Tuesday 28th June 2022

What Are My Words For 2022? 1/51. #LifeThisWeek. 1/2022.

What Are My Words For 2022? 1/51. #LifeThisWeek. 1/2022.

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Happy New Year….

I have re-written, edited and then added some more to my initial post for 2022 and then….scrapped it all!!

Why? I listened to my inner self. I felt what I had written was far too wishy washy. 

I had already decided on the word:


Then I added:


And finally things came together.

I have never really BEEN me …as I see and feel it.

I have been (and continue to BE)

  • A daughter

  • A sister

  • A granddaughter

  • A teacher


  • A wife

  • A mother
  • A grandmother
  • A principal

  • A blogger

  • A friend
  • A community member
  • A cancer patient

  • An ambassador for Head and Neck Cancer Australia


But now, some years on, I feel I finally can live with those titles and labels but also go beyond them to



1 January 2022

I went for a drive on New Year’s Day, along the water at Brisbane Waters, Central Coast, where the above image was made by me. And on coming home, I was ready to re-do this post! Sometimes taking time to absorb and consider is helpful.

I am now ready to:

BE self-compassionate

BE kind in thoughts & words

BE empathetic to others

BE the me I am proud and willing to be.

BE more accepting of the unexpected, the inevitable and the unplanned….and

BE self-forgiving when I revert to my lifelong ways!


For 2022 I have started using an app on self compassion each day as a guide to help me in many ways. I’ve now paid for the app using a 20% discount code from the owners of the app. On 1 January 2022 this quote stood out!

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.

Steve Maraboli.

The current wallpaper reminds me to live every moment


I will be interested to read what you are planning for 2022 for yourself and perhaps your blog.

I know I am, for now, pleased to have made the choice to blog weekly (there still may be the odd additional post) and to keep Life This Week happening!

Tell me about you and your ideas for 2022.


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