Sunday 13th June 2021

Share Your Snaps #4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 61/2021.

Share Your Snaps #4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 61/2021.

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Yesterday I saw the musical Hamilton. In preparing this post, a week or so ahead, I thought I would use images that are not related to Hamilton until I have seen it, decided if I loved it and wanted to share more.

So, in this Share Your Snaps edition I am sharing my great fun using photo apps which help me make interesting and different collages. I have paid small amounts for some. Can’t remember which ones but loving the variety I am getting. I still use an old favourite called a Beautiful Mess. Purchased years ago and no longer supported by still does what I need it to do. I used it to make the photo for share your snaps.

But is the 4th anniversary of finding out I had squamous cell carcinoma in my gums….and yes, that was a pretty memorable day but even more so was meeting (for the very first time!) on 18th May 2017, the man who would give me the best chances of having no more cancer and a pretty useful mouth along with the best smile*(see end of post) “My” Prof Jonathan Clark AM, is starring with me here today:

Professor Jonathan Clark AM

Director of Head and Neck Research
Lang Walker Family Foundation Chair in Head and Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Prof Jonathan Clark AM


With Jonathan last Sept, inserts: Me post surgery July 2017, Info re mouth cavity and head & neck cancer.

It took 4 surgeries and a LOT of time & patience for this head and neck cancer patient to get her smile. These images are all from Chris O’Brien Lifehouse records of my progress 2017-2018

Onto the showing of my photos via the apps.

I wondered about how to get more photos into my collection as I love their colours, shapes and sizes…and that was when I had my ah-ha moment. Visit local nurseries and take pics! Occasionally look like I am buying a few flowering plants too. I have done that!  And I went back in time for some family and other shots to play with.

Background: Nursery and my plants individually


Two areas inland from where we live are doing Autumn beautifully.


Six years ago: H&R at Lakes Beach having a holiday with us.


I will never delete these photos! My old home town of Manly N.S.W. in Winter 2014 when I drove from home to get the sunrise. So worth it. My shadow on the beach.


Autumnal Display. I am a pattern-lover so these apps are perfect.


Daily Calm quote, with my art…on a background of my washi tape collection.


Cannot resist these amazing colours in the flowers. Some from home, others at the nursery.


Pattern Play using flowers and colours in this app


Pretty in Pink…bright pink and using repeat photos for patterns.


This app…I loved it but I had it on trial. May end up signing up. It did a cut-out scrapbook affect. I got to move the photos around. Fun.


The same photo in different collage sections. Interesting.


All about purple and sizes.


Gentle pinks and bright pinks using an app and its photo in middle. Repeat patterns. Very pleasing to my eye.

I love colours.

I love nature.

I love getting outside to take photos.

This is a great way to do self-care for me….

I also love constructing the photos into patterns via the apps because…

I love patterns!

And all of this reminds me of my Word Of The Year: S M I L E*

How about you?


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