Saturday 22nd January 2022

What Makes Me Laugh? 32/51#LifeThisWeek. 85/2019.

What Makes Me Laugh? 32/51#LifeThisWeek. 85/2019.

Actually I am starting with what does NOT make me laugh!

  • people poking so called fun at others
  • slapstick
  • cartoons (sorry!)
  • comments which hurt others which are so-labelled “just joking”
  • most American comedy – movies and shows


Now I have that out of the way.

These are some things and people which make me laugh!

  • clever lines and ripostes by people I love/respect
  • dry humour: thinking William McInnes as my example when he tells his stories from growing up in his family
  • British comedy which is based on clever scripts  not gross visuals. Vicar of Dibley is one.
  • chatting, talking and enjoying life with my grandchildren: of all ages. There are laughter moments with them of course but it’s part of the joy. Never laughing AT!

Meeting William McInnes in late 2014 was a treat!

  • and this bloke:

In 2015 we did not know that my cancer was ahead but this is US!


We couldn’t have stayed together for over 48 years without a shared sense of fun and humour.

We particularly enjoy making each other laugh.

There is little better than a shared belly-laugh or that one when you cannot talk because of the laughter.

Then of course, there is the wonderful endorphin release after a great laugh. Nature’s healing balm.

Recently “he” has been known to make me laugh and coffee/water will explode from my mouth if I am not very careful. Post cancer surgeries this is frequent!

So, what (or who!) makes you laugh.

Do share in the comments.



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  1. What a beautiful relationship you have Denyse and I can see the love for each other shining through. My grandsons make me laugh as they discover the world. Ethan is developing a great sense of humour and Elliot makes me laugh because he has discovered ‘mimicry’ if you cough so does he, if the dog barks so does he. Laughter is good for the soul although I haven’t laughed as much as I should lately. Have a great week. #lifethisweek

    • Oh I miss those fun times Sue. Yes, little kids and their humour. The best. Laughing IS the best medicine and I sure notice if I am not feeling like I have laughed or smiled enough.

      I hope you remedy that soon. Too often in our busy- ness and world where we are “on” all the time, laughter is not present.

      Take care,

      Denyse x

  2. You two have such a lovely relationship – couple goals right there! My husband and I make each other laugh too, I think a little bit of humour goes a very long way. Laughter really is the best medicine!

    • I love that. Thanks Sam. I have now explained ‘couple goals’ to B and he was chuffed.

      Hope you are not too homesick for your man….whilst being in your ‘other home’.

      Denyse x

  3. I agree with both you and Sue, my grands make me laugh with every conversation. Not a big fan of sarcasm but it can be funny when it isn’t at someone’s expense. My husband is very quick and was just complimented for being so yesterday. I am more goofy. But whatever the case, a good and shared sense of humor is important in every relationship.

    • Yes, quick witted remarks that are clever and not aimed to hurt are fun. We have that in our relationship too.

      A shared sense of fun and humour goes a long way in a long-time relationship and I am pleased you have that too. Goofy sounds cool!!

      Thank you Leslie.

      Denyse x

  4. Such a beautiful relationship you have, Denyse. Laughter is essential for our well-being. My family and friends make me laugh every time we get together. Even the anticipation of sharing laughter with them makes me smile #lifethisweek

    • Shared laughter: the best!!

      I miss that from the camaraderie of some of my workplaces – in schools. Not making fun of kids but kids can say and do most amusing things!

      Thanks for sharing your sources of laughter. I know when we had family reunions there was a lot of laughter.

      Denyse x

  5. It’s funny – we were talking about how some really funny shows got axed (Last man on earth was cancelled – don’t think it will be your thing but we really liked it) and yet Everybody Loves raymond lasted a decade or something….I guess it’s so individual, and some things appeal to more people than others. I like it in the cinema when there’s 2 of you sitting far apart that have the smae humor and keep laughing at things that other people don’t find funny at all…hehehe. I always want to see who it was that was laughing like me.

    • Yes I understand there are generational areas of humour. To find something which suits everyone is hard. However, I find with our now grown kids, we can share the laughs from say, Blazing Saddles and often we can all recite the lines.

      Humour seems to have family links and I know my brother and I don’t see each other much but we have shared sense of humour.


      Denyse x

  6. I love that your hubby still makes you laugh. That’s the way it should be! Netflix show Dead To Me definitely made me laugh with its dark comedy 🙂

    • I am glad about finding something on telly you can laugh about. It is SO important to do this.

      Love that yours has dark aspects around it. Why not?

      Denyse x

  7. I love how you appreciate your relationship as much as you do – there certainly seems to be none of the taking for granted that tends to happen after so many years. The last big belly laugh I had was watching a one man band in Melbourne on Saturday morning. I wasn’t laughing at him, but rather at the joy of him.

    • Shared laughter as you had then is so endorphin laden and we all need more of that.

      We have worked (and played!) long and hard on our relationship over almost 49 years and there are aspects neither of us found good or comfy at the time, but we are reaping the rewards of staying together and growing closer in our latter years. It feels very special.

      Thanks Jo! Congrats on your win with your book!!

      Denyse x

  8. What a lovely post Denyse and your love for each other shines through your words and in that photo! I agree with you, I prefer to laugh with someone that at them. Some comedies just don’t make me laugh but others hit the spot. My husband makes me laugh as do my daughters. I love William McInnes too and his type of humour. I went to see Richard Glover’s TGIF radio show on Friday and laughed a lot, then onto a Union/work reunion and laughed some more. Your prompt actually made me decide to write a post about it so I’ve shared it here too! Thanks so much xx

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      Live shows are the best and I have been to a few of them back in the day: ABC TV when Tony Squires had his program which saw humour in sport…and we went during the Olympics. So good. Can’t remember his name.

      I am so glad you and your family laugh together. It’s those “in” family jokes and remembrances that we share.

      Lovely weekend you had as I saw on SM.

      Denyse x

  9. What a beautiful relationship the two of you have, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you SSG. You should have heard him though about images I might share!! Honestly! Just as well I get him as he gets me!

      Hope you have pulled up OK today after City to Surf.

      Denyse x

  10. Ok I must confess I do like cartoons and the occasional slapstick. I agree with you on the British and dry humour though and having laughter in any relationship. I do have a thing for puns and wit. Love my politically incorrect humour too/ethnic humour

    • Excellent to know!! I guess even though I am a visual person, the cartoons have never really made me laugh. I do recall enjoying Road Runner now I think about it…as a kid.

      Yes, wit and puns, and clever use of words makes me smile and laugh.

      Hope you got a few laughs at the weekend!

      Denyse x

  11. I agree with you 100% on the things that are NOT funny. My Hubby does a good job making me laugh each day, too.