Wednesday 26th January 2022

Murals, Walls, Silos & Art. #SundayStills. 108/2021.

Murals, Walls, Silos & Art. #SundayStills. 108/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks. This week is the final. Thank you Natalie, and welcome back Terri next week.

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

When I saw “colourful murals” as a prompt for this week’s Sunday Stills, I thought I don’t know that I have any images of these nor would I know where to find any where I live.

But wait, it only takes some noticing doesn’t it?

Then I began to remember where I knew there were¬† some near us, on the New South Wales Central Coast of Australia…..

The side wall of my favourite cafe in Toukley. Sadly closed until lockdown ends.


Set in a seaside area, this theme of seas and waves is about “no bad days at BluJs”


Next to the library at Toukley is this mural reminding us of the Canton Beach activities in Summer.


And, from the wall of the amenties block at Soldiers Beach is this testament to the whales who pass by on their way north each winter, and back south each spring after calving.


Information about Whale Migration next to the mural.


And again, on an amenities block in Toukley Village close to where I go grocery shopping is this visual portrayal of the area near where we live.


Now these may not be traditional  walls but they sure are walls. Of wheat silos. In Australia this has become quite a phenomenon. This photo from our trip in October 2020 to Barraba where I was teaching in my first year. It was from Barraba that I went to a function in Tamworth and met the man who became my husband over 50 years ago.

The farmer here portrayed with a ‘water diviner’ stick, looking for underground water.


There is no rule a mural cannot be from nature is there?

I love seeing this wall come to life each Spring. Sadly it’s at our local big shopping centre which for us has been ‘out of bounds’ since late June 2021.

This creeping flower was one my Mum loved.

When I go to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (my cancer hospital) in Sydney, I always stand next to the mural outside…signs more like it…but they mean a great deal to me. I also shot this image of my husband inside the large corridor within COBLH which has extensive images and more to share the cancer care that is patient centred and research driven.


And finally, I reckon some of my art might look good as a mural…








Do you have colourful murals in your local area?