Friday 22nd October 2021

Water Is All Around Us Here. #SundayStills. 54/2021.

Water Is All Around Us Here. #SundayStills. 54/2021.

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Terri here has now  moved into her new abode and her friend from Always Write  was caring for Sunday Stills while she did so. I will share this post soon too.

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For our planned move from the landlocked space of North Western Sydney back in 2014 we both knew we wanted more space around us, nature and W A T E R.

My husband and I both had childhood and teen years by the waters of towns and cities of N.S.W. but we could not afford to buy anywhere near those areas when we returned to the city after teaching in the country.

We always holidayed annually near the beach, and it was to this area we have retired. Still not purchased a house but we are renting where we feel like we belong for now.

Water IS All Around Us.

The Wyong River.

We live on land which  belongs to the local Darkinjung people who are the original inhabitants of this land. European settlers also farmed this land and it was only a short while ago (less than 10 years) that where we live was a place for dairy cows. The Wyong River’s source is in the hills we see in the distance from near where we live and it meanders in gentle times, and floods in times of big rains. I visit the river at different locations. One is at Tacoma as it readies itself to join Tuggerah Lakes, which then flows to the sea. Another is what I call Porter’s Creek which is where I often go to contemplate and appreciate nature and just up from there is the place, of the original Wyong Milk Factory,  where the fresh water from the river meets the brackish water of the lakes.

Tuggerah Lakes. A Huge Inland Water System.

I see the lakes at various places near us: Toukley, Gorokan, Budgewoi, Tuggerawong, Wyongah, North Entrance and The Entrance.

And undoubtedly my favourite. The Pacific Ocean.

Also known by Tasman Sea – our nearest neighbour to the east is New Zealand. Each beach along the East Coast of Australia has unique qualities and often different coloured texture and types of sand. I sometimes walk on Lakes Beach, and down to Soldier’s Beach. These are places I see the surf and the waves. I also visit the rock platforms close to shore. So much water. So much to enjoy. And I do!

What is the water like where you live?




  1. Your water shots show a lovely place to live Denyse. I remember visiting some of those places when we lived up the road a bit. You are fortunate to have the water close by as it is obviously something you enjoy seeing and it can be very soothing – whatever the weather!

    We grew up relatively near the beach and after living in Newcastle where beaches were not far away either, our big move into the mountains was a bit of a shock. In some ways it made us appreciate the beach far more than we ever had before. One day we drove home after a swim at the coast and then ran into snow! I am in Nowra the moment and am enjoying the peaceful dam on the property, the reflections are lovely in the stillness and not far away is a larger dam. The Shoalhaven River is also nearby and today we rode our bikes to get some wonderful views through the bush. We’ve been out to the beach of course as it’s something we always do when we visit!

    Another lovely Sunday Stills post!

  2. Denyse Whelan says:

    Thanks so much Debbie. Yes, you really get what I mean too.

    I was born in Wollongong, learned to swim at North Wollongong baths and to body surf there too. Moving to Balgowlah Hts (we really had no idea how good the location would be) meant I had (aged 10-20) still waters of Sydney Harbour beaches in walking distance and could go there unaccompanied. Once I was over 14 it was fine for me to catch to bus to Manly – about 10 mins away by car – and join school friends on the sand at North Steyne.

    My first year of teaching took me to the country and that was great of course….and I met B there. We always came back to my parents’ house for school holidays : free accomodation and grandparent care and it was close to the beach and more.

    For much of Bernard’s years growing up they lived close to the northern coast and rivers. So, he too was a water – person.

    Our first home budget in Sydney meant we could not afford to live where I had grown up AND the teaching appointments were in NW Sydney so that was where we setlled, had our second child and lived from 1978 until early 2015. Missing water and hot Sydney summers meant at each house we ended up installing an inground pool. A great asset.

    But we usually took a week’s holiday in January to a beach area. Sometimes Port Macquarie, other times Ballina and also Port Stephens finally making The Entrance our preferred place as the unit overlooked the ocean and the pool and was less than 2 hours drive from home. It is still there!

    I think when we knew we ‘had to sell’ and ‘had to leave busy Sydney’ it was a natural choice to choose what we knew. However, we made one big mistake in that first year when the house, close to water and southern coastal beaches was unsuitable and expensive to rent, moving to the northern end where all these shots were taken.

    I loved reading your history too. I am guessing, over time, the property will be sold. It’s tough. Growing up in Wollongong we certainly drove through and to many of the places you write about. I have not been as far as Tumba though! Plenty of other places west and south west though!

    Lovely catch up…

  3. Oh my gosh, Denyse, I think you are addicted to all things water! How fortunate to live near the beach or have easy access to waterways! Rivers, lakes and oceans, you have it all. Exquisite images of fun on the water. I suppose you are enjoying fall weather now but I hope you can find water to admire!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I think I might be…love its qualities and its movement. Sometimes I will drive over to the beach when the waves are very rough (weather related!) just to engage with that awesomeness of nature’s power.

      Having found this area to settle in now, and we have our medical needs sorted too…important as both of us have chronic conditions, it may be that I need to give up the notion of home-ownership in our future (beyond our budget here now too!) and accept continuation of renting. The house we are in now suits us but it’s a 12months at a time lease. We have renewed till April 2022.

      Thanks for your lovely words and Sunday Stills, Terri.


  4. I know some of those places quite well Denyse 🙂 🙂

  5. Some really impressive photos there Denise. I love the one with the storm clouds over the sea.