Wednesday 26th January 2022

Lots To Share Afloat. #SundayStills. 105/2021.

Lots To Share Afloat. #SundayStills. 105/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and beyond when Natalie from here hosts for 3 weeks. This week is the second. Thank you Natalie.

I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri & Natalie are in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday. This is the prompt: Afloat!

Come and read to see what I did for this post!

Afloat: A Sydney Harbour Ferry.

I love a good ferry ride when I can visit Sydney. This time, however, was one to make memories for me, just before we left to go to live further out of Sydney on N.S.W  Central Coast in 2015. In the background is the Sydney Opera House and a little part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Grandma was happy to take H for a day into the city and part of our excursion, before he started school in 2013 was a ride on a ferry! Being outside you see the best. This part was where the ferry was starting to back away from the wharf at Circular Quay, and then would turn around for our trip to Darling Harbour.

The Sydney Opera House. So splendid from the harbour. Best views from the Ferry. This was finally opened in 1973 and I still marvel at it. I have attended many events there.

Outside, always, for me and another view back towards the Sydney Opera House, with the Botanical Gardens in the background.

I don’t mind a bit of chop on the water and it makes for extra splashes and fun. What a great background showcasing Sydney’s well-known landmarks. The rock building is called Fort Denison and forms part of Australia’s white settlement past.

This a Manly Ferry, photo taken in 2014. Many of these have been ridden by me and my family over the decades when I lived quite close to Manly. These days the much larger ferries are no longer in use & one is moored close to Darling Harbour. This one is a medium-sized one. Often too, they are using speedier ones. Sad in some ways because the 40 minutes slow(er) ride on the Ferry to the City had an air of calm. Unless you were in a hurry!

Afloat? Not always. 

In April 2015, we had already moved to the Central Coast and a weather phenomenon called an East Coast low arrived. For 5 days in rained (and more!) and blew dangerous winds which felled trees. We lived here, close to the water and we could not get to the cars unless we wore gumboots. We had no power and after three days my husband ventured very gingerly out in the white car to bring home a generator and a portable gas stove. The generator was awesome and kept phones charged. Power was restored and then it was a matter of waiting for shops to re-open as their perishable food had to be thrown out as did ours.

Not our boat but moored close to our rental accommodation…I spent a lot of time taking photos and videos as a distraction from how awful the time was.

This was the result for one of those boats. NOT afloat. But “OAR”some photo!

Staying Afloat…

This dear little granddaughter, back in 2016, keeping herself afloat in her ‘lifejacket’ but mostly holding the hand of her Papa and feeling much safer in the shallow water at Norah Head Rockpool.

That’s my take for Afloat for Sunday Stills.