Tuesday 28th June 2022

Women Of Courage: Appreciation For Those Who Shared In 2020. 77/2020.

Women Of Courage: Appreciation For Those Who Shared In 2020. 77/2020.

The Women of Courage Series has now concluded.

I like many was sad to see it end, but with no further contributions waiting in the drafts area of my blog and no-one coming forward with their stories after the invitation, it was wrap time! I certainly am delighted too, that 55 women DID share their stories and they are incredibly varied too. But with one theme: courage!

It ran from May 2019 until September 2020 with breaks at certain times. The backstory is here.

The message I added to each post is this:

Courage is strength in the face of pain or grief. It’s doing something that frightens you. We face situations that demand courage every day. These situations provide us with choices, and the way we respond to those choices determines our future. Dayne Shuda.

In 2019 I began with my post, and then numbered each person from #1 onwards. The colour I used in 2019 was this one.

In 2020 I changed to red!

Last week I shared those who told their stories in 2019 here.


2020 Image For the Series.

Leaving  January 2020 behind, it was good to launch into the 2020 series with this post: from Jane Caro AM, whose book Accidental Feminists helped me form my plan for a blog series and I will always be grateful for Jane’s support (and likes and retweets each Wednesday) along with those from Rosemarie Milson (#49) who ‘is’ Newcastle Writers Festival Director.

Catching up with Jane Caro: April 2019.


Jane Caro AM

To read, or re-read the posts of these Women of Courage: please visit the page at the top of the blog: here. 

Thank you all for sharing your stories. I hope you return occasionally to re-read and see what sharing your story has brought to your life.

Were you someone who shared your story in 2020?
How did it make you feel once it was done?

Thank you again for sharing.


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  1. A wonderful series Denyse and it was such a privilege to meet so many interesting women through your interviews.

  2. Thanks for this list Denyse. I know that I missed a few so I can now revisit #MLSTL

  3. Wow when you see them all like that, there are so many great women of courage you’ve shared. Thanks for all you’ve done to highlight the many fabulous women out there. We all have a story in us!

    • Yes I agree, it is pretty striking seeing them all here…and on 2019 post as well.

      I am a very proud and privileged blogger who was able to get so many women from all walks of life share stories with a common thread. How they overcame a challenge or more via courage.

      Thanks Deb, for taking part and being an amazing supporter too.


  4. Wow I have a lot to catch up on. So many wonderful woman thank you for sharing xx #MLSTL

  5. Denyse, this was a fabulous series, and thank you so much for inviting me to be part of it. It goes to show that courage comes in small and large and many inbetween ways. In fact, living life is courage alone I think. Well done on a great series! xo

    • Thanks so much Min.

      You have summed that up well. Courage is individual and personal but in every woman’s story that courage shone through.

      It was a privilege to have you share your story too.