Friday 22nd October 2021

What I Wore This Week. 2. 2018.77.

What I Wore This Week. 2. 2018.77.

Thank you to the readers and commenters from last week’s first post in this series:

What I Wore This Week.

Here is the link if you want to find out more about the why and the what for me!

I linked up with some new (to me) linky parties and the hosts were very friendly and kindly came to comment here.

Thank you!

This week has been, in its own way, busy but good. Generally good. My husband is recovering from an illness and he is taking it easy so we missed out ‘morning tea ritual’ on Friday. We will catch up I am sure.

What did you wear this week?

I hope a smile was there too.

I am excited that in this coming week, I am highly likely to be wearing a smile that includes upper teeth!

Next week’s post will tell!

Have a great weekend ahead.





  1. Denyse it is so nice to see such a great big smile on your face! I love the outfit with the red pants they are so bright and happy!

    • Thank you so much Mary. I love the red pants and they do indeed give me joy in wearing them. It is lovely to have you visit here too. Denyse

  2. Hi Denyse! You always look lovely but I particularly like the top you wore to the morning tea with another cancer survivor and the outfit you wore to the HNC support group meeting. I love the colour of the beads and pants. You are the stylish one to follow, aren’t you! xx

    • You are sweet! I love the colours and combos too. I have a teensy worry when I have the teeth & can eat MORE ranges of food the weight I lost…over the years…will return…so my clothes and looking well are very motivating!! Denyse x