Thursday 2nd December 2021

Self Care Stories #5. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 109/2021.

Self Care Stories #5. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 109/2021.


I think I will sub-title this with:

  • More of the Ways In Which I Spend Lockdown.
  • And Try Not To Be Too Covid-Cranky. It IS a Thing!
  • That’s Because….We ARE in many ways over it but Delta Strain of Covid has not yet finished…and so:
  • I will be continuing to find ways to Cut Parts of My Hair….Husband can help a little but right now, resisting…


Celebrating 3 years of having my upper prosthesis fitted…it sure does make eating AND smiling AND talking so much easier. Very grateful for that.

But before I do, I have made a small change to my commenting policy on those who link up their posts  for Mondays.

I am someone who wants to diligently comment on her blog. I do, as much as I can, comment on the day in which bloggers comment on my Life This Week posts.

Then I would aim to read and comment on every linked up post on Wednesday evenings once the link up closed.

Now, in the interests of self care, I have given up that rigid practice and now choose to take more time and do it sometime over the next 24 hours or so. Releasing internal pressure! Try it.

And next  week, it’s the link up’s 5th Birthday! Hip Hip Hooray for you all who make it a pretty regular habit of linking up!!

It will be a special Taking Stock from me.

Started Life This Week Link Up. Sept 2016.

Getting Outside Every Day. Somewhere, even if it’s the backyard. If I don’t see and experience some green of nature and some of its colours and shapes I feel deprived and sad. So the fact that I can, legally in Covid times, still drive somewhere to do this is a MUST. I do love it and am so much better in mood for sure.

And I am arting and crafting my way through emotional self care…because this IS always my go-to and makes a difference. Sending the bookmarks to friends (on-line and in real life) has been a personal project I have enjoyed so much. And it’s still happening. Nothing like connecting.

Then there is my responsibility for self care that’s an every day must or I soon feel not great and my poor husband has to put up with my ….whingeing.

Physical care.…and all that means these days.

  • I am going well with my keeping active in walking most days.
  • I have reduced my goals on the apple watch as lockdown brought fewer places where I could walk.
  • I am eating well for my age and mouth restrictions.
  • I have almost given away the notion of the food intake concerns and being obsessed by any kind of difference in my appearance.

I say almost because life-time habits take a long time to diminish.

  • I accept that my mouth and its insides limit my food intake and quantity and I am much better at ‘eye balling’ something and know I can eat it safely.
  • It doesn’t mean I don’t get ‘hungry’ looking at some people’s food posts!

My head and neck cancer seems to be gone and I have a tele health appointment tomorrow.

I have had my dentist and my GP check my mouth out, and have sent images to my team at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Fingers crossed they too agree.

The rectal prolapse surgery was the best thing I could have done for my health last year. What a difference it has made to  my life and confidence. Highly recommend it.

Mind you, I mentioned a couple of things to my GP recently and he said..but didn’t quite get the word “ageing” out….for a couple of things but if they worsen do come back

This is the most vital relationship of all, after caring for my health, and that is of my long time husband and best friend.

This is the man I share most of my day with but little of my night. Why is that?

We found many years ago we are both far better at sleeping if we maintain separate rooms and bed.

We have completely different tastes in TV…another reason…and Netflix offers more for him than I…

but in recent times we now have a 30 minute chat and wind down each evening in the bigger bed (mine) and play word games on our I pads and chat.

It’s become a time we both treasure.

Laughing together is a fave!

There it is, my accountability for self care written and shared.

How is your self care these days?

What’s the easiest part for you?

What about the hardest part?

Tell us in the comments.

Warmest wishes to all,


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My Favourite Landscape. #SundayStills.#5. 16/2021.

My Favourite Landscape. #SundayStills. #5.  16/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here for inclusion in the #SundayStills from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here.

This is my fifth post! I think I must be liking the new category for my blogging. Of course it is made better by the company I keep including Australian-based bloggers too.

Asking for my favourite landscape is a lot like asking for a post about my favourite grandchild. They are all favourites in different ways!

So, that’s my basis for this post.

I do like to be out in nature sometime each week even if it IS just for a down time, some taking in of the air and sounds, or maybe some splashing in water.

A landscape for me can be as simple as a view from a window, to a long road ahead and back to the beach for a windswept scene.

Here They Are!

Favourite Landscape: One. The Beaches of The Central Coast, New South Wales.

Norah Head. N.S.W. Looking east.


Norah Head Lighthouse. Looking North. Close to sunset.


Soldier’s Beach. Stormy weather in winter.


Lakes Beach. Post wash up of ALL the pebbles & shells!


Favourite Landscape: Two. Rural New South Wales.

Driving past country hills and pasture land of North Western N.S.W.


Narrabri: the sign points to the property that was our first home for 1971-72.


Horse and cattle studs not far from where we live.

Favourite Landscape: Three. One River. From a Few Places: Wyong, New South Wales.

The Wyong River wends its way to The Entrance and eventually The Ocean.


Part of the Wyong River at Porter’s Creek.


The lake from Tuggerawong.


More delightful reflections at Porter’s Creek.

Favourite Landscape: Four. Bridges and A Jetty from Lakes on the New South Wales Central Coast.


The bridge at Budgewoi Creek, is a special place for mindfulness for me.


A view from the northern side. Love the reflections. I came here to ponder many things happening in my life and when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was to here I came.


No chance of a walk after this flooding rain!


Long Jetty is a former jetty on the lake and now ideal for photos!

Favourite Landscape Five. Clouds and Reflections On the Tuggerah Lakes.

The hills, the clouds…and the solo pelican


I never tire of taking photos of the lake when it’s so still like this.

And even though I originally had 4 favourites, I added a fifth as I wrote the post!

I hope you enjoy seeing my part of Australia as much as I enjoy finding spots to photograph like these. Oh, and they are all via my Iphone 11 ProMax.

And joining with Natalie for #weekendcoffeeshare here too.



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