Content within themselves

Living with a loving heart

Safe from harm

Happy within

Well As Can Be.


Credit: Denyse: My words (can be shared with permission) and To Sharon Salzberg for Teaching Me (and Many!)

L O V I N G       K I N D N E S S

Do you practise loving kindness?

The first person to offer it to, is ourselves!

Try it.

Happy 21 April all.



How Am I Grateful? 2/2020.

How Am I Grateful? 2/2020.

It’s an interesting question!

One I find hard to answer in summary except that I will do what I can here now!

In the first blog post of 2020 I wrote this:

It was a long read…which I did intersperse with photos to illustrate my message – teacher-me!

However, I know that for some gratitude seems ‘oh so on trend’ and what might be next.

Well, I am going to say whilst I do not mind being up with the trends, gratitude has been around for far longer than I have…and any other influencer..(joke).

And gratitude, just like any mindful practice does need to be practised and noticed and felt. Every Day.


But what about this? 

As I write this post, it’s Saturday 4 January 2020 when it seems more than I can imagine of Australia is burning. Fires are consuming towns, rainforests, fields, mountains, grassy slopes and all in its path. That path has included a number of people (some not yet accounted for), hundreds of dwellings, millions of animals and more. It is 43 degrees outside here and around 3 streets away the power is out. So far our house is not affected and the air-con is running.

I do not find this a comfortable place to be in my mind and in my body. I made this meme ages ago to remind me that this is what I have to do. If I cannot, then I am fighting an unwinnable fight.

How on earth do I ‘sit with this?’

  • I noticed that my mind was starting to go down the path of ‘what ifs’ and ‘o. m. g.’ and my body started to tighten.
  • I felt teary and a little out of control of my emotions.
  • I knew that I could cry, tell my husband, seek answers to the unanswerable….but what then?

So, I took notice of my mind and body’s signals and did a few things I know that can help.

  • I am better when I am just painting some lines or strokes…on a page…it seems that in itself for me that is calming
  • I did just that on a large page
  • I came here, to share some of my words. The blog is good for that!
  • I told myself that it is OK to feel scared as these times are frightening
  • However, I also told myself that the evidence is here that I am safe, well and cool.

Strategies which work(ed). For me.

I have just told my husband – the one who would have had to help me through in the past – and of course he is pleased I can see life and its challenges better these days. I am grateful that he was patient enough in the past years to help me see/feel/be grateful even when I had no real idea.

Now, I feel better physically.

I will do some more art.

In fact, I used some of that energy I needed to dissipate and cooked some meals for me, my husband and dad.

And I will realised that I can send out loving kindness messages to people who really are doing it tough today, no matter where they are.

I am grateful that I know this practice and it works for me too.

For you! And you too….sending loving kindness.

I now know, it is not about ‘the actual words’ but the intent. The sharing of our messages of well-being, hope and love for each other.

The human connections.

What are you grateful for today…and every day?


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