Sunday 16th January 2022

Self-Care Stories #5. Gratitude. 34/51. #LifeThisWeek. 68/2020.

Self-Care Stories #5. Gratitude. 34/51. #LifeThisWeek. 68/2020.

An update from Denyse: today I am having more surgery to manage some infection that has taken hold in an area of my abdominal wound from 21 July surgery. Sigh. However, I will be glad to get it done, and unlikely to pop back to comment until I am home. I should only be in overnight. Send all good healing wishes, please!! 

Writing about self-care is a regular optional prompt.

I wrote last time here about self-care in COVID-19 times.

The COVID-19 times are not going away any time soon, so this time I have broadened my view to remembering my word for 2020:


This blog post: so hopeful, and giving me (and readers) guidance on how I was going to find gratitude each day for:

3 6 6 D A Y S of 2 0 2 0.

Then mid-way through the year, quite a reality check! Here is what I wrote then…..

A word (or more) from me:


How did I, or have I, tried to find gratitude in each and every day to fulfil my goal of an instagram post every day?

I did, and have but on some days it was much harder than others.

These are but some of my gratitude-based photos (not all were shared on instagram) that remind me:




of what I am grateful for.

So, my self-care remains in good form as long as I am also doing my utmost to find gratitude. It can be obscure but I am a determined person and like to think I see things through!

Now, how about a little self-care from me to you…via a short video taken last week at my favourite spot: Soldiers Beach carpark. Looking north to Norah Head Lighthouse.

Take care everyone one…self-care always first.


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