Thursday 2nd December 2021

Scenes From Nighttime. #SundayStills. #2. 6/2021.

Scenes From Nighttime. #SundayStills. #2. 6/2021.

After the warm welcome I received to the #sundaystills blogging community I am back! Last week I posted here.

Every 5 weeks on my blog, I offer the optional prompt to #shareyoursnaps for the Monday link up called #LifeThisWeek and that is why I have also included my image from there.

When I saw this prompt for week commencing 10 January 2021 from here: 

These are remaining prompts for January.

NB: these are from the Northern Hemisphere, I will need to be imaginative here in the Southern Hemisphere in Summer.

And yes, I changed the spelling in two words. My computer told me to!

Jan 17 Colour Challenge: Glacier Blue
Jan 24 Fog and Clouds
Jan 31 Your Favourite Landscape

I was not sure I had any photos to fit as I do not typically take photos at night nor at night time…but then I remembered these!

In early March 2020 before COVID restrictions began, I was the guest speaker at an evening function at Avoca N.S.W. Australia to help raise funds for a head and neck cancer charity where I am a volunteer Ambassador. I shared some of my story with the audience. It was just on dusk in daylight saving time and the beach looked so tranquil as did the view. I remember stopping on my way up the stairs to take this photo.

And here’s what I did and the audience reaction to my story, along with the host (in white) a young doctor and a member of the board, a radiation specialist.

The very next week saw me, at night, out on a balcony of an apartment we stayed in post-cataract surgery, taking photos of evening-time arriving in Parramatta!

So good seeing familiar places from when we used to live in Sydney from a different perspective.

Looking west, across Parramatta Park, the western suburbs to the Blue Mountains.


Urban Parramatta at night. Old hospital to the right, and police precinct in the middle.

In 2020 I sure did get some time in medical and surgical facilities….Gosford Private Hospital twice! This is from the first stint. Four night stay. Night time really is the ‘worst’ time in hospital.

Not in chronological order but in May, it was the COVID night time 21st Birthday of our second granddaughter. Only her nearest & dearest allowed at her home. Still have restrictions now unfortunately.

Birthday girl is 3rd from left. A Butterfly balloon seen here is because she has always been known as “our beautiful butterfly” from birth!

So I found images and used my imagination too.
Great combination for a blogger I reckon.

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