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What Are You Doing This Week? 2017.124.

What Are You Doing This Week? 2017.124.

Let me know in the comments what you are doing this week!!

It’s mid-November 2017 and for us we do not need to Christmas shop any more because the families are wide-spread and we give our 8 grandkids some cash to spend in the after-Christmas sales, or to save…or in some cases, to pay their parents back!!

I am noticing that the Jacarandas are starting to turn green and there is not as much of the ‘purple carpet’ around the place.

The garden, for me, is always a great guide to the calendar. Well, most of the time. We all know how excessive dry patches (we had them) and over average rainfall (last year) can affect growth and blooming times. The frangipani in the back garden appears to be right on time.

I took these photos over the weekend and hope by the end of the week the tree will be awash with pretty pink blooms. They are also white on this tree so I suspect the previous owners who planted the tree may have added another.

In my working life I would be writing end of year school reports, then as a Deputy Principal and Principal be organising the classes for next year and hosting Kindergarten Orientation. I would also, as a Principal, be supervising, commenting and signing all of the students’ reports before they went home.

When I was teaching at Uni and studying myself via distance education this was always a hectic time. Submitting my assignments as a student back in the 1990s then as a Uni Tutor in 2000s, marking others’ assignments.

So, this week for me holds one event with significance and that is I am having day surgery at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse as the first of two stages to help my mouth be ready to receive implants and for my inside lip to get some more skin. I did write last week about my visit to the Oral Reconstructive dentist on Monday and I got the phone call from the Professor’s office that my surgery is on!

It’s Wednesday 15 November, and all going well with my recovery I will come home that day. We will have a very long day, to Sydney in the a.m. and home in the p.m. I will be lucky I guess to have a sleep in the middle. My husband says he is right for things to do, so I am leaving him to it.

Next week, as long as I am up to it after 2 hours of anaesthetic, I will let you know how things went. I am fine with some memory issues but that is expected. I will blog next Tuesday for sure as my IBOT contribution.

So, my week is somewhat daunting but I am remaining confident it will go well and if the travel bothers me, I have my drugs and headphones for the phone!

UPDATE on Thursday morning: the trip down was the longest in time for us thanks to 2 M1 breakdowns but we still made to the hospital before the 9.00 admission by leaving here at 6.00 am! So much traffic even at 7.00 in Sydney you have to wonder how people do this My recovery went very well and I was able to leave the hospital only 2 hours after going to recovery. I am a good ‘recoverer’ – it could be a made-up word, I am seeking my personal wordsmith’s advice on this. Emily Hawker! And I was up at 7.00 am responding to people’s comments here!

Something else I mentioned is I am doing a personal style challenge and a guest post has winged its way to one of my blogging friends. In the meantime here are two three (not a memory issue, added a 3rd  pic but did not change the text!) photos from recent days. I am liking the self-motivation this is bringing to me.

I hope your week ahead is a good one!


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  1. Best of luck for your surgery tomorrow xox. I’m sure you’ll have a good sleep on the way home. And how awesome that you get to look forward to your own bed after it 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Vanessa. I am anxious about the drive down because of the peak traffic and me (maybe) needing more than one loo stop BUT we are making allowances for all that. I will welcome surgery when it comes because I will need the rest. So good not to be staying but first they will see I am recovering well enough to go home. I WILL!! D xx

  3. Good luck, Denyse!! I will be thinking of you. The jacarandas are still in full bloom here. I really love the purple grass 🙂

    • Thank you Renee! I was almost made a bit of a liar yesterday on our trip down to Sydney because in some of the areas we passed through many were still doing their wonderful purple thing! Gave me something to look at rather than think about leading up to surgery. It was went well and I will….do a blog post for IBOT next week! D xx
      PS Hope the trip for 2 to NZ is lovely!

  4. Best of luck today Denyse. Recovery from anesthetic is never fun, but I hope it doesn’t knock you around too much. I get my turn next week and I’m not looking forward to it at all.

    • It all went well and I posted some replies on SM last night. Everyone has a reaction of some kind to anaesthetic and it may not be nearly as ‘bad’ as you imagine.
      The past two I have had, the recovery in a physical sense has been almost perfect. A slight unsteadiness in my walk yesterday as I left the hospital only 2 and a half hours later so it was the perfect excuse for me to hold B’s hand and he also carried by overnight bag (which was not used!)

      I have a fear of vomiting and I cannot stand others doing it and ME especially.

      So my request every.single.time. to whoever the anaesthetist is “please add anti-nausea drugs to my anaesthetic and write up that request for my recovery”. Each time at COB Lighthouse the two different guys I had said we do that automatically now.

      Interestingly the 2nd guy who was my anaesthetist was much more conservative and full on with details on a form I completed for him before admission kept telling me before the op that I should not hurry to be discharged especially doing the drive back home and in almost/peak traffic on M1. I had not thought of that as last time it was straight to ICU. So, I even made B carry a ‘vomit’ pack in the car “just in case”. The trip home was amazingly good traffic wise, I felt no nausea but my head hurt a bit from no eating for a day and of course the manipulation of my mouth and adding more stitches. I suspect he was doing that to cover all options. Lucky for me, some food and meds helped me enormously. I did not want anything but water inside me for the travel anyway!!

      So, definitely chat to your one. You mostly don’t meet him or her until you are at the hospital but in the 2 instances for me, I rang the first one and we had a very good chat (and he charged me only the gap fee. The second one has a website and an email address for contact and a very full-on form. And because my op went just over 2 hours he will be charging me $500.

      So my advice as always is “don’t ask don’t get” and do not be afraid to actually tell them what you are worried about.

      Thinking of you this time and sending all good healing vibes and more to you!! D xx

  5. I hope all goes well today – will be thinking of you. I must say, I don’t miss reports one bit – although in the UK June/July was report writing season. I was at the dentist this week because my veneer fell off but she fixed it up and it’s as good as new! We have overseas visitors arriving today – the lady was the teacher of the class where I did my first ever teaching practice at uni and we’ve been friends ever since. She went on to be a head and now does educational training all over the world. She’s also my “surrogate mum.” Can’t wait to see them!

    • It did and here I am responding to your comment. 2 hours under anaesthetic has not been an unkind to my brain as the 11 hours! Surgery went well and I will blog about it for IBOT next week.

      Loved reading your comments!

      In Australia (well, the NSW public system) parents often get a planned parent-teacher interview around end of Term 1. There is often mid year paper reporting in June. There can be parent-teacher interview requests by either group at any time of year. Around end of October until sometime late in November or even mid December formal end of year for parents are sent out. Teachers spend a LOT of time at home AND before/after school regular hours doing these.

      What a wonderful reunion you are looking forward to. Have a great chinwag!!
      Denyse x

  6. Good luck Denyse! All the best, I’;ll keep everything crossed for a smooth procedure.

    I hear you about the trees and the flowering/changing seasons. I love that. A farm kid from way back, what can I say. Haha. It’s been a short ‘purple’ season around here. I do miss them when they’re gone.

    • Thank you so much Suger. It went well and I will blog about it next Tuesday for IBOT. One of the reasons I blog about it is that it helps ME see the progress and I have printed off the posts about cancer and keep them in a folder. My dad (nearly 94) who lives in Sydney so we are 2 hours apart appreciates getting my news in writing this way even we chat on the phone.

      Yesterday’s trip to Sydney for the surgery I saw more Jacarandas than I thought would still be around. Different areas of Sydney have them in and I imagine some may have bloomed late as we have had such a dry Winter.

      I love that you keep ‘grounded’ because of your farm upbringing. There is something very special about that in your history and many might say similar if they have too.

      I am really liking you joining in again on blog link ups. I read your posts on Bloglovin…but it is nice this way to be able to also have a convo!

      Thank you for commenting and caring !! Denyse xx

  7. Hope all goes well with your surgery Denyse. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Having grown up in Grafton, the Jacaranda City, I’m also in tune with the arrival and departure of the purple carpet. On my morning walk, I noticed an area which was covered in purple last week, and now only has a few blooms left amongst the grass. The frangipanis have already started here, which is lovely, as their scent is divine. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Lyndall for your good wishes. I actually updated the post about how yesterday went this morning! And it’s good news. I will be blogging about it for next week because it was in such contrast to my first surgery!
      Another person I know also grew up in Grafton and I watched a program a while back about the Jacaranda festival. What a beauty the tree is. Yes love the frangipanis … they tell us that our summer is almost here! Delightful perfume!
      Denyse x

  8. Not up to much this week but the Gin Botanical event tonight….hopefully fun!

    • Oh that does sound interesting even if I am a non-drinker I see how much ingredients are changing in certain spirits. There is a botanical brewery here on the central coast I believe. Have fun!! D x

  9. Hoping you’re recovering well from the surgery, Denyse.

    I am loving the jacarandas and this warmer weather.

    Looking forward to several weekends ahead full of parties and Christmas stuff.

    SSG xxx

    • Today I am a bit more sore in the mouth than last time BUT this time they took things apart and added the abutments to the implants which are going well, added the skin from the thigh taking some over the counter meds which are helping. The thigh area is covered from top of knee to top of leg. Bit more taken than I expected. Prof Clark wants to see me next Monday at his St George private rooms but thankfully in the middle of the day so we never have to do that peak hour on the bridge again!! Hope work is going well for you too.

      I didnt sleep much last night ..I blame being glad it was over! Today tiredness is creeping in so a sleep in my chair is on the agenda.
      Lovely vistas of the jacarandas on our way down the Pacific Hwy yesterday…some were still in full bloom.
      Yes, summer is coming and I am glad you have so much to look forward too. Denyse xx

  10. I already know your surgery went well and that’s great. It’s wonderful that you’re a good recoverer (!) and resilient mentally as well as physically.

    I hope the recovery continues to go well. xx

    • I just consulted my wordsmith guru, Emily Hawker to ask her if it can be a word. Haven’t heard back yet!! Thanks so much, today I have a bit more pain than my last surgery but it has to be from how much they changed what is within! I only feel it. I have no idea. Back to the Prof next week for check up and maybe I will hear about the next (I hope last) surgery that is planned.
      Thank you for your unwavering care and support of me this year in particular. It means a lot.
      Denyse x

  11. So glad you’re recovering well Denyse and back to the blog so quickly! I am amazed at your resilience and how much blogging seems to assist you in that. I feel like my blogging mojo is waning a bit as I come to the end of the year, but maybe that’s to be expected. I’m planning on doing a little less next year and focusing on your writing prompts if you keep them going in 2018. I hope things keep going well for you and I’m really looking forward to seeing your end result (must be the Dental Therapist genes I still carry!)

    • Thanks Leanne, I have been always someone who gets on with things but the blogging keeps me connected when there is only one other person in the house. Blogging is most of my social life and I am glad to have such great people ‘in the computer’. I have been blogging for a over 6 years and through blogging have actually met so many too in real life who have gone on to be good friends but we are all in different cities and states!!
      I did have a blogging slump in part of 2013 and into 2014 because I had not reason to blog…I was in a state of emotional turmoil too, knowing I did not want to care for the grandkids anymore, that I needed to leave my part-time Uni work because I was over it and that, by doing it we would need to sell our house and move on.
      In the moving on, I knew I needed something to anchor me every day and the blog did this. That is why I blogged every single day until later last year.
      It is the connections with others I value so much and I have “virtually met” some wonderful bloggers including yourself!

      Next week for this linky I will do an update on the op yesterday and as I am seeing the Professor on Monday, what he tells me about progress on getting the implants. I already know it is a way off yet and I know too, that it will mean more trips to the Westmead Oral Surgeon, but that is cool.

      I will be doing Life This Week prompts. In fact I have the first 9 for 2018 done and will post them before the end of year. I am shaking things up a bit too as there as virtually no photography linkys. There were 3 until recently. Every five weeks it will be :”share your snaps” for any blogger who wants to join and “show their photographs. I know I do!

      I could send you the 3D image of my head and mouth but it is not too pretty.!
      Denyse xx

  12. What an ordeal, with the traffic and all! I’m also having implant surgery next Monday for two teeth and I’m extremely nervous about it. So I can imagine how nerve racking this is all for you since recovering from extensive surgery on your mouth. Good luck with it all. #TeamLovinLife

    • Oh Kathy it was even worse than I had imagined but we “got there on time”. I do not want to travel like that again for surgery so my husband has agreed that we will stay down the night before and then there will be no morning horrors on the road.

      As for you I understand from another friend who is having one done that it is quite scary. I wonder about the fear of dental work as for me it is having someone’s hand in my mouth! Nevertheless I am confident that both you and my friend will be ok. Maybe you need my friend of some valium to help. It did when I went through huge task of my dentist sawing through my bridge to remove it and the 5 teeth behind. It helped too that I listened to my music through headphones.

      Unfortunately, it was at my check up from the extractions some 5 weeks later that my gums had grown more and were looking horrid which led me to have the oral surgeon take a biopsy and …you know the rest!!

      I am going Ok with my mouth as I have learned what I can and cannot get down as food. I am longing for chewing and crunching again…in 2018 sometime.

      I wish you well. Denyse x

  13. Hi Denyse! This week, I’ve spent more time with my darling grandson taking him to kindy two mornings and then minding him for a full day. He is such a joy and we have great fun together. Lunch with hubby today and blogging plus a coffee catch up with neighbours earlier in the week. It has been so hard to settle back into life after our holiday but so grateful to have had such a wonderful experience. Our jacarandas in the neighbourhood bloomed so early this year and were gone within days which was a shame. I do hope all goes well with your next round of medical procedures. Sending you and hug and I’ll be there on Monday with my Taking Stock post.

    • That was great to catch up with things this week for you. I hear you on post holiday blues. I have only ever been OS once and I recall it was a bit hard to settle back to ‘normal’. But your little mate makes your week better so that is good. Pity about the jacarandas…the Sydney ones I saw on the drive to the hospital yesterday were in full bloom unlike some around here. Trees have their own seasons I guess. Looking forward to your Taking Stock. Don’t forget next year’s Life This Week will have a photo week called Share Your Snaps every 5 weeks as there are no more (that I want to join) Photo Linkies. Thanks for your kind wishes. I am using your lovely book and cards every few weeks. They help with writing things out. I do hope there is only one more surgery ahead. I see the Professor next Monday for a post-op check and will hear more then. Denyse xx

  14. Very glad that the procedure went well and that you recovered in record time. Being a good recoverer should be a life skill to put on our CV’s I reckon! I sounds like you had a hectic and rather fraught trip to the hospital though. As you say, how do people cope with this every day. When I lived and worked in London (a lifetime ago) catching the tube every day seemed normal – getting out of the house in the dark, getting home in the dark and being like a rat in a tunnel in wintertime. Hmm, maybe Sydney gridlock in sunshine is a bit better. Lol! I think it’s great you’re keeping your blog as a journal of recovery during your ops and procedures. You need to keep patting yourself on the back and congratulating yourself with each new win. By the way … have you been for a massage, or a foot massage or a facial to pamper yourself? Take care and all the best.

    • Thanks so much Jo! Yes one of the reasons we left Sydney in the first place was the much increased traffic. Even where we lived (and our adults kids still do) it could take up to 20 minutes to get along road of less than 2kms in peak afternoons. Seriously the traffic is worse than ever AND they keep opening up more land for sale and building apartments. Nevertheless the best doctors to treat me are in Sydney and that is where will go…and the best and only Cancer Hospital (only been opened 4 years) is there too. What we wont do again, because we know there is one more surgery, is drive down on the day. It added a tension to us both that neither of us needed!!
      I did get a free massage when I was in for my first op. However, it was not really appreciated by me at the time as I was in ICU!! I do think your idea if a good one and will be looking into it. D xx

  15. ugh Sydney traffic. We had to do the Brisbane run yesterday morning for the airport & despite leaving at 5am we hit ridiculous traffic. To do it every day? Yeah, nah…

    • YEP. And still they open up more land. Our daughter says it is NOT the Kellyville she grew up in anymore. She is at Rouse Hill now (the old part near the dog park on Windsor Road side) and now there is a Woolworths at North Kellyville which used to be all rural properties. I also think it’s why I really don’t even want to go back to check it out. Anyway it does sound like that was a bit of a worrying drive to the airport. But I see you are safe and sound in NZ and that is great! Enjoy. D xx

  16. Out of recovery & on your way home in 2hrs is very impressive Denyse. I”m so pleased to hear all went well and you are doing well.

    • Thanks Jenni. I am a good recoverer it seems. I must say the anaesthetist said ‘don’t rush home as you have a long trip back’ but I was so well it was silly to hang around for the evening peak hour traffic after what we had endured in the morning! He even rang me the next morning to see how I was and I was fine. I think he was very caring but also ultra cautious. Now to see if we get an invoice from him. He was only going to charge me more than the rebate if surgery went for 2 hours and it did.

  17. How are the trees looking now Denyse? Isn’t Sydney traffic terrible? It’s great to hear that the surgery went well and you are recovering in true Denyse style. #teamIBOT

    • You know the trees surprised me because there were more in full bloom than I realised. That said, the visit to Sydney the week before was to Westmead and this time we went down via the Pacific Hwy and saw the north shore blooms!! The traffic…it seriously is the major reason my husband wanted to leave Sydney and now, almost 3 years later it is worse. I seriously do not know what the powers that be are thinking when they keep allowing more building of houses and apartments without more reasonable transport options. As for digging up George St for light rail. Why? Off my soapbox now. Off to Sydney again tomorrow for post-op check and this time we are seeing the Prof in his other rooms at St George Private. I shall let you know about the traffic!! D xx