Wednesday 1st December 2021

Zoom. 46/51. #LifeThisWeek. 2022 Plans for My Blog. 126/2021.

Zoom. 46/51. #LifeThisWeek. 2022 Plans for My Blog. 126/2021.

I’m 72 in 2 weeks and one day.

This is my profile for a birthday fundraiser for Head and Neck Cancer Australia. Donate $5 if you wish to help with patient info packs. See my facebook profile. Thank you! Link here to my personal page: set on public.…p.s.  I am not keen on asking for $ but at times, this is how it is for charities!

How amazing to be well, celebrating life and sharing my thoughts and experiences (along with pics) on ‘this blog’ since I was 60.

A little bit of nostalgia here:

What’s next?

The good thing, for me and I hope for my blogging friends is that Denyse Whelan Blogs continues into 2022 and so does Life This Week!

Yay. However, there are some changes and I will do my best to share the why!

New Avatar: Thank you Tanya.

  • LIFE THIS WEEK link up continues on Mondays, as for now, open at 5.00 a.m Mondays (Australian eastern time) and closing 5.00 p.m. Wednesdays.


  • My plans are for ‘no plans, and no prompts’


  • But a bank of prompts will be on the home page for anyone needing ideas.


  • I want to feel less restricted by weekly topics hence: NONE..’sorry Lydia’.


  • Initially when I was considering plans for 2022 I came up with a range of groups of prompts and thought that might work.


  • However, when I reviewed them I was totally uninspired.


  • But at times, some of us might need a prompt and I thought make a ‘list’ and don’t add a particular week for it.


And then there is this:

  • My blog post will be on Mondays and there will be a link up.


  • I will write or share whatever is on my mind or I want to share


  • And because I am slowly coming to realisation the blog and continuing to maintain it may change


  • So, I am thinking I will see how I am feeling about continuing the link up by end of March 2022.


  • It’s quite possible I will want to continue but I am giving myself a bit more of a break from internal pressure …


And of course, THIS:


  • I want to continue the blog to share my health updates & to keep the website live for any people with Head and Neck Cancer to find here


  • To share some of my stories of life as an older retiree


  • To continue to support my friends here on line &  via facebook, twitter and instagram


and, I never want to feel this is a chore.

Has this been enough news?

  • I hope that it is received with understanding.


  • I gave myself  a few months away from blogging more than once a week and I have to admit, it’s been great for my health in that I am sharing my day with more than ‘being on-line’ and trying to comment and catch up where I have linked up.


  • Mind you, I am incredibly grateful for the on-line friendships and those which have made it into real life.

I recognise now, that after 12 years, I can make some better choices for me.

  • So, from the first blogging Monday back, the link up will open on Monday 3 January 2022.


  • And of course, you add a post, old or new. But just one!

There will be a range of prompt ideas listed from today towards the bottom of the home page. Use them, don’t use them, mix them up. They might be in list form, but there is no order. This is the January to March group. Should the link up continue (pssst… I suspect it will) then a new group will go up: April-June.


Life This Week

2022 by Denyse Whelan

Optional Prompts: Life This Week.

Use them, don’t use them

Take a pick ….Not in any order!

Jan- March


Fave Colour

Taking Stock

A Special Memory

Share Your Snaps



What I Love To Do

Self Care

My Favourite Food

How I Self Care


Life Is

What I Dislike

These Days I


Well, that is quite enough…and I won’t be back here to read comments today as I am…off to Sydney to see Dad. I have home cooked meals from me to add to his freezer, morning tea on board and of course….the time to chat and share photos from recent time. His sight is significantly impaired (thanks Macular degeneration) at almost 98. I know. What longevity!

See you back here when I return

Thank you all for your on-going interest and support for Life This Week.


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Life This Week. Link Up #266.

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