Wednesday 26th January 2022

What Bugs Me About Summer! #SundayStills. 93/2021.

What Bugs Me About Summer! #SundayStills. 93/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for August 2021 and I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri is in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday.

Summer Bugs.

Well, I could have found images of the nuisance blowflies, houseflies and mosquitoes along with cockroaches and Christmas beeltes and cicadas but…I don’t have many¬†any so I did a “play on words” for today’s 1 August post.

But first: It’s the Horses’ Birthday! This could be a Southern Hemisphere thing and it’s to do with horse racing I believe. So, here’s to the locals and another one where I have an image

And now, what bugs* me about Summer….

*may be a slight exaggeration…Aussie humour.


The spectacle on a January Day in Summer is too much on my sensory overload.


Far too many people enjoying themselves in the surf.


It bugs me that the surf is high and people have to wade a long time to get to the waves.


A picture perfect Summer’s Day. Sigh. Bugs me I forgot my swimming costume.


hello Summer Sun, you are very hot.


It bugged me that this man got in my shot!


And sadly, in Covid restrictions time, it really BUGS me I cannot drive here to walk in the beach now in Winter.

That’s it from me. I am hopeful Terri will see my take and have a smile. I look forward to seeing REAL Summer Bugs when I catch up with her blog post.




  1. Very funny, Denyse. Happy Sunday

  2. Well done Denyse, I loved your take on the summer bug prompt. I’ve mentioned you in my post today as you inspired me with some creative ideas. I can’t wait for summer and the beach!!!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      That’s great to hear Deb. Creativity sparks more connections too.

      I think after doing this post about the beach I realised I missed out on going more often!!

      I go out of season for taking pics and walking but maybe…just maybe I need to venture in. With care. I was a huge fan of the beach and always body surfed but my ageing body is definitely not so steady ( minus a fibula too) on the uneven surfaces of the sand in the moving water so I got wary…

      I bet you are longing for Summer. Winter has outstayed its welcome for you.


  3. That beach looks lovely, Denyse. I hope the Covid situation will get better over there soon.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you Susanne, it is a lovely beach…and one day, it will be a place for people to gather again.

      Like you have had to do, we need to wait out the time.


  4. I’m glad you took the prompt to a whole new level of being bugged, Denyse! Very clever of you. I HATE when the beach is so inviting that everyone just goes, LOL! This morning I discovered a praying mantis family living on our patio–so far at least 6 are just hanging around eating the bugs I dislike! And they like their pics taken, too! Thanks for sharing this week and have a good one!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh I am glad you found it fun, Terri! I didn’t want to play with actual bugs as ours are so ugly!!

      Yes to a praying mantis. How cool.

      I will be the beach my better attention as the weather warms and we get some relief from covid lockdown.


  5. Haha that’s a creative take on summer bugs! I must admit, it’s the actual summer bugs {damn mozzies!} that bug me more than summer itself. I do love summer but hate the beach crowds

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Yes, Sanch, I get that! I have always been attractive to mozzies and apparently they like women more.

      When we lived way out in the far west of NSW, sandflies were everywhere post-major flooding and our then 4 yo daughter was so bitten by them..very itchy things too…she got infections. We were stranded by floodwaters and the GP in closest town was OK with sending out a made up script for her with the army helicopters delivered…that was in 1976!! Telehealth back then.

      I know you long for Summer…and I hope it’s not too hot…and you find fewer crowds. One reason I went to North Steyne, the surf beach in Manly was it was in the middle and less popular that South Steyne and Queenscliff.


  6. Living at the beach now is giving me a whole different perspective on tourists to the beach. Unfortunately too much of that can be negative – not understanding “beach etiquette” like leave it as you arrived (no deep wholes, no trash) and don’t chase the birds/get near the wildlife. With our area being easily drive-able from lots of the US, and so many folks not having been on vacations for over a year, we are inundated with tourists in what is traditionally the slow time. It will be interesting over time how I adjust to this… we were always the tourists before, but (hopefully) understood the beach etiquette!

    • Oh Pat, how I smiled as I read this.

      We too notice that when the beach here is crowded with families and kids (Summer school holidays) it’s not the time we enjoy it.

      We used to be the visitors too, now we are relative locals. I tend to leave my beach walking to out of season or once school is back. In covid times, however, we can use the beach for exercise and I suspect families are there more now that lockdown is keeping kids at home.

      How interesting it is to now see yourselves as locals rather than tourists!

      May the crowds settle more…as you become accustomed to where “home” is!


  7. I live in Southern California and, believe me, those aren’t crowds… we have crowds! But, like you, I much prefer a tranquil beach with few people. I hope not much more will bug you… especially the biting kind!

    • Ha! I know that Sydney’s beaches are like those too, Janis.

      We do live in a comparatively quieter place but, when trying to navigate getting into the water and out again as an older person, amongst all those kids on mini boards is a challenge!!

      I am not a fan of bugs of the biting kind that leave us with itching as an after effect.