Tuesday 26th October 2021

Why I Create Daily. 2018.65.

Why I Create Daily. 2018.65.

The answer to this could be…”to keep me well” or it might be….”to keep me busy” or maybe even….”because I love it”.

I reckon all are appropriate in their own way but the last nails it.

I do love it.

At times I get a bit stuck on ‘what will I create now’ but more often than not, some reflection time spent at my desk helps.

Since 2013 when I embraced the practice of creating an “Index Card a Day” via daisyyellow.com I can rarely have a day spent without something happening for me such as:

  • creating original mandalas
  • pattern making – within defined shapes e.g. square, rectangle, free form
  • painting – freehand or colouring-in my own designs – with watercolours or gouache.
  • cutting and pasting to make cards – thank you cards, best wishes, birthdays and more
  • stamping and printing on home-made cards – to personalise them

A range I did recently.

  • using my art-journalS. Yes plural. I have two sizes on the go. I have one in my bag at all times.
  • A3 books to play and create in – there have been 2 filled since I came home from hospital just over a year ago
  • A4 to do the same – at least 3 filled since hospital last year
  • and now, A5 where I am making 100 mandalas by the end of 2018
  • many of my larger-sized patterns and mandalas are laminated or framed. Member of my family have some in their houses. Others I have made into placemats for our table.

IF I feel slightly blue, a little anxious or a lot worried..it is NOT helpful to ruminate nor over-think. I used to do this a LOT until I found the power of ….the markers, the pencils, the paper and more.

In fact, just last week when I was a wee bit concerned at the drive ahead to Sydney and then a few hours of stillness in the dental prosthetist’s chair….I sat for 15 minutes and created. Instant mindfulness and anxiety dialled down enough to face the day ahead with courage and confidence.

In the past few months where my health has improved to the point of me seeking to do more I have created these for a purpose  and I have  a proposal. This is something I will outline another time, but I have approached my local library to teach a Mindful Colouring and Mandalas class. They are keen and getting back to me soon.

Many of you know how much I enjoy my beach walks and occasionally I bring home some pebbles and shells. I love playing with their textures and shapes and have made a cairn and used them in some flower pots. I also like to decorate them. My grandkids have done this too. It is COOOOOL Grandma! And when there was some greenery around and flowers at our old house, they made a great mandala.

Lastly, and this helps me set the scene sometimes. I am fortunate enough to have made a ‘creative space of my own’. At the last house we rented I had my computer in the shared living room where it was next to my husband’s desk. My art ‘stuff’ was shared in a room where we had two bunk beds for visiting grandkids. In this house, we have not made up a grandkids room in a bedroom, preferring to leave it as storage, and…my second wardrobe.

This space, in an open plan area is where I am located now for both computer and creative activities. Luckily we have lots of portable-type storage, and some on wheels and I have adapted to this space well. It might not have a great view outside as my other one did, but it is good to have everything in one place.

My retirement and then my cancer diagnosis was very much helped by my daily creating. I no longer am concerned about product as I was. I love the process. I did make a commitment as 2018 began to “create daily” and for me this is any kind of venture where I am doing something mindfully for the fun of it.

Do you create anything?
What are your areas of creativity?

Blogging is creative that is for sure!


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  1. Maureen Jansen says:

    Love your social media presence and your ideas. What about joining us on Facebook – closed group – NZ, Australia and round the world. Maureen – hncmaureen


  2. I haven’t been as consistent with my creating daily goal this year, but anything is a step up from not creating at all last year! It has certainly helped me in other areas of my life, but I can see how it would work well for the stillness and mindfulness.

    • I hope you can get back to it more Cate as it really helps my emotional health. I miss it if I miss just one day!

      Denyse x

  3. These are all beautiful Denyse, creating is such a fulfilling thing to do. I rarely make time, but am trying this year to spend more time creating in my veggie garden. I love the way it makes me feel xx

    • Thank you Nicole. I see so much of what you did inside and outside your house, and in work for others that IS creative but maybe it becomes filed under work??

      I do like that you know what helps and hope the veggie garden gets more attention. Any time you are happy there, I reckon it makes dealing with the rest of your life better!

      Denyse x

  4. I just love love love your mandalas. That is on my list of things to do. I am in the mode of creating my online programs so any spare time is spent on that.

    • Thanks Natalie! Always happy to send you some to use in any way. I love sharing them. Recently I asked the local library if they want me to run a class on mandalas and mindfulness. I hope I hear back as I am ready to be back and teaching!!

      Your work on yourself and for others is admirable.

      Denyse x

  5. My primary creativity these days is writing. And I do it daily. I used to love baking, but just try finding a decent oven in Asia! I would love to get back to making weekly scones and seasonal cookies, but meanwhile, there is an awful lot to write.

    In the new house we will be moving into, I will have a workspace like yours – in an open plan area. Also, with no windows, but there are windows in the hallway behind it, and I will be able to view the front door from my seat at the top of the stairs. Here’s to dedicated play-space!

    • Ah so you have plans. That is always good. As for ovens, we are renting a newish house now and it took some weeks for me to “learn the oven”. I have stints of baking and it is mostly little cakes because I can eat them so don’t feel left out.

      Your creative space (to be) sounds just fab!!

      Denyse x

  6. I love your mandalas and it’s easy to see the peace and joy they bring you. That’s a great set up you have there. Every time I see your art work, I think how I must get back to my colouring books. I always take them on long haul flights, I find colouring really relaxes. Usually my creating is more bloggy or baking orientated!

    • I hear you on the creativity of blogging and baking. You do both so well.

      I think the secret to some mindful colouring in a book, is to have it out with pencils or markers nearby because then you can just dip in and out of it for a few minutes of mindfulness.

      Your running is a great way to stay ‘in the moment’ as you already knoiw!!

      Going to cook your Coconut Ice Cake as little cakes today methinks!

      Denyse x

  7. Love your drawings. Most of my creating is through writing or baking/cooking. Reading your post makes me wonder if doing some drawing on a regular basis would help my writing practice. I sometimes have trouble shifting out of my analytical brain when writing, but I think it’s easier to do with drawing or painting. You have planted a seed!

    • Yay for planting a seed. The rhythmic pace of colouring helps my brain to slow. I sometimes do it to ease tension of many things happening at once. It doesn’t matter what the product is like because the process is what it is about! Cheers, K,
      Denyse x

  8. Hi Denyse,
    I love your creative work, especially your mandalas. And good for you to be creating every single day. My creativity is writing, which I do daily, and also collages. I love, love, love making collages. They don’t happen every day or even every week, but when I do take the time to make one, I’m really happy. #MLSTL

    • Oh yes, collages! I seem to love the idea of them but “fail” in making them. I have been a scrapbooker and enjoy making cards for people. Wonder why collages have ‘failed” to thrive with me.

      Nevertheless I get lost in thoughts (of the good kind) when I draw or paint or colour and that is the essence of it for me!

      Thanks for sharing your creativity with me too.

      Denyse x

  9. I always admire your art, Denyse and can see how beneficial it is to our mental health. I have a colouring book but haven’t used it for ages. I need to make the time. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing at #MLSTL. Have a great week! xx

    • Thank you so much Sue. I wonder if you could leave your colouring book and pencils/markers out somewhere so they could be seen and you might sit for a bit and tune out for a while. I think when things like that are put away I know I tend to forget about them.

      Denyse x

  10. Wow, so very beautiful. Love it. I guess we try to create daily because we want to be fuller human beings.

    • Yes I suppose that is true. I know I did get to create a lot when caring for our grandkids as they loved it. I had to make a deliberate choice that I too could love it and make sure I do something creative daily. It is fun!

      Thanks Patrick,


  11. I love your art. I also enjoy creating things, but my niche is metal work. I don’t feel right if I haven’t made something, or corked on a piece for a day or two – sometime life gets in the way. I find it so therapeutic. My family tease me that I get rid of my frustrations by banging metal.

    • Sounds like the perfect way to ‘let off steam” by creating like that! Good for you.

      I know if I have had a day away from making something with the paintbrush or pen I get a bit niggly.

      Interesting isn’t it?

      Thanks for sharing your creative “art”!
      Denyse x

  12. I love colouring in for the exact reason that you do it Denyse – it stops my brain being too busy or over-thinking. It seems to switch something off and I just go into a more serene place where my only concern is which colour to choose next. I’m glad your creations make you happy and have helped you through this very difficult year. xx

    • So true about only one decision to make..what colour to use. I spend sometime even before beginning a mandala or design in letting my mind come to the project and guide me. It’s a spiritual experience for me.

      Thanks for sharing what you you and I have been creating for years even before I got cancer..but it sure does help distract and put my mind elsewhere.

      Denyse x

  13. I don’t create daily. But I love how you’ve focused on the process and the mindfulness. I have a book of mandala’s…. I need to get it back out and start coloring again. I did find it helpful in the past but seemed to have just put it to the side. Perhaps it will jumpstart me into some other creative pursuits. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Pat. If you have got some materials but haven’t ‘played’ with them for a while, my suggestion is to leave them out on a table or desk and when you see them, you can take 5 mins or whatever and have a play there!

      Good luck with your future ideas for creativity.

      Denyse x

  14. I am not creative at all but I play solitaire on my Ipad hour after hour. Husband doesn’t understand how I can continue to do it but it is mindless and there are too many worries in my mind for me to let them roam around.

    • Hi Victoria, I am saddened that you believe you are not creative but suspect with much on your mind, and seeking solace via solitaire is your go-to for now.

      A while back I asked friends when I wrote the blog post “Everyone IS Creative” what they did creatively and here is the list. I hope there is something there that might strike a chord for you. Denyse xc

      Creative writing
      Graphic Design
      Playing a musical instrument
      Doing colouring-in and dot to dots for adults
      Making my garden
      Dressing each day and adding accessories to suit
      Cooking and Baking
      Making Photobooks
      Planning Family Outings and Events
      Making costumes for dancers
      Creating websites
      Talking on radio
      Making Slime
      Card Making

  15. I cannot describe how much I LOVE this post! I fear artistic creation – although I hope to overcome those blocks in the future. However, I do try to journal every day and the physical as well mental benefits are astounding! Pinning this to my #MLSTL board for future inspiration 🙂