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What does Glacier Blue Look Like? #SundayStills. 9/2021.

What does Glacier Blue Look Like? #SundayStills.#3. 9/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here for inclusion in the #SundayStills from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here.

I did my research. Well, I googled about this colour and came up with a couple of facts.
This via a colour swatch:


And this:

Glacier Blue reminds you of deep, arctic water. Unlike warm, turquoise water at tropical beaches, this blue water is light, but looks cold. You can almost imagine the chunks of ice floating in it. This cool, greyish blue has a nice depth to it, yet it’s not too dark.


Then I looked at my images, to fulfil the #SundayStills brief.

It appears being from a temperate area of the Southern Hemisphere I do not have any images to share. Friends who have travelled to the Antarctic or much further north may have,¬† as may those from New Zealand. But from this non-arctic traveller…not.a.thing.

Instead I have my Australian version of blue and water!

Enjoy my #SundayStills.


Blue sky and the harbour water of Sydney Harbour. This shot was taken by me on a ferry round trip from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay with 3 grandchildren back in the January School holidays of 2014. Looking closely at the Sydney Harbour Bridge you can see some shape in the middle. It was the basis for some of the fireworks that would be shown on Australia Day later that month.


And, from the same ferry ride, you may recognise the Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point, as the ferry swings around to track back to the western side of the Harbour Bridge. These photos were taken on sunny Summer Days.


This one, taken by me at Seaforth N.S.W. a suburb next to where I grew up in the 1950s and 60s is from a different view of, again, Sydney Harbour but this arm of it is called Middle Harbour. Those boats and yachts spend a lot of time moored there but when they leave, the need to take a careful trip via the Spit Bridge – not seen, but far lower left, because that bridge has a part of the road that lifts up…given warning by the stop lights and more on the road, so boats can pass by out to the main Harbour and perhaps out to sea via the Sydney Heads.


And a favourite place of my Dad’s when he could walk without help, on these sands most days…and my niece swims there most weekends. This is Manly Beach, N.S.W. Australia, taken on the Shelley Beach Walk between South Steyne (Manly’s southern end) and the still waters around the cove at Fairy Bower.



This beach is on the N.S.W. Central Coast and I am pretty sure it is MacMaster’s Beach. I have swum there once when we lived closer. The water is a delightful colour and many are in the water. Late Summer into Autumn here according to the date on my image.


Last but not least in many ways. For us, when we lived in the warmer Summer suburbs of Sydney from 1978-2015 we added a swimming pool to our backyards. Firstly we started with above ground ones, and then progressed over the years to adding an in-ground pool to our places at Kellyville 1978-1993, Bella Vista (1994-1998) and here at the last place ‘that was ours’ Glenwood (1999-2015). The grandkids loved this pool. It was deliberately designed for little people who were gaining confidence in the water, with a large ‘beach area’ in the foreground and a wide swim out area on the right at the back.



I hope that these images have been of interest even though they do not contain one image of glacial blue, I am sure I will see more when I visit Terri’s blog to share this post and view those of others.

Thanks for checking out my images.


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