Monday 17th January 2022

Was A Fave Vacation Place. #SundayStills. 63/2021.

Was A Fave Vacation Place. #SundayStills. 63/2021.

Terri here has now  moved into her new abode and her friend from Always Write  was caring for Sunday Stills while she did so. I will share this post soon too.

It’s almost Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, where minds turn to memories of vacations and also to planning them. Of course, Covid19 has put paid to overseas travel from Australia to anywhere as we slide into winter. We do, however, have places all over this country that are far better visited in our winter.

  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Uluru
  • Parts of Western Australia
  • The Northern Territory

and for those who want snow…there are mountains in N.S.W. and Victoria. And cold spots too such as Tasmania.

My Fave Vacation Place is none of the above.

When we had a young family it was always easier not to drive too far from Sydney for a January (mid Summer school holidays) vacation of one week. Of course it was peak time so we paid a LOT of cash for that privilege but the drive took less than 2 hours from home and most things were in walking distance when we were in:


Fast forward about 30 years and this place has become an extension of the very expensive Northern Beaches of Sydney, so no affording to live there when we finally made our retirement move to the Central Coast in 2015.

But we can still visit!

I do from time to time when I am nearby at a meeting or going to the local larger shopping centres.

There has been a recent addition to help see the beauty of this place more directly in the form of a board walk…

Here are my images from Thursday 20 May a splendid Autumn Day.

This part is a gentler stretch of water called The Haven. I parked here, and walked towards the Boardwalk.

On the Boardwalk, trees in background, where I came from.

The boardwalk is beautifully made and the sounds of the waves crashing underneath and into the rocky walls made it even more special


The waves were quite small but as they broke against the sandstone they were pretty noisy.

The walk is relatively short but sure did show off the natural beauty and energy of this seaside mecca for tourists and visitors. I admit I find it very over-crowded in Terrigal itself now, and with prices of everything out of our budget, it becomes a place for me to enjoy what I can for free! THIS.

and this:


Terrigal Beach and its pines….and the almost ruined small pool which is washed by the ocean every day.

Next week is a week off Sunday Stills and I wish Terri a lovely family visit.

What’s your favourite vacation spot?

Has it changed over the years like mine has?


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  1. What lovely shots of a beautiful place that holds memories for you Denyse! Generally my favourite holiday is one with family or doing an activity like cycling, which I’ve written about today for #SundayStills and#lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Yes it is. I first came to Terrigal Beach as an 18 yo with my then Boyfriend (not B) and we stayed with his family in a beach house just above the surf. I have my photo of me in a bikini from those days…long gone but not forgotten.

      I see how much you love your activities as part of your holidays Deb and that is awesome. I admit I am not a sit around the pool girl. I prefer to be out and about. Speaking of which, I am sending you a PM…


  2. Thank you for sharing your favorite holiday spot, Denyse, it really looks quite beautiful! Nice that it was a close drive but away from the routines of every day life. We’re on a retirement budget too so we would likely use our RV when the time comes. I had to giggle at the name of the beach, Terri-gal…made me feel an instant kinship with the area, lol! Always a pleasure to have you share for Sunday Stills! Have a wonderful couple of weeks!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Well, you know now I will never NOT see the word other than it being attached to you. That is so cute Terri Gal.

      One reason we left western Sydney was to be in closer proximity to the water and natural areas and we are staying here. Can’t afford to buy any more. Real estate prices have escalated hugely but we have a comfy place to rent and hope to stay on.

      Enjoy your catch up with your family.


  3. What a beautiful post, Denyse. I will link this post and use some of the pictures from this post in your interview. I wish I had visited Sydney when I went to Australia in 2017. I visited two blogging friends of mine, the Eternal Traveller and Leanne Cole, one from Toowoomba and the other from Melbourne.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh yes, you would have seen great places with where you did travel but we are a very big country and to try to catch up with it all would have been a challenge.

      I am glad you can find some enjoyment in these photos! This place, is about 75 minutes drive north of Sydney, very pleasant indeed. And very much out of our price range to buy!

      Thanks Marsha,

  4. What beautiful photos. My hubby has been to Australia, my youngest daughter has been to NZ and almost flew to Australia but they would have had to have a visa and they didn’t have time to do that.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh Kirstin, nearly made it for your daughter…and your husband did. It is a very long flight to Australia. Thanks for your kind words about the photos. It is a beautiful area we now live near.