Friday 22nd October 2021

What I Wore This Week.1. 2018.73.

What I Wore This Week.1. 2018.73.

This introduction is to a blog post I will do most weeks.

I will not always do this long introduction but as a teacher…that is what I do….!

Some time ago I wrote here about the importance for me to:

  • have a purpose in each day
  • get dressed with a view to going out somewhere that day
  • having a photo taken – by my husband – adding it to my Instagram feed, personal facebook and twitter accounts
  • take pride in my personal appearance following a diagnosis of cancer back in May 2017
  • enjoy wearing clothes I may never have fitted in previous years because over the past few years, I have lost weight
  • finally believe in myself as someone who can look good and feel good rather than the person of the past who hid behind her weight
  • take better care of my inner self as the outer self is showing by doing some Calm meditation, taking myself into nature somewhere each day, and by creating something in the form that I enjoy.
  • believe that I not only can wear lovely clothes but that I need to as I have not ever previously given myself permission to do so on most occasions
  • some of the #hashtags I use on my photos are: #ootd (outfit of the day) #dresswithpurpose #everydaystyle
  • I buy all of my clothes from local Australian stores including Millers, Rockmans, Suzanne Grae, Noni B.
  • I do not have any items of clothing that are sent to me or are sponsored.
  • I tend to buy all of the clothes at sale prices.
  • I organise my wardrobe in colours….mostly reds/pinks/oranges….and blues/greens

If you are new here, the links I have provided above will give you more explanation of my points!

The photos are curated by me for Instagram. I have a private account as I was hacked last year. If you would like to follow me, just ask: @denysewhelan

This week, I wore:

I hope this post has been helpful and of interest.

Do let me know in the comments!

What are you wearing?


P.S….. a very important “what I wore”. Since cancer surgery in May 2017 I have been without any upper teeth. On Monday at my prosthodontist visit, I got to wear something I had not for over one year: MY SMILE!





  1. Hi Denyse, thank you for finding and visiting Oh My Heartsie Girls Friday Features!! You have quit the story to tell, my goodness and you have a beautiful smile!!! I am now following you on Instagram.

    Hope you will visit again next week, have a lovely weekend!!

    • Thank you Karren for having this linky…I have one I run on Mondays and when I decided to start a blog post about “What I Wore” on Saturday I found your link and I am glad. Instagram is a great way to connect isn’t it? I will be back next weekend!! Denyse

  2. Love your positive attitude! I also organize my closet by color – makes it easier to find things to match! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger’s Pit Stop! Roseann from This Autoimmune Life

    • Thank you Roseann,it is so much easier to find clothes that way isn’t it? I am so pleased you found your way to my blog and I look forward to connecting more over time. Denyse

  3. What a gorgeous smile 🙂

  4. You do scarves so well! I always feel like I look strange and only wear them in winter with a plain top. You’ll have to give me your tips… I’m so unfashionable and work accepting jeans, t-shirts and joggers as office-wear is not helping!

    • Oh how kind. I have never been a ‘scarf wearer’ as they always felt hot but this year, giving them a go. I only ever wear them draped around me. I reckon there’d be scarf tutorials on various sites . I have given them a go this year to add a bit of colour and difference.

      I have to admit, adding just a scarf even to what you are wearing, gives it a little lift.

      Denyse x

  5. You always look fantastic, Denise. Love the new smile! Your face is so radiant x

  6. Such a beautiful smile! You have such a happy spirit and it shows in your face! All your deaily activities especially “having a purpose” are so important. Blessings from Tennessee USA!