Thursday 2nd December 2021

What I Wore This Week. 3. 2018.81.

What I Wore This Week. 3. 2018.81.

Honestly and truly, who has been distracted today and totally forgotten to post:

What I Wore This Week?

Me, that’s who.

For a pretty good reason.

It was, in its own way, a LONG time coming and a busy week at that so the first thing to say is what I wore this week, the MOST was this:

My SMILE. Back after almost 14 months.

It sure was a long time coming, and I have documented that more here and here.

So, what else I wore is here:




Tuesday: TEETH day: Before and After!

Edited: I have just heard from Styling You’s Facebook page that this pic about – before and after – has won me a copy of the Nikki’s book as winner of Outfit of the Week. Lovely!









What did you wear this week?


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  1. Nothing as fancy as you! I’m getting so lazy at work now, since everyone just wears jeans and t-shirts, I don’t even bother to make an effort anymore. There’s hardly any distinction between my weekend and weekday clothes. Now, I love that grey and black jacket you’ve got on – I’d wear it everywhere in winter.

    • Thanks Katherine. I do get ‘dressed with purpose’ for the very reason of having to have something to do and go out you know. I hear you on the ease of work day and weekend gear but I guess for me, this notion has changed because I needed a distraction. Clothes are helping me this way. I would send you that jacket…but I had best keep it. I have worn it only a couple of times as it has been so mild.

      Denyse x

  2. I love, love, love the before and after shot. I bet you do too!

    • Thanks Lydia, it means a lot to have my “cheerleaders” (of which you sure are one!) to help me through this time. My prosthodontist’s nurse noted that on that day I had dressed up and even had make-up on and I said “it IS a really special day” . She agreed!

      Denyse x

  3. You look so happy Denyse, I’m so excited to see your proper smile back in place. Hope it’s all going well. Your outfits look good and it’s a great way of documenting fashion and just getting out there every day. Says me who’s dressed in boring track pants and fleecy jacket. Have a lovely week. #lifethisweek

    • Thanks so much Debbie. This ‘dressing with purpose’ was started by me as both a distraction and a something in my day to get out there. So easy when recovering to stay still and inside but it was good for me, and I wanted to, get up and out! The bonus was with a lot of weight lost in the past few years I “had” to shop.

      Hope you are settling back into Tumba life!

      Denyse x

  4. How fabulous to see you smile so big with your teeth, Denyse!!
    And that orange color/or coral or red, looks so wonderful on you!!!

  5. You really are the fashionista now Denyse. I love how you have embraced fashion and your daily photos, which I always look forward to on Instagram. It has certainly helped your self-esteem and inspired us to take a bit more care of our appearance, even when we are at home. Thanks! #Lifethisweek

    • Thank you so much Sue. These kind words are welcomed! Honestly I never saw something I started way back post first surgery in July would continue as long.

      My “challenge” as I can eat from a wider range of foods over time is not to become “wider” again as I was very overweight for so long and only in these past 3 years or so can I fit into clothes from many stores. That is a motivator but interestingly my choices for eating so far have been filled much more simply so maybe the 14 months without upper teeth.

      Denyse x

  6. You look fab! Your smile was always lovely, but even more so with the value added new gnashers! I haven’t been nearly as stylish as you. I think if I took an OOTD it would be like Groundhog Day!

    • Oh Sammie…come on! You can do it too, if I can.

      Thank you so much for being one of my best-ever cheerleaders!!

      Denyse x

  7. I love the fact that you keep on inspiring us Denyse – how you can look stylish every day is a feat – one which I cannot accomplish (if only you could see me now!). I love you in Wednesday’s outfit – all in blue. Wow, blue suits you so well. Thanks for popping by to my blog on the previous #MLSTL party day πŸ™‚ Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jo, thank you for your lovely words. If I didn’t get dressed with purpose and go out then every day would be the same. I think that this in itself for me, helps me emotionally so much as for a few years (before I knew I had cancer) I was too anxious to get out and about.

      For the record, I think you always look stylish on those days you post pics!!

      Denyse x

  8. I’ve been wearing the same 3 pants and 4 ish tops since I moved as I haven’t unpacked yet!!

    • That is a drag…unpacking! When we moved the last two times, we got the removalist to give us wardrobe boxes! Nifty things as you take clothes on their hangers out of the wardrobe and put them on the rail inside the box, do the box up. At the new place, open said box, and put clothers in wardrobe.

      Other items I bagged or even left in their chest of drawers and the came here like that.

      I know yours was very much a DY move so that is much more challenging.

      Denyse x

  9. I loves these pics, D. So happy. Particularly love the before and after photos xx

  10. I love the challenge you have created, sharing what you wear daily, great inspiration!!
    I wanted to thank you for participating in the #OMHGFF each week and this week your post is being featured on Oh my Heartsie Girl and was shared on Pinterest and Instagram!!! Congratulations!!! Hope you’ll stop by again!!
    Be sure to share while your there!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Oh wow. Thank you so much Karren. I am thrilled. I have been dressing with purpose every day since Oct 30 2017 and even on the days I “dont want to’ I do, and for me that is the secret!

      Many thanks for your lovely community too.

      Denyse x

  11. Looking good Denyse and how fabulous it was to see you with your new teeth x πŸ™‚