Thursday 20th January 2022

With $1000 I would…#LifeThisWeek 41/52. 2017.117.

With $1000 I would…#LifeThisWeek 41/52. 2017.117.

Donate the amount to finding a cure for Influenza.

I last had influenza in 1998 and determined to never be that unwell again.

My husband and I have had annual fluvax since then.

Yet this is what I might have and I won’t know until today or tomorrow if it is the flu or a bad virus. Whatever the outcome the treatment is the same: do nothing, rest, eat lightly and drink much.

Updated: NOT the flu. I did start to feel a bit better through the day yesterday and Dr’s office has confirmed throat sample: normal. 

Since the day of the photo I am adding I have felt: aches and pains beyond normal,  had temperatures go as high as 39.5, taken panadol, got the shivers and shakes and for the me, unfortunately the ‘runs’ and severe nausea. I have mild cough, am without energy, and just plain miserable. I am resting because I have no choice.

It’s not fair! I know that is something else I have been doing and kind of stopping. Whingeing. Getting over cancer has been a challenge but this puts me in a place of misery that I had left a while back.

So, away from that. Last Wednesday I did one of my beloved ‘challenges’ and arranged to meet my daughter and her two eldest at the end of the M1 at Hornsby for brunch. I wanted to see them of course, but more than that I wanted to celebrate my daughter’s amazing achievement reached by FINALLY (and she would say the same!) completing her planned 2 Year Part-Time Masters of Education in Teacher Education in her 4th year. Being a single mama, a part-time teacher/librarian in her school because of her family of 3 older kids and one pre-school one, added to her needing surgery x2 in the time, and both of these girls being hospitalised for serious and chronic illnesses in the past 12-16 months…she wondered how on earth she would ever do it. Of course, like any story there is more, but it is not for publication.

She took some LSL and with grim determination got it done. The ‘kids’ were all behind her and they will attend her graduation (of course, she WILL pass those two subjects, just don’t know yet) in Wagga in December. She is back to school this week and it was a pleasure (even though I was probably coming down with this awful thing then) to have met them  and chatted. I don’t usually specifically write  or put pics of the family here but these ladies are over 18 and have already given me permission to share on IG.

That’s it from me. I may or may not comment for a day or so. I will see how I feel.

Have you had this rotten flu/virus?

Do you regularly have the injections?

I hope you are well!


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  1. How lovely to see your daughter and her two eldest! Obviously teaching and a love of striped shirts (which I totally share) runs in the family.

    I hope you recover quickly!


  2. You take care – a friend was just hospitalized for it. So awful (and spare a thought for the poor nurses who are risking their lives helping those with this deadly strain). Congrats on your daughter, that’s so exciting. You must be so proud!

    • Very grateful to have had normal results returned today. It is very exciting for our daughter as it marks the end of student days ( which hang over you!) and she has the degreee nearly in her hands. D x

  3. You take care of yourself – it’s supposed to have been a nasty one this year. The flu – you know, touch wood, I don’t think that I’ve ever had one. Touch wood again. Of course I get an annual head cold, but there’s a difference. With $1000 I would…book flights to go & see my bestie in Wellington, NZ.

  4. Wow that’s an amazing achievement for your daughter. Well done!

    • It is and these days it is the way for many teachers…a Masters in a speciality as they move in their field. I did it this way but my road was easier than hers. D x

  5. Please make sure you take extra special care of yourself Denyse. I was struck down with a nasty flu, this winter and It was the worst i’ve ever felt. I ignored all of the warning signs and then crashed big time, taking so much longer than normal to recover.

    • Oh dear Jenni, I am sorry that you got something horrid. I am “glad” that mine is a virus albeit a bad one and believe me I can only do what I can do. Another 4 days of so the dr says for it to go. D x

  6. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I hope you start feeling better soon Denyse!

  8. I get them for free via work each year. Very worth it. I hope it passes soon for you. And good on you for completing one of your challenges. And that’s great news about your daughter’s masters degree.

    • I did when working at Uni too. Thanks for noticing I met one of my challenges! I was on the cusp on this virus so glad I did it then. My DD has just told me her 2nd last assignment scored a D, only one to go!! Yay. D x.

  9. Oh the flu is rotten and seems to be getting much more dangerous. I’m glad we didn’t get it this season but seemed to get every other illness. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • It is very hard to escape sickness these days of any kind when we are out and about. I am glad you all escaped the flu. Thankful to warrmer weather coming too! D x

  10. Get better, Denyse! You’re allowed to whinge now and again. Cancer and everything you’ve been through is a huge deal.

    And congrats to your daughter. Amazing achievement!

    • Thanks Ness! I appreciated that comment. I had pushed cancer to the back of my mind a bit for a few weeks as things were going ok but with more surgery coming and the unknown of recovery it has made me a bit concerned. Thank you for the kind words about our daughter. It’s been ONE huge journey! D x

  11. I haven’t had a flu sht since I was pregnant with Sophie… this was the year that I got it, as well as everyone else in the house (except Sophie!)… so we’ll all be getting shots next May, because I don’t want to go through that again!

    I hope you get better quickly, the worst part for me was the cough, it hung around for over two months.

    • Wow! That must have been so hard having everyone except the baby with flu. I will continue to have the shots of course and am grateful this time I have missed it and got a nasty virus instead. d x

  12. That’s such a lot to deal with while trying to do a master’s. Congratulations to your daughter to reaching the end of that tunnel. You must be very proud.

    I hope that you don’t have the flu, and that it’s just a virus that disappears quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever properly had the flu. Oh wait, I may be lying. A week after I first arrived in the US I was really sick – I basically lay on my mattress on the floor for a week and didn’t move. It was awful. I definitely had a temp, I’m not sure if it was the flu though.

    • Thanks Kat! She just texted me that her 2nd last assignment scored a distinction so that is wonderful!
      As far as the flu goes, I have not got it and am very grateful, but it is a virus which has knocked me around majorly.
      I wonder if yours was in some way connected to the huge move and life change.
      D x

  13. Take care, Denyse and congrats to your daughter! What an achivement!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG! No Influenza A. A nasty virus which has at least 4 days to run its course according to the dr. It sure is the worst one I have ever had but then Inhave to remind myself I am 67 and have had traumatic surgery this year. You never know how the body deals with this stuff. Thank you for congrats to My daughter. Very proud. D xx

  14. Hope you feel better soon – when you’re down with something it colours your whole world. I’m so impressed with what your daughter has achieved and you’ll all be so proud when she graduates. Also lovely to see a little snapshot of your family. Thanks for the link up xx

    • You have nailed it as I am the “downest” I have been for months, it’s filled me with fears about cancer and all the surgery ahead. I “know” much of it is in true but it feels true when the negative me takes hold. Thanks for congrats for my daughter. Yes it was great to get down to Sydney and catch up. D xx

  15. No good about the flu. Hope you are growing stronger each week. X

  16. I hope your are feeling better wonderful lady. We’ve had influenza A floating around town the last month or so, apparently it is bad. Touch wood, I haven’t had a bad flu for a while, mainly sinus trouble related to hay fever.

    • I will be getting better now that I am assured it is not the flu but I have to wait a bit for my health to return, It has had quite a bashing this year! D xx

  17. Nice use for the $1000 — it’s weird they still don’t have a cure! The vaccine only helps some strands. Hope you are feeling better Denyse.

    • Thank you Sanch. I am feeling a lot better day but still tired. I think this year’s flu (not the one I had which neither of the nasty ones) took the medical profession by surprise too. I wonder what it will yield for next year’s vaccine. D x