Wednesday 27th October 2021

What I Have Learned Lately. 42/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.105.

What I Have Learned Lately. 42/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.105.

With a motto of “lifelong learner” there is always something I have learned lately.

In keeping with a lighter touch this week, here’s a random group of examples.

Example 1.

That even though it is around 4 years since I last made a powerpoint presentation, I remembered, over time how to do it!

Mind you, it is yet to be shown so I hope all the bits that need to be on the USB drive work. I will be doing the “show and tell” …not death by powerpoint I hope…this Thursday at the request of my local Head and Neck Cancer Support Group.

Example 2.

Party favour toys that look like they will work….often do not…and still I buy them. Sigh. No-one could get these going. Anyone remember the line in Blazing Saddles, where Mel Brooks is trying to make one work? That.

Example 3. 

Once I had my upper teeth prosthesis screwed into the abutments, I KNEW I had to follow the cleaning routine for mouth hygiene and gum maintenance. The best recommended tool was via a Water Pik. The top of the line one. It is going very well as long as I remember to press pause on the attachment before replacing it in the cradle. When I do not do it: water spout…and mirror and me covered in water as it keeps pumping.

Example 4.

Reluctantly (at first) I became involved with the various Head and Neck Cancer groups of support because maybe I was not ready or wanted to admit to myself I belonged. Now  I am and admit it so here is a copy of the latest patient and carer support book that I will be taking to the meeting on Thursday. Note the name: The Swallows. Something related to what many head and neck cancer patients have issues with way beyond treatment: swallowing.

Example 5.

You can never say never, according to the old saying. In my case, I cannot stop being a teacher. I also cannot stop making mandalas, so I got up the courage to propose teaching a small class of adults at the local library. The red tape that is part of local government ensured this took ages…but I did not stop hoping until no-one actually enrolled.

Then I learned another lesson:

Example 5.a.

Ask a local friend, and ask her to share the word. Now, this coming Tuesday my first of 4 classes starts!

Example 6.

Never be frightened to ask for help even when you think “I am being silly”. I do not have to let you into any secrets here but sometimes, even though we think we are going well, there can be a niggle or an inkling of something awry. So, I know to ask someone who can help me and then I know I get to feel better just for lightening the load.

That is my random list.

What have you learned lately?


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  1. On 5, don’t be discouraged. They may not know what it is. I didn’t. I think try again and frame it differently – find inner peace through creating art or something.
    Love your 6. No man is an island and certainly no man needs to be. I saw last night a campaign on seeking help and support when there is none (google caged lion and rabbit, dog and something else.) Great visual on how alone you can feel but when you really look, you see the support that’s there.
    As for your support group – I love that you go to seek help but in time you are the person helping others.
    Nice post!

    • Thank you Lydia!! I really found your comment so kind and reassuring. I was looking to be a one up from ‘colouring for calm’ as there were already courses like that but I will take on board what you said and even ask the group tomorrow about it too.

      Yes, it is a two way street this one of support and why blogging is such a help for me too.

      Denyse x

  2. That’s a good list!
    Those paddles look like so much fun. But I usually get the elastic wound around my wrist or I hit myself in the head. Definitely an art that requires practice! Perhaps I should put that on my “50 things to do before I’m 50” list. Learn to use the paddle and ball. (Must have a smiley face)

    • Leanne, do not do it. They were hopeless so do not buy them. As for a 50 before 50 list…wow. Have fun first won’t you!!

      Denyse x

  3. I once said I knew Powerpoint (I don’t) and then I was forced to demonstrate it in a job interview. That was fun! LOL 🙂

  4. Asking for help is one thing I struggle with! Thank you for sharing your list.

  5. Best of luck for the show and tell power point presentation! Those party favour toys remind me of the toys you get in Christmas crackers that never work 😉 I have a water flosser (but no where near as top of the line as yours) and I’ve sprayed the mirror (and my own face) heaps of times… but only when I remember to use it!

    • Oh yes, the mirror spray. Once I found the pause button and remembered to use it all good. Still, I need to remember!!

      I think Thursday will go OK but I do not want to bore them with my story …but people seem to like stories so I will go with that idea.

      Christmas crackers…do you have them in US?

      Denyse x

  6. I linked up today…. blogging on a Monday, I don’t know what’s come over me!?

    So many exciting things happening for you, with the class you’re taking AND the presentation you’re doing on Thursday. I’m sure both will go really well! xx

  7. Thanks for hosting again Denyse. Will have to pop back after hospital tests.

  8. Great thoughts Denyse – I have a post coming up in a few weeks on three things I’ve learned this year – one of them is that there will always be happy and sad times – but the sad times pass and happiness will come again.

  9. I’m sure your presentation on Tuesday and your class on Thursday will go very well. Thanks again for hosting.

  10. good luck for the presentation, although I have no doubt you’ll knock it out of the park. And go you getting 4 people along to a colouring class. Now I’ll have to remind myself that if you can do it, I really can too!

    • Yes, of course “we can”. I tried something like this a while back but it did not get much of a response and my stress was high. Now, some 3 years later, and much better emotionally I am raring to go…well, not quite but you know what I mean.

      Thanks for your lovely words.

      Denyse x

  11. So true about asking for help and having a burden shared.

    SSG xxx

    • It so is. I reckon we females in ‘lead roles’ don’t want others to think we do not know everything…but becoming more vulnerable is something I think others actually admire and the helper usually likes being helpful.

      Denyse x

  12. A great list Denyse. I’m so impressed that you’re teaching classes on making Mandalas. You’ll be great at it! All the very best with it! 🙂

    • I sure hope so. I think at the moment, they see it as just colouring in and that is fine but I also hope to let them see what mandalas are and they are everywhere. We shall see. I am so grateful my local friend got these people to come. I will report back!

      Denyse x

  13. Hi Denyse, a great list of things! I love being a lifelong learner and with my career was adult education in a men’s prison, I have great respect for those who return to learning after many years away from formal education. Also great respect for the teachers who teach! It’s a shame the government didn’t respect us enough and removed us from the centres by deciding to outsource this vital aspect of incarceration. I’m not bitter or anything!! I’m loving my new lifestyle . I’ve shared a post about learning something new about photography. I’ll be reading and sharing.

    • Yes, crazy state government. They ‘lost me’ when they said trainers could do the roles of adult education trained teachers in TAFE! When I retired (the forced one when I was unwell) I wanted to add an education for adults credential and did the Cert IV Training and Assessment. I updated and actually used it to teach English to older adults who did not speak it.

      I did find the adult learning sector interesting and loved using my Masters of Ed to tutor Master of Teaching students but…my goodness there were some times I would have preferred school kids the way some behaved…

      Anyway, that said, I still do hold onto my love of and for education and if my skills can be used in a voluntary way, then I shall give this a go.

      Good on you too. I think sometimes those worst of times can become, over a long while, best of times and some of the hurt lessens. Never goes away fully though.

      Denyse x

  14. I’ve learned that even though I’m an introvert, it’s good for me to step out any talk to other women. I was just at my knitting retreat and the social aspect is SO good for the soul.
    And asking for help is hard…but look how wonderful when you asked a local friend and she spread the word!!
    As for the waterpick…they are fabulous…for everyone (I know because I’m a retired dentist!!)
    PS..I also learned you’re never to old to wear hair bling….I just started again, and I love it!!

    • Ah Jodie, thank you for sharing about your career. I realise too, that dentists play a role in seeing changes inside our mouths and helping people such as myself, navigate their way through the head and neck cancers if they are found.

      Yes, something in a group with like-minded people is just lovely. I am glad you found your retreat like that too.

      Denyse x

  15. I’m learning how tired I am of being unchallenged. Or having the right challenges. I feel quite stagnated and it’s not pleasant.

    • Yes, it must be. I know when I am unchallenged I become cranky and want to eat more…and generally am a pain. I hope, over time, you find what you need most. I suspect it will be in the form of more study to get you into the career field where you might enjoy work (again).

      Hope so!

      Denyse x

      • Haha I’m trying to avoid studying anymore. I *loved* the last thing I studied but it has gotten me nowhere. But at the same time I’ve been talking to many people I know who are looking for a new job and everyone is finding it challenging right now, so it’s really hard to evaluate if there’s just not much out there or if I’m somehow not competitive enough.

        • I don’t think it’s you as it is more likely to do with cultural change everywhere. Given the way Unis are funded (at the whim of federal governments) it is a time of insecurity as we “wait out” till the next mob get in.

          I hope that summer time, taking photos and spending more time outside will bring you more fun in your life.

          Denyse x

  16. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned, and for the reminder to link up. This is a great week to come back and soak up some goodness.

  17. Thanks for sharing. Good on you for organising to teach a class! I look forward to hearing how that goes. You have so much joy around your art and I am sure you will be a wonderful teacher!

    • Thanks so much Becky, I can imagine you too would love to be part of such a class. It was good and they are all returning next week!!

      Denyse x