Tuesday 24th May 2022

X Marks The Spot.43/51. #LifeThisWeek #WomenofCourage. 2/2.123/2021.

X Marks The Spot.43/51. #LifeThisWeek. #WomenofCourage. 2/2. 123/2021.

Last week, I wrote here,  about the first half of summing up for Women of Courage.
Now it’s time for the second part.

Before I move on, it’s been an interesting experience to ask people to be willing to share a story of courage.

Some women I approached not knowing them at all, and some said “yes” with no hesitation and yet others, who already have relatively well-known lives via social media and work, said “I am not a woman of courage” and “I have nothing of interest to share.”

Those responses made me sit back and think. Were they ‘threatened’ or ‘fearful’ or were they just not really interested?

If you are someone who wants to hold all the control in your life…well-done if you think you can because it is proven over and over again we cannot.

However, if you are willing to take a risk, and be vulnerable, then you will not only empower yourself but you may even encourage others to do the same. I did exactly that each time I reached out to ask a woman if she would consider this. More about this at the end of this post.

Here’s the second part from 2020 and with the final series in 2021.

Brene Brown has helped me learn to be vulnerable and to learn more about empathy in ourselves and fellow humans. I know many who read here will have seen Brene’s brief video about empathy but I reckon I can get away with sharing it again.

Thank you to the women here who were/are vulnerable. I also want to say, that in life’s many challenges, some who wrote posts have had their personal lives turn inside out/upside down via loss of a partner and health. I acknowledge this today and send my best to you.

The second part of the list of women of courage”
38. Tara Flannery
39. Natalie
40. Anonymous
41. Jo
42. Ann
43. Christina Henry
44. Anonymous
45. Laurie
46. Christie Hawkes
47. J.T.
48. Julie McCrossin AM
49. Rosemarie
50. Anonymous
51. Anna
52. Stella
53. Yvonne McLaren
54. Leanne
55. Tanya Selak
56. Cate Froggatt
57. Marsha Ingrao
58. Tracey-Lee
59. Denyse’s Relatives
60. Tracey Breese
61. P.M.
62. Juliette O’Brien
63. Cosette Calder
64. Anne Howe
65. Denyse Whelan
66. Jacqui
67. Terri Webster Schrandt
68. Gloria Hill
69. Bianca Hewes
70. Anonymous
71. Joanne
72. Alice Leung
73. Gillian Coutts
74. Ness

Do have a read of your post if you shared your story …all of them are found here on this page. Thank you for sharing.


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  1. I have loved this series of yours even though I may not have commented on every post. Also, that video on empathy is such a good one! I used to use it with a lot of my clients’ parents to explain how to listen/be empathic. Hope you have a lovely week ahead Denyse. I will catch up on previous posts in the coming weeks.

    • Thanks for your on-going support Sanch, and I am glad this video of Brene’s is being shared far and wide.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  2. I had some more flashbacks when I scrolled through your list of Women of Courage. I remembered those wonderful women and their stories. I think those who said no possibly felt threatened about facing up to events in their life. I found writing about it gave me a feeling of freedom.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer, I think that it’s a kind way you have framed your comment.

      So good to know that writing your post helped you too.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  3. Denyse, You did a great job, summarizing your WoC series. I remember the video on empathy. Thank you for hosting and sharing this post with us. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks so much Natalie. I was pretty sure I had already shared the video but felt it was appropriate to remind us all!

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  4. I think I commented last week on this as well and you’ve done such an amazing job with this series. So many different women with different strengths and challenges. I talk a little bit about it (in a far less weighty way) in my blog today – the fact that we can be so similar and so different at the same time.

    • Great to know you have been reading and reflecting, Deb.

      There are commonalities of course in us all, and yet so many differences.

      I look forward to reading your post.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  5. I love that Brene short clip Denyse and I’ve watched it many times as a reminder to myself. I also love her “Damn You Steve” one as well – it makes me smile every time (and taught me about blame!) Thanks for the link up – you’ll be happy to know that I’m reopening my comments next week xx

    • Yes it’s something I need a reminder of too Leanne, and thanks to Brene, we have this clip to use.

      I am thinking about your upcoming 60th Birthday and wanted to share, before commenting elsewhere, that it might seem a bit daunting at first to have a 6 in front of your age instead of a 5 but you soon get used to it. I did enjoy turning 60 because I made it special for myself…had a lovely family lunch, and a girls’ high tea as well.

      Good on you for re-opening comments….

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  6. Bookmarking the video to watch when I can later – I’ve heard nothing but good things about Brene’s work.

    • Yes, Brene Brown helped me understand my various thinking patterns and more, to be able to let go of some of the ways in which I viewed myself in a negative way…and to accept (still takes time!) my human-ness!!

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years, Vanessa.


  7. I really think you have captured the feelings of women here Denyse, yes sometimes we think people won’t be interested in our story, or we don’t want to talk about ourselves or we feel vulnerable or even scared to let that emotion out – as one of the women who’ve shared my story i felt all of these things and more. But your series gave me the opportunity to share my story not for anyone else but for myself and that was good.
    I also loved that short video of Brene Brown, a great explanation of the differences of empathy and sympathy. I like the …at least 🙂

    Thanks again for all you’ve done.

    • That is a very kind and thoughtful comment Deb, and I appreciate the ways in which you have articulated the intent of the series, and how you felt about being a contributor.

      I need a regular look at that video to remind me to be more empathetic! Getting away from my old and familiar responses to a more caring on is happening…takes time though.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  8. Good share on the video – I am one of those ‘silver lining people’ more a ‘fix it’ person but I’m working on keeping my big mouth shut. Not always successful. #Lifethisweek

    • I guess when you “know” what you need to do, and do it, then good on you for awareness as they say.

      I imagine today has been pretty darned glorious in all ways at your place!

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  9. It’s been a great series Denyse. I felt privileged to be involved and you were a woman of courage for putting yourself out there and undertaking this project.

    • Thanks so much Jo. I am indeed glad I was courageous enough to take that first step and ask!

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  10. I did pop back during the week and read some of the ‘stories’ – when time permits I’ll be delving further. (I’m one who said No when you approached me, not because I didn’t want to think about or examine my life and events but for various other reasons)
    Anyway – empathy v sympathy…what a great little video describing the difference in clear simple terms. Not something everyone can master. I admit to not reading any of Brene Brown’s work, now we’re home I’ll see what my library has available.
    Life is slowly changing here in Melbourne, life like Don…..is good

    • Excellent to know how things are faring in Melbs! We are all so pleased to be able to do so much more after all those weeks. Your fellow citizens did it for far longer than us. I am getting my 18 weeks of growth hair cut tomorrow. Cannot wait.

      Brene is an acquired read/listen. When I started to become better acquainted with her it was via her earlier works & I took some convincing that her work was worth it. What tipped the balance for me is that she is at heart and educator and researcher and I love to know that ideas and programs based on these are part of studies. I would check out her TedTalk first. She did it as her first foray into the world and says she has never watch it!!

      I did a couple of her on-line courses. I do own all the books now and continue to listen to some of her work. I do wish I had been more aware of “daring greatly” when I was a school principal…but 20 years ago I did not have the life skills within.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  11. Your Women of Courage series has been a wonderful project for you and your readers. Thank you for taking the time to undertake this task. This week I’m sharing my #sundaystills post about my Indoor and Outdoor Decor. I love living by the ocean which is my outdoor decor as you know. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for hosting #lifethisweek. Enjoy your Freedom! xx

    • Sounds like a great post Sue and I will read with interest.

      I had to take some brave steps to ask people to be part of Women of Courage, and will always be glad I did. You too are there of course.

      Your kind words and support are always appreciated.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  12. What an amazing series! This past 2 weeks summarizing it is also an obvious labor of love. And thanks for continuing to host the life this week Link-up. It seems almost every week, I stumble across someone new and interesting.

    • Thank you for your kind words about the series, Patricia and how you are finding fun of the link up each week. That’s terrific.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  13. I see so many familiar faces in these posts! I know I said no the first time because I honestly didn’t think I was a woman of courage. I couldn’t think of anything courageous I had faced… it took me a lot of soul searching to come up with my story.

    • Yes, there are quite a few and I am very pleased, Joanne, that you did join in eventually!!

      I am so glad you did and the story was so well-received too.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  14. Thank you for this wonderful series and for making me part of it. And I need to watch that video…

    • It’s my privilege and pleasure Ness. So pleased that a long-time bloggy friend was the one who completed the story so well.

      Yes, to me also needing to remember to watch the video too.

      It’s been a privilege to share this series of posts over the two+ years,


  15. Wow – what an impressive collection of stories and women. Well done on collating them – we all have to be courageous in various ways, some much more so than others.

    • I am glad you got to discover this series, Chris.

      It was a challenge to ask and then collate them to be blog-ready but I am very pleased that I did, and yes, it’s something to remember about all of us and courage.

      Thank you!