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Will You Share Your Woman of Courage Story? 29/2020.

Will You Share Your Woman of Courage Story? 29/2020.



A series of blog posts on Denyse Whelan Blogs to be found here from mid-May 2019: Wednesdays: most weeks.

Here is the introduction to the series.

Courage is strength in the face of pain or grief. It’s doing something that frightens you. We face situations that demand courage every day. These situations provide us with choices, and the way we respond to those choices determines our future. Dayne Shuda.


The ‘why’ behind my decision to begin inviting women to share their stories of courage.

In April 2019 I attended Newcastle Writers’ Festival and got to hear, amongst others, Author and Public Education Advocate, Jane Caro speak. Jane’s been known to me for a long time via social media, her other books and her involvement in promoting public education. She spoke at length of the roles we women have played and often at great loss or expense to our health, welfare and future financial security in her book Accidental Feminists.

Her written and spoken words really made me think.

Women do so much unsung, not necessarily because of not wanting people to know, but because we “just do get on.” I know that my life has taken some not great twists and turns and I realised I drew on resources of courage to do so.

This led me to finding out more about courage from others.

I did get some instant responses after my initial invitations went out to women I knew personally or on-line:

  • Almost everyone said, “Thank you for asking, yes I will share.” “Not everyone” did return the responses because “life” it gets in the way and of course I get that.
  • Some surprised me with a flat “no, I am not a woman of courage” and yes, even though I may have seen something of courage in them, no remained as was that person’s wish.
  • Some took a middle road. Maybe…can I get back to you? Sure I would say. I admit, I never wanted anyone to miss out if they wanted to share but sometimes it took a few more communications from me to get the definitive Yes or No…or another date to be determined.

The first person asked was the lovely Sam, The Annoyed Thyroid , her post can be found here. I admit I wrote one about an instance of courage of mine as well but Sam was #1 in the series.

I also know that perhaps my dates of publication did not work well for those who had shared their stories. This meant the interactivity I may have envisioned by comments to readers did not occur. But, as always, I understood the why. Life. Again.

Not everyone shared their name and that was for a reason. I also understand though, from comments returned to me privately, that those people found the writing of the story helpful AND the comments and support from readers gave them quite a life.

Thank you all for sharing!

Now, who is up for sharing their story now? Many who read and link up already have but there are plenty I see who may like to contribute but have been a bit shy. Here are the questions that I ask….there are 5.

Questions from Denyse:

  • What have you faced in your life where you have had to be courageous?
  • How did this change you in any way? Please outline further if this has been the case.
  • Is there something you learned from this that you could recommend to help others who need courage?
  • Do you think you are able to be more courageous now if the life situation calls for it? Why is that?
  • Is there any message you would give to others facing a situation where courage could be needed?

Do add anything else that you think would help others who read your post.

I also ask, if you wish to share, for any social media you would like to promote that is a link to you and a photo if you are prepared to share one.

That is it. I have received short and to the point responses, some which are prose set by the person not actually answering the questions directly and others are long. And for a good reason.

Please consider sending me an email here: denyse@ozemail.com.au and tell me you would like to share your story. Thank you in advance!

And, to the over 45 women who have shared already: not all are live till later in the next few months..I am very thankful for you too. Just some of the women here who have shared their stories. Catch up here for more.

In this awful period around the world as COVID19 pandemic continues, I send you all my healing thoughts and that you all stay well and connected on-line while we are all self-isolating.

Easter will be different of course. However, it is still happening. May yours be peaceful and may the Easter bunny find you.


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  1. Thanks for this fabulous series Denyse, it was an absolute honour to be included. I understand the issues with sharing personal stories and appreciate the hardship of writing and reliving such events. I put off writing my story for many years but once I did for myself, it was a relief. It was good to share it with you and your readers too, so thank you for your interest and care. I believe everyone has a story to tell and as you and your readers have pointed out, courage and bravery are different for everyone. Thanks again for all you do. xx #mlstl

    • Thanks so much Deb, you have summed up what many have said once they have shared.

      It is good to know too how much it meant for you.

      Warmest wishes and thanks for your on-going support of my blog, the link up and this series.


  2. I was honoured to be asked and look forward to seeing my contribution when it is published. I encourage other women to take part because you never know who you will inspire. There are lots of unsung heroes in the world – people who face life challenges with courage and overcome them, without acknowledgement from anyone. It’s lovely that you’re letting them be heard Denyse. #mlstl

    • That is so true Christina. Until we share and are prepared to be a little vulnerable we won’t know exactly what our courage has brought us.

      Thanks for taking up the invitation to share your story. I will be in touch closer to the date of publication, likely in late May 2020.


  3. Hi Denyse, it’s been a great series and really interesting “meeting” a lot of new women that you’ve introduced us to. I’m looking forward to your new interviews and reading some more great stories.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM

    • Thank you so much and for contributing your story for the series Leanne.

      I think it brings us all a little closer when we shared our vulnerabilities and courage.


  4. Easter bunny will find us. We will sulk about Bluesfest (and the sad loss of John Prine) but hopefully, we will rally and have some fun too. Just wanted to thank you for the Share my snaps prompt dore next week. I was quite down in the dumps this morning but after putting it together, I’m happy again – content, I guess is more apporpriate.
    Take care and see you Monday.

    • Content is a good word along with acceptance of ‘what is’. I know for me, I was wasting far too much of my emotional energy getting cranky about things I could not control.

      I pulled back and made some changes to my thinking and my day’s plans and it’s better.

      So good that you could find some fun in getting a post for Share Your Snaps ready.