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What IS Happening With The Weather? 22/2022.

What IS Happening With The Weather? 22/2022.

I admit I know little about the details of climate change, weather patterns and things not exactly being seasonal this year in Australia…and I write from New South Wales east coast of Australia. An area about 2 hours north of Sydney, called the Central Coast.

We moved to the northern end of the Central Coast in late 2015 and there have been some noticeable changes in waterways, beaches and the like over this time.

However, much much more in this recent Summer, (December, January & February) and I write this at the end of March. Autumn’s first month.

Using some of my images to track the weather conditions and effects that are relatively close to home.

January 2022.

I drove to the southern end of the coast, and also was around our local area, by the Wyong River, the lake at Gorokan/Toukley and the beach called Soldiers Beach at Norah Head where the Lighthouse is located.

Brisbane Water at Tascott


Brisbane Waters.

Over to Soldiers Beach on a summer’s day. Sadly there were not many of these.

Taking note of sand levels….for later photos

Some rocks are exposed but beach still has plenty of sand

Picture perfect water and lighthouse shot too.

Later on in January, some of the waterways looked like this. I visit them regularly and this is good for me to check how things are going….

February 2022.

I had begun some little drives to find more of the parts of the Wyong River as I love that it starts in the Mangrove Mountains/Wollombi area of N.S.W. and comes down in its many ways of staying with the land, to eventually places such as Wyong where I take a lot of photos, and it empties into the lakes systems at Tacoma where i also take a lot of photos…and the lake, when it becomes over filled is supposed to go out to sea at the Entrance. In theory.

The Entrance.

The ocean at The Entrance

Left: is where the waters of the lake enter the ocean.

I was determined, whilst the weather remained clear, warm and summer like to go back to the beach. Soldiers of course. But previous tides, and weather had changed the beach and the surf was rough, so I chose a quiet spot to get a bit wet and enjoy the sun.

The good weather held out for a while longer.

I drove to Dee Why in Sydney on the Northern Beaches to see Dad. It was a fine day. Things would not be so for some time after this, weather and health wise for Dad.

And kept up my routines of visiting nature locally to check on the waterways and more. I love doing this.

Marching…into March 2022. With gumboots needed!

March just was such a strange mix. Sunshine. Floods. Water, water everywhere. High tides. Sand erosion. Nature’s fury. And then, as if it was not yet done, the places such as Lismore in Northern NSW and other towns and areas were RE-visited by heavy, heavy rain and went through floods again. Honestly, it was even too much to bear watching it on media.

Sometimes we cannot work out what is fair when nature is in charge.

Sadly, for many of us onlookers, it was frustrating too, to have government INaction and it was each community and some help from the armed services and volunteers from State Emergency Services and more just getting in and helping people. Some were rescued from their rooftops, others from their houses at ceiling height before the water overtook them.

Just awful.

My Dad had a stint in hospital and then to come home, my brother drove through horrendous conditions on the Northern Beaches when the rains were so intense, local flooding occurred on main highways and road. Unprecedented….the word we are sick of hearing. Anyway, Dad was safely back at his unit, and my brother got home just before the roads were closed. Flooding and damaged roads. We are told over and over, not to venture into roads when water is pouring across it as conditions are no known underneath.

Here we were OK but stayed put most of the time. I ventured out on a couple of occasions to see the damage without being a nuisance to anyone…and the rain had stopped.

It really was a case of only leaving the house for urgent supplies. We postponed appointments which would have meant driving in hazardous conditions. This was the case for most of March, with some brief exceptions. I became used to carrying an umbrella everywhere and wearing a rain jacket and closed in shoes. We heard from my brother in law who lives in the affected (but safe) areas of the Northern Rivers and their rain gauge filled overnight (at 250mm) and flowed over. Unheard of weather.

STOP! I mean, this is the end of this post!

It’s 3rd April as I press publish and link up with Natalie.

Yesterday I drove to Newcastle a major regional city an hour north. The weather stayed DRY but the effects of the rain and wind patterns affected the ocean very much. In fact so much so, the a major surfing competition was delayed.

Daylight Saving ended in Australia today. We “fall” back one hour.

What’s the weather doing where you are?

More about my visit to Newcastle next Monday for Life’s Stories. Monday 11 April 2o22.


Joining in with Natalie for Weekend Coffee Share today

Thank you Natalie.



  1. Wow, all this sounds rather scary! I am pretty clueless about climate change too, but this sounds really extreme. I’m so happy to hear your brother is safe even though he’s in the affected area. I’m hoping your Dad is okay after his health issues. Hope your upcoming week is as good as possible. #weekendcoffeeshare

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Astrid. It was (and still is) not only scary for many people – not our family, fortunately, that the flooding rivers ruined their homes and livelihoods. Mind you, when a river is close to a town, and the area is flat, then that can happen. These weather patterns though are extraordinary and it was a wake up call for some people I guess about where, in the future, they may call home. Today, is a sunny and dry Autumn day and all is good with us. Thanks so much for visiting. Denyse.

  2. I did see some of the flooding in Australia on the news here. We are going through a drought in California. Your photos of the ocean are pretty. Really like the lighthouse photo.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Deborah. We have all the rain while you don’t. Something in that notion about climate and change for sure.

      The lighthouse is such a great photography subject.

      Take care,


  3. What an amazing (and intense) observation study you’ve begun. I know that there are weather patterns to take note of in addition to larger cycles and occurrences that can be attributed to climate change by those who are studying the data. From there the scientists make the best hypothesis about what should/could happen, all the while we sit in our communities and wait… some of us aware and wondering, some of us clueless and care-less. I’ve lived in Northern New Mexico, USA my whole life and have seen definitive differences in weather patterns. We recently moved to a tiny agricultural community an hour away from my home town with it’s own unique microclimate. In talking to the elders here, they’re all quite concerned with the changes they’re seeing in “normal” patterns. It all feels very big and scary and so we do what can to affect change (with our dollars and our votes) while also doing our best to adapt to an ever-changing present and yet uncertain future. Stay safe out there and keep your head up.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Melissa. We really do need to heed the elders and those who have a particular affinity to the changing landscape and of the weather. I am sure similarly to your knowledge and experienced, our indigenous people would be saying similarly.

      I am glad to have written this post and used the photos because the blog becomes something I can look back on at future times.

      Take care,


  4. Hi Denyse, Beautiful photos of beaches and various bodies of water, and yes, they can change from calm to furious quickly. I read about the rainfall and flooding in Australia on the news; so devastating for people who have lost their homes and livelihood. I’m glad you and your family are OK. I hope the government learned from the experience and prepare better for future emergencies. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Natalie. I am hopeful that future governments might do better. We are “almost” in election mode here in Australia and climate change can no longer be ignored.

      Yes it’s good to be relatively safe and sound for us but for many this has not been the case. And often those people are ones who can least afford to start over.

      Warm wishes,


  5. Yikes! What a scary month weather-wise. Mother nature can be such a fickle creature and so powerful too. We have had more tornado warnings than ever in the last few years and yet I don’t ever remember a single one in my entire childhood. One thing I do have to say is that our government does seem pretty quick to respond to weather related emergencies but I have thankfully never needed their services first hand so maybe I’d think differently about that. I am glad that you and your family remained safe and I hope that you weather recedes to a nice calm pattern.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks for sharing how it’s for you where you are too Joanne. It is, sadly, still something many here are annoyed with governments etc about because there is little co-ordinated planning. And now we are almost in another election mode…who knows!

      The rains have not gone I believe. Recent four days of sunshine and blue skies have given everyone hope and a reprieve.

      We are safe and sound and don’t take risks going anywhere when severe weather impacts us.


  6. Hi Denyse,

    I’m late, I know — but not as late as I have been some weekends. But this weekend I have a good excuse as my family and I got together to have dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. So, I had some birthday distractions in play.

    wow! you had some messy weather. I’d heard some about it but your post – wow – pretty harsh and I’m glad you’re okay.

    Here’s to some blue skies with minimal moisture from above for the foreseeable future.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      No apologies necessary! These days how good it is that we get to celebrate birthdays with people and somewhere other than home!
      Thanks for your good wishes!

      I must let you know though, despite some great weather these past few days, apparently the RAIN is returning…so awful for areas that are still getting over previous times.

      We are Ok so that’s something!


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