Friday 21st January 2022

Going For (Harvest) Gold…Colour Challenge. #SundayStills. 114/2021.

Going For (Harvest) Gold…Colour Challenge. #SundayStills. 114/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and this one was for me a challenge in itself but I went for GOLD….(Harvest Gold) as our Australian sporting commentators would say about Olympic Competitors….and trawled through my images.

I find colour and its detection can be a personal thing and often a subtle one.

For example purple has different hues that can be red based and blue based.

So, I have selected  images from nature and my art and that’s how I’ve “gone for (harvest) gold”



My drawn and coloured collage. I see lots of ‘gold’ shades here.


In the local bush area near our house, as the more brightly coloured wattle begins to fade it darkens and I can see a more gold-tinge.



The  shades of gold are more apparent in the deepest part of the daisy. I think it’s a daisy. I just know I love these for their mandala shapes!



And mentioning mandalas , this one I drew and coloured  has some different shades of yellow into gold which could match the criteria for harvest gold.


Beauty in this plant, with tightly curled petals and some withering capture the more faded gold effect I see.


One of my art designs where I can see a semblance of the harvest gold could be in the blending of some of these…imagination required.


A large free flowing floral design over a background of gentle yellow with some added more orange/gold highlights might squeeze into the category too.


I look forward to reading others’ interpretation of this colour challenge prompt.