Friday 28th January 2022

Water. 41/51 #LifeThisWeek. 121/2021.

Water. 41/51 #LifeThisWeek. 121/2021.

I admit that water is my favourite drink and tends to be from a bottle. It is a small one that I can fit into my bag. I buy these bottles in bulk from the supermarket and then  re-fill for a time. With both of us ageing, and dry mouths from time to time, each of us needs a sip or two when we are out in the car or waiting…at the doctor’s for one. I also have to have water nearby to help any food that may not want to go down with ease. That is the legacy of the reconstruction of my mouth inside

This post however  moves away from the practical and necessary aspects of water to these images;



Papa aka Bernard caring for the pool water whilst grandkids LOVE the fun. 2014. We had pools in almost all of our backyards and this one was particularly loved by little ones as we had a ‘beach area’ where they could play and feel safe (under an adult’s eye) until ready to strike out into the deeper water.

Love this shot of Miss 4


We lived in north-western Sydney and there was a man-made lake nearby – Bella Vista and it was somewhere pleasant to walk around the board walk and look at the ducks – very overfed – and perhaps get a milkshake and donut afterwards. Back in 2014. Miss GD (who photographed our pre- Wedding Anniversary shots) with her lil sis who is now 9.


One granddaughter (#7 grandchild, #5 granddaughter) was being born….as this extremely wet day poured water everywhere…I was driving back home and would find out once I was there, she had been born back in 2013.

And some favourites from now and the past….

Then there was this:

A young grandson into the water at the beach. His grandfather was not far away. Soon after we had moved to the coast he had a special stay in January 2015.

Oh….and yesterday was  his 14th Birthday!!


Then there is this view…from inside the Sydney Opera House, of Sydney Harbour. A big favourite of mine and many in the water stakes. I was attending TedX 2015.


As a family we all enjoy being near or on the water. Not everyone likes the waves and current of the surf (and we oldies would say that now too) but as younger adults both B and I loved to surf. Both of us spent our formative years by the ocean.


And then there is this: my favourite place to visit: summer, winter and all the in-between times. The roaring winds, the gentle waves, the sand where I walk…and perhaps the water where I paddle all help to ground me and help me focus on “now”….this image of me, taken in June 2017 just after my cancer diagnosis and before any surgeries. I think I was pretty determined to come here to make more memories and to help me have those to view for what was ahead. It was a good plan.

But then: how wonderful, some 3 years later, to be taking an image of Avoca Beach at sunset before speaking at a head and neck cancer fundraiser ball….


I could find more images but suffice to say, I love being by the water. I am also respectful of water where levels may rise quickly in heavy rain. It’s a wonderful resource but being from nature we need to be careful of it too. I would never go into the sea here and it’s easy to see how powerful that surf is and how some rock fishing people can be swept off rocks…

I admit this is a bit of an emotional way to finish. My Dad, is well over 97, and has been in lockdown at Dee Why in his independent retirement unit for as long as we have. Hopefully I will be visiting him as this post goes live or in that week.

Dad (in this image, in blue shirt) walked at Manly, on the beach for years and years before Mum died in 2007 and then probably tended to walk along the paths to and from Fairy Bower. He loves this place.

He grew up in Wollongong near the water so it’s always been special for him. We have talked about where his ashes may go after his death…and this maybe where. Not that he is going anywhere soon.

I am a fan of water that is for sure.

And here is a special short video taken of the water about 20 minutes from home:

How about you?


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  1. Hi Denyse, being near water can be so calming can’t it? I’m not really one to go into the ocean but I do love living where I can go for a walk on or by the beach and take time to just listen to the waves rolling in. Your video is a lovely way to start the week. Thanks for hosting #lifethisweek and enjoy!

    • Yes it is for me both calming and exhilarating. I admit when it’s very rough and windy I love it for the energy that is ‘bigger than us’.

      I miss going in the surf these days as I always did before I became more unsteady since my leg surgery…and it can be a challenge when the sand is moving and waves are pounding to maintain balance. So, for me now living on the coast (not as close as you do) is about appreciating what I have now and sharing it, as I have today, with friends.

      Thank you Sue,


  2. What a lovely take on the prompt. Love the photos. And yes, just being near water, if not in water, is so calming and balance inducing. It really lifts my spirits.

  3. Hi Denyse, what a great topic for a post! Like you, I adore living near water too. I don’t have the beach nearby (except for a small man made beach) but I have Moreton Bay and lots of lovely things that come along with living by the water – cool breezes, seagulls, pelicans, seaweed, the sound of water to walk by, beautiful pathways along the waterfront where to walk, fish and chip shops you can buy from and then sit by the water to eat, and more! Love all your photos and the video. Hope you have a wonderful week! xo

    • Thank you so much Min.

      Yes, your shots locally are very familiar to many of mine.

      I think water is something that is constantly changing and give me energy too as well as a feeling of peace.


  4. Thanks for these lovely images and the video Denyse. I miss being near the water but it makes me appreciate it even more when I actually get to the coast. It’s great to see how much being near the water has been a part of your life and your dad too.
    Enjoy your new freedoms and take care (as I know you will).

    • Thanks so much Debbie.

      Today has been very anti-climactic as it is 12 degrees, and rainy. I still ventured to the local Westfield as I had to and saw loads of people doing Christmas shopping and getting haircuts…another 2 weeks for me. So I did what I had to and drove home!

      I too longed for the beach living in western Sydney so regular visits to Dad’s and also on holidays (up to the Central Coast!) helped that.


  5. Hi Denyse, Thank you for hosting and sharing your lovely photos and video of water. I think as humans, we’re drawn to sources of water. I feel fortunate to live close to one of the Great Lakes and go there often and go paddling in spring and summer. I also have respect for bodies of water. My post happens to be on prompt today 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you Natalie, I like your words about water…and yes, I am a totally respectful person around water. It not only keeps us alive but it can also hurt us in sudden flooding and more.

      So glad you too get to walk in and by the water close to home.

      It’s a wonderful way to unwind and be at one with nature.

      Well-done on the “on-prompt” too.


  6. Thank you for this post about water. It has been a long time since I have been to a beach. Spring has mostly just been rain here in Melbourne. I miss the beach and wish that I lived closer to one.

    • Thank you Jody, I do know how much you prefer to be warm too, as well as liking the beach.

      I hope that can happen for you this coming Summer…go away lockdown!!


  7. I’m a bit weird, I love drinking water but only if it’s got bubbles! I love all your watery memories and musings, I too find being by the water so calming and good for the soul. I much prefer being by the water than being in it and I’m lucky that I live near so the harbour with some stunning water views. Hanging to go to see the beach and get some vitamin sea though! Hope you have a lovely reunion with your dad – how special!

    • Thanks so much Sam. Interesting about water needing bubbles. I get that too. However, I am still happy to carry my small water bottle everywhere I go because I will need it at some stage and small can fit inside my bag.

      I did know about your preference to be “not IN” the water but by it instead. And I see from my friends here you are not alone.

      I won’t step into water where I cannot see what is in it. For example, a muddy creek or lake…no way. I need to see the bottom is clear too and sand is fine but no rocks (dangerous for a start!) nor too much seaweed and definitely no blue bottles. Once stung never forgotten.

      Yes to seeing Dad. It’s a long time for a sociable person like him to have no visitors. However he asked me to come later in the week as he thought Monday would be extra busy and with today’s rain I am glad of that.


  8. I love the beach too Denyse. We are far away from the coat so it’s lovely to see it through your photos. I hope you get to see your Dad this week. It’s been a tough time away from our families.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer.

      I love your cold-country flowers and bulbs so we enjoy each other’s vistas via the blog.

      I will see Dad on Thursday. He thought the first day for visitors would be quite chaotic in the entry to his place and given it’s a wet day too, I am glad to have listened to his advice.

      Fingers crossed for you and your family being reunited soon.


  9. You lucky duck living so close to the water…’s a fair drive for me to get there so I tend to turn left and head for the hills!
    I really enjoyed this post (same as I do your others) ‘cept I think we’ve delved into another corner of Denyse today….the free and easy spirited one. One who is soothed, refreshed and invigorated by sea air – it’s the negative ions that do the trick.
    Not quite on topic this week but I’ll just say there’s been plenty of water dropping from the sky here in Melbourne since we’ve been home from Bowen
    Take care

    • Thanks Cathy, how very perceptive. Yes to the water, rough or calm having its effects on me. I sought rough days by the sea when I was most anxious about health matters over the past 4 years and “getting into a much bigger space” took me out of my head!

      That’s a big move back down the coast of Australia…to home in Melbs. I hope it wasn’t too complicated by Covid rules.

      I do like the hills too…and we have green rural spots (worth millions) where horses are trained and millionaires retire to…about 15 minutes west!


      • Most years we would make the journey home over four days Denyse….this year we decided to have some time in Rockhampton before moving on to Goondiwindi, then making a hurried traverse over NSW in the allowed time. It’s troubling times so there were no quibbles from me about border permit conditions- we’d extended our time in Qld in the hope things were getting better at home, unfortunately they’ve been going the other but I know we (Victoria) will get there in the end

        Not sure if you read the blog – here’s an entry

  10. Hi Denyse – we had a lap pool for several years and really enjoyed it. We moved house before the grandgirls got to try it out – and I wouldn’t bother with a pool these days, but they certainly bring a lot of joy to small children. I’ve also always enjoyed your beach photos – especially during your H&N treatment and recovery – I could tell how much the water rejuvinated you during that difficult time. x

    • Interesting isn’t it Leanne how our needs change….

      We no longer crave a pool in the backyard either..not our backyard as well, but the truth is that it was a great space for little kids…and in other houses, our children got to enjoy the pools as teens.

      We did use the pools of course but upkeep was B’s and running of pool pump etc added to our electricity costs. I do get a memory of how it was when a nearby neighbour here splashes into his pool. Just the sound!

      Yes I know where to go when I need space and healing time and even before HNC it was the ocean and lake that helped me be part of the ‘bigger space’ rather than that small one inside my head.


  11. Water water everywhere… As you know I’m at peace when I’m near the water – and that includes walking in the rain! Enjoy your freedom.

    • It is the best for sure…and always changing just to keep us very attracted and interested.

      Thanks Jo, enjoy what the week brings…


  12. All your images are very inspiring. I’ve said I would learn how to put pictures into my blog… Maybe next week? We moved to a location that has a water view… for which I am immensely grateful every single day. Sunny days and rainy days, high winds and waves or calm still bay waters…I’m loving seeing our water every single day!

    • That sounds like the very best of reasons to move to where you see water no matter what! I love that too.

      Pat, adding photos to the blog is, for me, a must-do. I guess it’s always been about sharing the images and stories here.

      I hope you get to enjoy that path when you start adding photos.

      Hope the weather is being kind to you right now, we have gone back a season into winter this week…but it’s Spring so warmth will return.


  13. I love drinking water too and tend to travel with a mug of ice cold water. That said I also thrive near the water. I often say that I could not live in the middle of our country and be so far from the ocean that I could not be there in a day.

    • I like that idea, not being too far away from the ocean. It’s a high need for many of us and I understand it well.

      Thank you Joanne,


  14. There is something very compelling about being near the water and most of us seemed drawn to it. Hope you get to see your dad soon.

    • Thank you Christine, that’s very true. Yes, I was able to drive down to Dee Why to see Dad today…water, water everywhere on M1 thanks to lots of rain. He was very pleased to see me after almost 4 months.