Saturday 23rd October 2021

Spring Signals It’s Here. #SundayStills.117/2021.

Spring Signals It’s Here. #SundayStills.117/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and I took the chance to show some Spring images.

In Australia Spring begins on 1 September…and we are well and truly noticing its arrival. Mostly via the garden but also the skies…and a great reminder of life begun one Spring a while back…and my gratitude to have a Spring  landmark in my head and neck cancer story! I hope whatever the season is where you are, it is good to you!

Spring is very changeable!

We have had almost heatwave conditions which changed to “winter is back”.

But the flowers never let me down.

Wherever I went..not far thanks to Covid…I saw beauty.

Then there is this from Spring:

Meeting our September born granddaughter, just minutes old….


My good news from Spring. No face to face head & neck cancer checks..but news is ALL good. Next check in ONE year.


This is the house we rent & my husband refreshed the garden in Autumn so it looks great in Spring.

These are Australian native flowers: Flannel Flowers. They are protected and must not be picked. What beauty they have and delicacy in their texture. Normally they are found in bushland and recently as I drove back along a road which bordered a national park, these were at the side of the road. Naturally I stopped…to take photos.

That’s my Spring News.

And for this year my last contribution in 2021 to the lovely friendly space called Sunday Stills.

I am taking time out for self-care….and blogging less.

My Monday Link Up #LifeThisWeek continues each week. You are more than welcome to link up a post, old or new, on or off prompt.

I love connecting via social media, and I sure will be there from time to time.

Thank you to Terri, and Marsha who hosted a while back and to Natalie.

My post, going out on Monday 27 September , shares more.

I hope wherever you are there is wellness and brightness around you…and follow this instruction as I will too:




Nature Is Pretty In Bright Pink. 52.1/2021.

Nature Is Pretty In Bright Pink. 52.1/2021.

Now I am back! Again. Loving BRIGHT as a Squares Challenge!

Becky encouraged me to do this too, after I saw the challenge elsewhere  and it didn’t have to be every day…so here I am.

Being Square is Fun!

Join in this lovely challenge and post a photographic square daily for one month every quarter. The theme changes every quarter and is announced on this blog a few weeks, occasionally days, in advance of the challenge month. The challenge months are January, April, July and October.

I am going to admit something here. I love using my Iphone ProMax and its camera gives me soooo many great shots, that I have started finding nurseries to visit just to photograph flowers. Oh, and I did buy a few of these pretty in bright pinks for adding to a place outside to brighten our mornings.

I also stopped the car in a street with many beautiful camellias this week as I was visiting my Dad.

So, Bright is it. Pretty in BRIGHT Pink.

Thank you Becky for this challenge which I found got me right in. I will be back in July to see what you have in store. Oh, and I also learned how easy it was to add my name and copyright.

Cheers from Australia.



Green of Spring In Autumn. #SundayStills. #12. 35/2021.

Green of Spring In Autumn. #SundayStills. #12. 35/2021.

As I am loving to do, I played with the words for this week’s prompt for the Photo Challenge from Terri called #SundayStills. Her blog is here so come and check out the posts, particularly those that relate to the photos because you too might join in. It’s now my 12th week! Loving it.

Did anyone say “green?”

Green, dear colour I love, is a mix of BLUE and YELLOW and makes such a range of greeeeeens that I can barely show you them all.

I do know how much I love being in areas where there is a lot of GREEN.

I know too, that I have a selection of GREENS in my paints, crayons and pencils.

So, how to creatively approach “spring green” was to look at the greenery around my local neighbourhood in Autumn.

Enjoy the scenery. It’s good for us.


So much growth by the lake seen on my walk


Local Shopping Centre: a wall of greenery.


Vine taking hold on a tree by the river.


Norfolk pine in a yard bordering the lake.


Spiky succulent type plants that abound around here.


A sneak peek over a fence to capture a hibiscus


On my Walk In Wyong last week, I saw Autumn changing the Spring/Summer Green Leaves.


Lots of green..of different colours and types….


Through the green, a duck family rests by the river.

But what I haven’t captured is that Spring Green IS a colour from the many lists of paint colours and shades. It’s more of a colour like this:

S P R I N G       G R E E N   or maybe this……..spring green or…maybe it is in the eye of the beholder and the paint mixer.

How about you?

Do you find green a soothing colour?