Wednesday 19th January 2022

My Favourite Landscape. #SundayStills.#5. 16/2021.

My Favourite Landscape. #SundayStills. #5.  16/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here for inclusion in the #SundayStills from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here.

This is my fifth post! I think I must be liking the new category for my blogging. Of course it is made better by the company I keep including Australian-based bloggers too.

Asking for my favourite landscape is a lot like asking for a post about my favourite grandchild. They are all favourites in different ways!

So, that’s my basis for this post.

I do like to be out in nature sometime each week even if it IS just for a down time, some taking in of the air and sounds, or maybe some splashing in water.

A landscape for me can be as simple as a view from a window, to a long road ahead and back to the beach for a windswept scene.

Here They Are!

Favourite Landscape: One. The Beaches of The Central Coast, New South Wales.

Norah Head. N.S.W. Looking east.


Norah Head Lighthouse. Looking North. Close to sunset.


Soldier’s Beach. Stormy weather in winter.


Lakes Beach. Post wash up of ALL the pebbles & shells!


Favourite Landscape: Two. Rural New South Wales.

Driving past country hills and pasture land of North Western N.S.W.


Narrabri: the sign points to the property that was our first home for 1971-72.


Horse and cattle studs not far from where we live.

Favourite Landscape: Three. One River. From a Few Places: Wyong, New South Wales.

The Wyong River wends its way to The Entrance and eventually The Ocean.


Part of the Wyong River at Porter’s Creek.


The lake from Tuggerawong.


More delightful reflections at Porter’s Creek.

Favourite Landscape: Four. Bridges and A Jetty from Lakes on the New South Wales Central Coast.


The bridge at Budgewoi Creek, is a special place for mindfulness for me.


A view from the northern side. Love the reflections. I came here to ponder many things happening in my life and when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was to here I came.


No chance of a walk after this flooding rain!


Long Jetty is a former jetty on the lake and now ideal for photos!

Favourite Landscape Five. Clouds and Reflections On the Tuggerah Lakes.

The hills, the clouds…and the solo pelican


I never tire of taking photos of the lake when it’s so still like this.

And even though I originally had 4 favourites, I added a fifth as I wrote the post!

I hope you enjoy seeing my part of Australia as much as I enjoy finding spots to photograph like these. Oh, and they are all via my Iphone 11 ProMax.

And joining with Natalie for #weekendcoffeeshare here too.



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