Friday 28th January 2022

Zoom. 46/51. #LifeThisWeek. 2022 Plans for My Blog. 126/2021.

Zoom. 46/51. #LifeThisWeek. 2022 Plans for My Blog. 126/2021.

I’m 72 in 2 weeks and one day.

This is my profile for a birthday fundraiser for Head and Neck Cancer Australia. Donate $5 if you wish to help with patient info packs. See my facebook profile. Thank you! Link here to my personal page: set on public.…p.s.  I am not keen on asking for $ but at times, this is how it is for charities!

How amazing to be well, celebrating life and sharing my thoughts and experiences (along with pics) on ‘this blog’ since I was 60.

A little bit of nostalgia here:

What’s next?

The good thing, for me and I hope for my blogging friends is that Denyse Whelan Blogs continues into 2022 and so does Life This Week!

Yay. However, there are some changes and I will do my best to share the why!

New Avatar: Thank you Tanya.

  • LIFE THIS WEEK link up continues on Mondays, as for now, open at 5.00 a.m Mondays (Australian eastern time) and closing 5.00 p.m. Wednesdays.


  • My plans are for ‘no plans, and no prompts’


  • But a bank of prompts will be on the home page for anyone needing ideas.


  • I want to feel less restricted by weekly topics hence: NONE..’sorry Lydia’.


  • Initially when I was considering plans for 2022 I came up with a range of groups of prompts and thought that might work.


  • However, when I reviewed them I was totally uninspired.


  • But at times, some of us might need a prompt and I thought make a ‘list’ and don’t add a particular week for it.


And then there is this:

  • My blog post will be on Mondays and there will be a link up.


  • I will write or share whatever is on my mind or I want to share


  • And because I am slowly coming to realisation the blog and continuing to maintain it may change


  • So, I am thinking I will see how I am feeling about continuing the link up by end of March 2022.


  • It’s quite possible I will want to continue but I am giving myself a bit more of a break from internal pressure …


And of course, THIS:


  • I want to continue the blog to share my health updates & to keep the website live for any people with Head and Neck Cancer to find here


  • To share some of my stories of life as an older retiree


  • To continue to support my friends here on line &  via facebook, twitter and instagram


and, I never want to feel this is a chore.

Has this been enough news?

  • I hope that it is received with understanding.


  • I gave myself  a few months away from blogging more than once a week and I have to admit, it’s been great for my health in that I am sharing my day with more than ‘being on-line’ and trying to comment and catch up where I have linked up.


  • Mind you, I am incredibly grateful for the on-line friendships and those which have made it into real life.

I recognise now, that after 12 years, I can make some better choices for me.

  • So, from the first blogging Monday back, the link up will open on Monday 3 January 2022.


  • And of course, you add a post, old or new. But just one!

There will be a range of prompt ideas listed from today towards the bottom of the home page. Use them, don’t use them, mix them up. They might be in list form, but there is no order. This is the January to March group. Should the link up continue (pssst… I suspect it will) then a new group will go up: April-June.


Life This Week

2022 by Denyse Whelan

Optional Prompts: Life This Week.

Use them, don’t use them

Take a pick ….Not in any order!

Jan- March


Fave Colour

Taking Stock

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Share Your Snaps



What I Love To Do

Self Care

My Favourite Food

How I Self Care


Life Is

What I Dislike

These Days I


Well, that is quite enough…and I won’t be back here to read comments today as I am…off to Sydney to see Dad. I have home cooked meals from me to add to his freezer, morning tea on board and of course….the time to chat and share photos from recent time. His sight is significantly impaired (thanks Macular degeneration) at almost 98. I know. What longevity!

See you back here when I return

Thank you all for your on-going interest and support for Life This Week.


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Life This Week. Link Up #266.

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  1. Hi Denyse, I totally get where you are at the moment and I applaud you for doing what is right for you. Life is always about evolving and that includes all areas of our lives and especially blogging. When it becomes a chore or you feel uninspired your mind is telling you to take a step back. It isn’t easy coming up with prompts each week so I think giving us some general ones is a good alternative. For me 2022 will be all about ‘no pressure’ so I appreciate your new direction. Thank you as always for your honesty and remember whilst we would all love #lifethisweek to continue, it really should be all about you, and what suits you. Enjoy your week. Sue xx

    • Thanks Sue for such a kind, thoughtful and understanding response to my changes and the reasons why.

      “no pressure” sounds like a mutual plan! I am not even planning on a word of the year either next year.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  2. That is so hilarious. i was just thinking ‘oh, I like the prompts’ when I read ‘sorry, Lydia’ Hehehehe.
    Understandable. I will stretch thru the list anyway….:) Just glad it’s still linking…
    Have a lovely day with your dad.

    • I thought it might give you a smile Lydia,…and glad I wrote it.

      Had a lovely morning with Dad, then a mini solo excursion back into my old teen ‘hood of Manly.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  3. Thanks for all you do Denyse and for offering the prompts for us to use..or not! I appreciate your candidness and applaud you for being self aware in this way. Blogging can be time consuming and we never want it to feel a chore. I always enjoy the opportunity to link up and reading what others are writing, this is a great way to start the week for me. Enjoy the time with your dad, I bet he enjoys your visits and home cooked food for his freezer.

    • Thanks so much Debbie.

      I appreciate your kind words and support.

      It was something to do with Mondays, to keep on going, as it is a treat to catch up with people I ‘know’ via blogging here.

      I was still wrestling with my decision until I hit the idea “make it with no prompts” and that’s when I knew it would be OK…and to produce a few if anyone got stuck was the way to go I thought.

      I admit Dad’s physical health (sight) is deteriorating and evidenced by the state of parts of the kitchen. I did a bit of a clean up and said that he could ask the cleaner he has each fortnight to do inside cupboards and fridge but he said last time he asked her, she put things back where he couldn’t find them. Of course, for someone whose vision is fading, he needs things to be in usual places.

      He is keenly aware of how he has to manage and with my bro keeping a close eye (!) on him each week, along with the kind concierge who checks on him each day, we all want him to stay in his unit forever…whatever that means!!

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  4. Hi Denyse, Thank you for sharing your plan with explanation and for your list of optional prompts. Do what feels right for you and don’t put any pressure on yourself when it comes to blogging. Have a great day with your Dad and a wonderful week!

    • Thanks so much Natalie. Us “A personality types” need pressure to perform and sometime don’t recognise how to stop till too late.

      In my case, I solved what was ‘bothering me’ by taking away the prompt idea, freeing me up to blog with greater flexibility and spontaneity.

      I had a great visit with Dad. And then did a mini excursion around Manly where I have many memories from growing up there.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  5. Hosting link-ups takes a lot of effort and I’m grateful you do it consistently and so well. In the end though, it’s your space and you need to do what’s right for you. I’m glad it’ll be continuing, prompt or no-prompt. Have a lovely week ahead, Denyse! And enjoy your Monday with your dad.

    • Thank you Sanch, from one this “recovering Type A” personality….

      I was pleased when I felt the weight of decision making about blogging in 2022 fall away when I said to myself, take away the prompts. I think I missed blogging with more spontaneity and there was my answer.

      Still supplying prompts for those who want a starting point.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  6. Thank you so much for all you do to create this great space for us Denyse. I can fully understand why you have decided to make changes. You really do have a great awareness of what works for you and I’m pleased you’re making these changes. I do struggle with prompts at times and I do feel guilty if I don’t use the prompt. I know there is no expectation but I do like to honour the work you do for us by using the prompt. So you see, my guilt is now gone. I’m sure you have a lovely day ahead of you with your Dad.

    • Wow, I helped you become guilt-free Jen! That’s marvellous news.

      Thank you.

      I made the changes that work for me too. I was finding myself stale and maybe thinking of stopping when I realised it was the making up of the prompts and following them that was what I no longer wanted to do.

      Now I get to be more spontaneous.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  7. The change plan sounds good. Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

    • Thanks Shiju and I am pleased to say it feels good to be hosting the link up for 2022.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  8. Hi Denyse, I went to one blog post a week a year or so ago and it feels more sustainable for me. I also don’t do ‘prompts’ for posts anymore either – it was good at the beginning, but now I tend to write what strikes me at the time and it often doesn’t fit around a prompt. I like that you’ve never limited the link party to prompt posts only. Your party and Natalie’s are the only two I link up with these days – so I’d miss it if you stopped, but you need to do what feels right at the time (like I did when I turned my comments off for a while). I’m so glad you’re checking in on yourself and doing what feels right and authentic to your blogging journey – that’s what keeps you relevant and engaged. xx

    • Well done to you Leanne for recognising what you needed and wanted to do back then.

      I am pretty pleased to have formed the choice I have made now and also to no longer place pressure on me for any reason!!

      Your words are a source of comfort and support and I thank you for them.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  9. Hi Denyse, I totally feel you on the need to lessen the pressure on yourself. I am so glad the linky isn’t stopping for now, but if you need to discontinue it after March 2022, that’s totally okay. I love the list of optional prompts too.

  10. Have a great time in Sydney!

  11. Having run a link up myself, I can fully appreciate all the time and effort that goes into it – so thank you! I totally get where you’re at, having consistently blogged at least twice a week for almost 10 years, I too am re-evaluating my blog schedule and how much or little I want to now post. I’m looking forward to “partying” with you in 2022!

    • Thanks so much Sam.

      I know you appreciate both the link up and the blog posting over the years.

      It’s something I still enjoy but I needed to cut back somewhere and now feel more comfy going forward into 2022.

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.


  12. Denyse, I had to chuckle a bit as I think I followed the prompt one time… but I do enjoy the link up and have found a number of new folks via it. So I am glad you are continuing it, at the moment. I know things evolve, and it seems like less folks are blogging as podcasts become more common. But I’m still here and I’m glad you’re staying around this space too and offering us the link-up.

    • Thanks so much Patricia.

      I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments and am glad you are staying around in 2022 to link up!

      I look forward to catching up with your blog post soon.