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Denyse’s Blog Background: When you scroll through my blog you will see a photo as a repeating image. I regularly update these and decided to share the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of the photo.

Clouds, water and a fave place to view them.


About Denyse Whelan & Her Blog.

About Denyse and her “why” of blogging. An explanation of her former career in education is here too, along with posts.

Head and Neck Cancer posts 

Denyse’s stories & photos along with suggested links and websites must not be seen as medical advice.

I write this blog from my experience as a head and neck cancer patient.

Telling My Story by Denyse Whelan. 

Denyse Whelan’s memoir is now completed and may be read by clicking link above. Do have a read if you have time & some interest.

Women of Courage Series is Here.

Stories from 74 women of courage are shared from May 2019 onwards.

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