Thursday 20th January 2022

Winter. #LifeThisWeek 29/52. 2017.93.

Winter. #LifeThisWeek 29/52. 2017.93.

Almost 2 months into a southern hemisphere Winter and it’s not been anything much other than mild. For those who live inland from the coast there have been under zero C temperatures and frosts and for those with a high altitude on some of the mountains and hills where snow can fall – in both New South Wales and Victoria – the season of snow has begun.

For those of us (I include many on the east coast of Australia), Winter means much less daylight, some colder days and evenings and at times some wild weather. This Winter, touch wood, we have had little of the wild weather, in fact you could call in mild weather. The southern coast of Australia has had its share of cold and the northern end of Australia is sunny with less humidity. Western Australians have a temperate climate too,

So, as I am still somewhat in the fog that is post-surgery I am adding photos to express my Winter this year!

How has your winter been to date? And to my northern hemisphere readers, what WAS Winter like for you?


Outside temp today: 13.3 and inside 20.5 thanks to air con.

I like the clouds in Winter!

I LOVE how the sky is so beautiful in winter

Sydney scene in Winter

A different day..a different Sydney scene!

No leaves nor frangipanis while it’s Winter

Across the Harbour Bridge on a Winter’s Day.

Clouds get me taking pics every time! Local Beach in Winter.

P.S. This post was written at the end of last week, and this weekend is the last in July. I believe in NSW we have one of the driest Winters on record and by gee I did notice that in our garden when I got home from hospital.

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  1. It has been a mild winter this year. And yes, very little rain. Bloody cold overnight lows in Canberra though!

    • I have been watching the temps in the capital and yes, agree very bloody cold. Bit cloudy here today and rain would be most welcome as in most NSW and other states I imagine!

  2. As always, beautiful photos Denyse! Last winter felt like it went forever over here. I don’t know if it was worse because I was getting lovely pictures of summer from friends and family back home. Or if it’s just that I’m used to having summer in December so it was a little strange.
    In any case, it was cold and dark and wet. Three things that I’m not a huge fan of. But we take the winter because it makes the summer feel that much better!

    • I reckon this year, whichever the season (forget those 40+ days I mean), because you are more settled and embracing so much of life as is for you in California. It’s a good thing!!

  3. What lovely scenes of winter, Denyse.

    Yes it has been rather mild in Sydmey this year.

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you SSG. It has been hasnt it? We DO need rain though. Let’s hope it’s not too much because then we will be complaining..LOL.

  4. That photo with the reflection on the water is STUNNING!! As for winter? Was yesterday 20 degrees? Crazy!!

    • Thank you Lydia. I have days where I manage to get some great shots when the sky, the water and the clouds co-operate. I enjoy taking them. Today it looks like rain but nothing so far.

  5. It’s been freezing here! Being a queenslander means I have no tolerance bough hahaha

  6. Thankfully the winter in Auckland, has been a very mild one this year. The middle to end of July are always the coldest, so will be starting to warm again soon. I love a cool, clear crisp winters day that has lots of sunshine. Its the damp, grey drizzly days that I can’t cope with and if they hang around for long periods, they can start to get me down.

    • Interesting that you too in NZ have been having mild times. I too agree that a grey, damp and drizzly day affects mood. Sunshine is awesome when it returns.

  7. We are in the middle of a “winter heatwave” in Brisbane – cold mornings, and reaching 26°C during the day!

  8. It’s funny you mention how dry it is. I’m up the road in Maitland. Miss 2 and I went to the local river today and I was shocked at how low it is! #openslather #mummymondays

    • I think sometimes we take it for granted that the rivers and creeks stay running until they don’t! This year we had all those cyclonic conditions and flooding in Far Nth Qld and in 2015 the awful East Coast lows affecting us here in NSW…and now, oops. It’s drying up again. Not good for the crops for the farmers either. We need some winter rains I was reading this morning! Thank you for visiting and commenting for the first time. Great to see you here! Denyse x

  9. Winter in Brisbane has been just glorious Denyse. Sunny days with beautiful clear blue skies. The mornings have been crisp but only a couple of days where I’ve felt cold – and I usually feel the cold. So glad you are back and I hope you have a beautiful week. xx

  10. Our winter in Victoria has been cold but mostly sunny and so very dry. Thankfully we have had a nice lot of rain today. I can’t say I love winter but like you I do enjoy the way the sky looks (unless it is totally a grey out)

    • Rain! So needed here. The July just passed has been the driest for some decades. Our meagre little garden is actually suffering. I am the usual water girl for the garden but it’s a challenge with a boot on. My dear hub is already doing enough to help me so wont nag about the garden !

  11. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    I live in Melbourne and it has been quite chilly to say the least! The mornings in particular are cold when I take the kids to school. I prefer the warmer months, as long as it isn’t too hot. Autumn and Spring are lovely.

    • Agree that those mid-seasons are the most comfy. Thankful that we do not have to get out of bed to take kids (or ourselves) anywhere regularly in Winter.

  12. What beautiful photos! I have found this winter to a bit warmer than last year, still too cold though.

  13. It’s been really dry this Winter in WA too Denyse, but this last week has been making up for it – LOTS of heavy rain and blowing a gale – nice to have a bit of Winter but also makes you appreciate those blue sky days when they disappear!

    • Ah, I think I saw some of that weather on the news! When it comes it does so with some vengeance. We can never be truly satisfied with the weather can we?

  14. It hasn’t felt *too* cold for me, but when the wind kicks up between the city buildings in the early morning I have been reaching for my gloves!! Warms up fast though. I saw some stunning fog over a lagoon yesterday morning as I was driving to work. Probably the prettiest fog I’ve ever seen.

    • Wow. I know when I see phenomena like that I “have” to try to capture it but as you were driving then that would have been silly! When we lived on the waterfront in 2015 I recall dashing out (in nightie with a jumper thrown over the top) because of the look of the mist rising from the water. So pretty.

  15. We haven’t had that much rain, but when we’ve had it, it’s bucketed down. We are averaging about 9 degrees for day and night time temps, our highest for July being 16 and lowest 1.1 degree. I do not like the cold, as it sit here now my toes are a bit frosty. It’s sunny out and blue skies today! Should be out in it, and plan to this afternoon, have some cleaning up in the garden to do.

    • Some time outside it what I have been aiming for this week too. As long as the sunny spot is sheltered from any breeze it feels great to be outside again. Those temps of yours are pretty low. But the rain must have been welcomed I imagine.

  16. Love your Winter photos! Our Winter hasn’t been too bad, but unfortunately in the last week my son and I have caught hubby’s flu, so we are battling through that at the moment!

    • So many people have been sick with the flu this year. In fact, the figures are breaking records. It seems not to matter if you have had the flu vax or not for some people. Dear me, I hope your household is better very soon.

  17. I am really loving your winter photos Denyse!! Especially the beach one… I love exploring the beach during winter!

    • Thanks Kerrie. Yes I got my ‘fix’ of pics from the beach before my surgery so it’s good to have some to access for my blog posts.