Wednesday 26th January 2022

Going Back IS Possible But… #SundayStills. 111/2021.

Going Back IS Possible But… #SundayStills. 111/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and this one is very thought-filled.

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

Going back….to school, to work, to University happens in the southern hemisphere in January and February.

I see that this happens to our friends in the northern hemisphere around now as Summer fades to Autumn.

I am used to “back to school” advertisements on TV for shoes, stationery and more. I am very familiar with the “back to work/school” feelings too. The letting go of leisurely life and back to alarm setting and packing lunches…

However, I am here to add more images and what they mean to me about going back.

Starting and ending  with  images and quotes which I believe:


And my photos with my “going back” words.

Through my head and neck cancer years, I would have to go back to my surgeon for frequent  checks and to have more surgery. Here I am back at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse with cakes of appreciation for my team…and going back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to go back home.


There’s a part of me that would go back to this day with then not quite 2 year old granddaughter. Here she is at our then local GP surgery, waiting for my appointment. I had come to Sydney to mind her while her parents had other appointments. She is holding the Teddy we gave her to commemorate her birth. I would LOVE a hug from this girl soon once lockdown is over…and she is now, 8 years old. Still has her bear.


This selfie taken by me, is having taken my Dad some meals, and spent the morning with him, I am on my way back home. 2 hours away. I will be going back here as soon as lockdown is over because he is missing my home cooked meals AND he is very much over being unable to socialise with others where he lives in an independent retirement unit complex.



The three images above are from our trip down memory lane, back  to where we met in 1970. Last year we saw some of the sights we remembered and of course had lots of nostalgic conversations but both agree, we would not go back to living in an area that could not care for our complex health needs…sigh. The things you have to consider at “our age, over 70”.



In January 2006 I visited the west coast of the U.S.A. and did day trips to various places, including Alcatraz. I loved San Francisco area, reminded me a lot of Sydney. I would love to go back but with covid, ageing and not much spare cash for travel, this is not on. But I always say, as the song does, I left (a part) of my heart in San Francisco.



I know I will go back here. To this part of the Freshwater to Curl Curl boardwalk. It won’t look exactly like this of course, but it will still be there. And the views. Just need lockdown (again!!) to end.



This drink, double shot piccolo, at my fave cafe in Wyong, will be where I will be going back…(insert the familiar phrase about lockdown)


And this quote sums up some of my thoughts about going back too.

Do you think you can go back?

If I could change one thing it would be about some financial decisions. However, seeing I cannot do that, I can learn from those times!