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Share Your Snaps. 5/51. #LifeThisWeek. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Part 1/3. 13/2021.

Share Your Snaps. 5/51. #LifeThisWeek. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Part 1/3. 13/2021.

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And here we are, at the first of the photo-based sharing for 2021. I call this optional prompt, Share Your Snaps. Snaps is another word for photos, pics etc.

For this week and the next 2 Share Your Snaps, I am going to share the recent Golden Wedding Anniversary memories for us. 50 years married on 23.1.2021.

How did we meet?

This has been mentioned in a couple of posts here and here.

As recently as late last year after we had been “back to Tamworth” in north western New South Wales to celebrate our 50 years since meeting.

Both of us were K-6 teachers. I had graduated in 1969 and, as a city and beach girl, I was actually delighted to be going to the ‘bush’ for my first appointment in a school, at Barraba. My husband though only 9 months younger, had finished high school in 1965, gone to a rural teacher’s college and graduated in 1967, with his first appointment in 1968 to a one-teacher school in north western N.S.W. On the opposite side of the Great Dividing Range to mine….as we would find out later.

He lived much of teen years near water like the first image and the ocean on the north coast of N.S.W.

I lived much of mine in a much busier place, Sydney, and close the the Beach here at Manly.

Meeting. Here. 50 Years On.

Tamworth N.S.W. 2020.

Time For the Memories Of Our Wedding AND Where We Were Headed After Our Marriage.

Smiling as this left-hander writes her name, Simpson, for the last time.


Lovely Priest Who Encouraged Us to Have the Wedding Ceremony “WE” wanted not the one our families did.


And Obligatory but Awesome After Shots…On the Church Steps. Looking West Into the Sun.

My attendants were 2 teachers from school, and our neighbour’s eldest girl. My bro on right, B’s bro out of shot!?


With my parents.


With B’s parents.


And relaxing before the reception. Lemonade in my hand*.


Onward, Up the N.S.W. Coast and Into Floods In a Week or So.

If only I was the photographer then as I am now. Actually I was. Most of our shots I think were on slides? We also have some silent Super8 movies from the times. Nevertheless, our honeymoon, for two teachers, one (me) newly pregnant* and newly appointed to a second school in her second year of teaching was spent in a rather cramped car, laden with wedding gifts, beach holiday needs and those of a teacher who was going to a new school. A two teacher school as it turned out.

In 2017, my husband re-visited the area where we both taught, at Maules Creek out of Boggabri. This was my K-2 classroom in 1971 and 1972 with no air con


We enjoyed the notion of living rural. He had experience. I did not. But I loved (still do) my husband and together we could make it all work. What we did not know is that as we kept driving from our lovely honeymoon in Ballina, the north west was receiving flooding rains. We heard that we would not be able to travel to dirt (black soil = bogged) track that led into our rented place on a property so we were generously given lodgings by a family from  my husband’s school.

The property where we lived for the first 2 years of marriage and where we brought home our baby daughter. Our little house is no longer there.


Not an ideal start to married life, but that is the perils of bush living in 1971. Next thing I knew, “I” was off to school. To my new school, meeting the boss who was already a good friend to my husband and had attended our wedding, via a tractor as I had to be ferried across a creek.

I started school a WEEK before my husband because “his school” was the other side of the imaginary line called the western division and they had an extra week of hols. This imaginary line still exists and is good for extra holidays, salary and some points towards transfer. Believe me, incentives ARE important.

These country scenes from north-western New South Wales, which I captured when we went back in October 2020 were so very familiar to us, from our first years of marriage. We loved re-visiting the area and feeling the freedom of the space around us.

Next time for Share Your Snaps will be Golden Wedding Anniversary Part 2. I am so trying not to bore my readers but I also want to have the record here!

Thank you,


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