Wednesday 26th January 2022

Shopping. 33/51 #LifeThisWeek. 100/2021.

Shopping. 33/51 #LifeThisWeek. 100/2021.

I hate love shopping.

It’s something I inherited. From Mum. See us in this family photo where we celebrated Mum’s 80th. With my brother and father. That’s nearly 17 years ago.

I like the seeking out, the browsing and the finding of whatever it is I am looking for. Dad tells me he has spent many a time (back in the days when he & Mum were active retirees) sitting on a bench in a shopping centre while Mum ducked into a little….(insert name ) shop . She would often emerge with something and often at a good price.

I do not have my mother’s budget skills and can overspend. Think: reformed impulse buyer. But I do enjoy shopping…Read On.

Shopping Then.

I admit grocery shopping got awfully repetitive as a busy Mum and teacher and sometimes my husband would do it. Sometimes (and I admit I am still like this) he might not get exactly what “I” thought.

Shopping for us, in 1970s before moving to Sydney had to be done at a nearby country town on a Saturday morning (all shops closed by lunchtime, not opening till Monday) or ordered for delivery to us by the mailman from nearby very small town. Once a week.

As Time Moved On.

Shopping became something to do on a Thursday evening by the time we had moved to Sydney, and then came the big one, shops could open all day Saturday and into Sundays. It made life as a working parent much more flexible.

How Did We/I Shop?

With a list, mostly, and with a view to getting specials that we would normally eat. Menu planning helped in busier times.

Shopping Experiences.

I like to shop solo. I really dislike having another person with me, unless he/she does what I want…..mmmm.

Shopping Changes.

I had to really take note of our limited budget in past few years and be more careful of on-line and so-called indulgent or impulse buying. We have a “rule” for us now that on-line shopping is 24/7. We may look at items we like to think about buying but we don’t if it is night time or a Sunday. History has shown us both that we are more impulsive then. And here’s the good news, by the nest day or so that impulse to buy has often left or diminished.

Images from Shopping! 

And some more: These are some of the purchases for me during my life’s transitions when I was learning so much about mindfulness, mental health and more. I also had some favourite authors publish books…and I admit it, craft and art take took quite a bit of our money in the last 7 years.

Then when I had lost so much weight pre-cancer and, once recovered from the BIG surgery in July 2017, I  needed clothes. I admit I actually enjoyed this person and trying clothes on. Then when Covid19 stopped access to shops and most went on-line I did not get to enjoy the process but still couldn’t always pass up a bargain. Very little of this happening at all now for me. I admit I overdid it (shhh, don’t tell B) and it was fun.

Now of course, we (I) can only go shopping for essentials. And that is once a day when one of us can leave the house. So it’s groceries and the chemist. We decided as our area became more impacted by the presence of Covid 19 cases (thanks, no thanks UNvaccinated people from Sydney (we heard)  leaving their trail) we would go to only stand alone supermarkets and not into any centres. So far it’s OK.

Here’s what a local street looked like recently.

Wanting to get back to whatever normal might be for our future does depend on more people being vaccinated. I actually used this image last Friday because…I was getting frustrated with progress on vaccination numbers. Update that day is that 25% of Australians are fully vaccinated  and that is about 6 million.

My last image….

Back in September 2017 I gained independence. I was able to drive following the big surgery which cut my leg to reconstruct my upper mouth using my fibula and skin/flesh from the right leg,  and to go to the local shopping centre. I remember it well. I was a little concerned someone might bump into me but all went OK. I really want to go here again and see the businesses re-open. I haven’t been for at least 5 weeks as it was a covid spot recently. I think of those who have no work. The hairdressers and beauty places, coffee shops, even JB Hi Fi et al. May we be able to get back safely soon.


Are you a shopper?

What’s your fave on-line trawling…?

Tell us more! Make me feel better!


P.S. Mr W is back next week for his post on TIME. I know very little other than he is spending a lot of TIME getting his post ready on TIME.

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