Thursday 20th January 2022

What I Wore This Week. 4. 2018.86.

What I Wore This Week. 4. 2018.86.

I began this Saturday post 3 weeks ago, and will consider next week how I feel about continuing it.

Initially it was at the request of a facebook friend and I was flatteredย to know that she was interested in, and wanted to see more of what I wore.

I admit, I am coming into the 11th month of #dressingwithpurpose and wondered if people might be sick of seeing my image

Then I put another spin on this and decided,ย I am doing this for my mood, to get up and have somewhere to go and to record the photo.ย 

So it is a YES to continue and a MAYBE to posting here each week.

I would like to know what this post means to you as a reader/blogger too.


Family visiting for lunch. But first coffee in Wyong.


Off to Lake Haven for Coffee.


Check up at Westmead


To Lake Haven for…coffee with my hub. Dressed in RED because needing the boost


To Podiatrist at Budgewoi, then coffee (& carrot cake!)


Grocery shopping..then coffee at Charmhaven


Needing a boost in mood. Off to Erina to get art supplies and have a coffee out. Worked!



  1. Definitely the blue!

    • Thank you Maureen! Denyse x

      P.S. Am now putting your blog on ‘my blog roll’. It is a list of blogs where I follow, or they join the link up I have every Monday. Feel free to link up whenever you are ready. Others read your blog this way too.

  2. You really are setting the trend, Denyse and such a transformation to becoming a Fashionista. Thanks for the inspiration and you look lovely in all the outfits. xx

    • Thanks so much Sue, although I will accept the term “fashionista” with reluctance, I am just doing what I can to feel good and look good.

      Your support is always appreciated.

      Denyse x

  3. Blue is a great colour on you! I usually do a ootd for two days, then realise I wear the same thing a lot and give up haha. Maybe I should do more though, to “prove” it’s “ok” to wear the same things! I feel like some people might need to see that.

  4. Thank you. I look at my wardrobe and it’s about 60% blue/green, 30% red/orange/pink & “only” 10% black these days. Mostly when I taught – school or Uni – it was black pants & added colour.

    As for your idea: cool! See how many ways V can wear the same things over and over.

    Like it. Needs a #hashtag

    Denyse x

  5. You’re such a colourful dresser! Almost all my clothes are black. I think if I did a week of what I wore, it would be like groundhog day! You look lovely in blue – it really suits you!

    • My bottoms (pants, slacks) were always black because: supposedly slimming and I did not want to stand out when I was very overweight. Now that I am “this size” and want to stay that way….but way before now, I realised how much colour cheered me and then I got brave and added it to my pants/jeans combos.

      Blue sure is a fave but I am deliberately mixing things up a bit. I think it’s also what I like in terms of how I make art. Very colourful!

      If “I” can change at 68 lady, you can!!!!

      Denyse x

  6. Gorgeous! x

    • Thank you. Giving the What I Wore posts a rest for a bit. Still dressing with purpose daily though…even on days I do not want to!! D x