Friday 21st January 2022

View. 39/51. #LifeThisWeek. 118/2021.

View. 39/51. #LifeThisWeek. 118/2021.

This post will take a look at ‘view’ the word about seeing and perhaps a ‘point of view’. Using images and words I found of interest in my archives.

And with an update from me at the very end…about Self Care.



Bernard looking at the view: for whales! None sighted.


Papa & 3 Grandkids viewing the water…and seeing ‘little fishies” 2015.


This view, of my talented granddaughter who enjoys photography, as she checks an image via the viewfinder. Sydney 2014.


The view of me…last one in any kind of education role. Viewed at a TeachMeet in 2015 at the High School I attended 1962-1967. I spoke about my life in education.


A not-unfamilar view to regular readers…this is Soldiers Beach in late 2015 with my visiting granddaughters in view.


Sunny view of yachts in the background with us having a morning out with a view to greater connection amidst lots of change in 2014.


Is it even a session with lego unless you make a tower? Papa pleasing these 2 back in 2016. Great view!


Cheers Miss 2. My view of her in 2012. Out for morning tea.


Look at that view, as grandson takes photo with my camera. What I view too is protective arm of Miss 5 around her younger sister. 2016.


My view then…2015, remembering my view of room on right near. My home room in high school 1962! I got the tour before I gave my presentation.


I didn’t notice this view till I was finding photos. When Ms 2 stayed with us, she put her sandals next to Papa’s. 2016.


The place we moved to had a great view over the water. The house was too uncomfortable and expensive for us in 2015 so we moved on.


Teacher & Grandma Me loved this view. Miss 15 months trying out pencils. Go Miss E!


So long ago we did this none of remember accurately but we think about 20 years ago. The view from Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of Bridge Climb was amazing.


I have viewed this scene over and over and in real life many times. Back to Manly in 2013 for an early morning walk around the area with an interstate visitor.


This view, of the now-demolished Entertainment Centre in 2014, is of my eldest granddaughter in her solo role as part of the School Spectacular.


The view of the Hollywood sign in January 2006…so far away! Such a different view to what we expect as tourists.


My current view…and views of my life as I face turning 72 in 2 months.

These four images, all with ‘me’ inside are part of the story of what I have been, done and needed to be ready for over the past four and a half years since my head and neck cancer diagnosis in May 2017. Blog updates are here.

These times gave me many chances to display courage, admit overwhelm, be able to keep going and…as I often said “do the hard things.”

My blog, and social media have helped me greatly over this time to distract me and to provide comfort as well as to connect.

Now, as I face a YEAR ahead with no check ups for cancer, no plans for any other health issues to need my attention other than the usual checks with G.P. and dentist, I am feeling an air of relief and release.

So, this is how I am going to make some changes. Remembering self care and adapting to managing my life as I age. 


  • From next week, I will be blogging ONCE a week. On Mondays for Life This Week. I have posts planned ahead and this is a good thing for planner me!


  • I have decided to discontinue further blogging challenges for this year, which means that I have stopped Sunday Stills as of this past week. I have loved being part of the Sunday Stills community and thought I would see the year through, but no, I am making the choice to stop now and have written to Terri at Second Wind Leisure about this and appreciate the friendliness of her community.


  • I will also no longer linking up with Natalie for Weekend Coffee share by the time of the final Woman of Courage story and wish her all the best. It’s been a great community to meet and I have connected with Natalie too about this decision. Thank you Natalie.



  • I am discontinuing one of my instagram accounts.


  • I have had quite a lot of trouble with instagram since the end of 2019 where “they” won’t let me post from my phone nor recognise the @denysewhelan account unless it’s via @denysewhelan_blogs so, with the end of #ShareSeptember I will be deleting this account. I may be able to transfer some images over but I am not that concerned about it.


  • To be honest, Instagram was a favourite of mine until Facebook took over. Now, I will continue to post on @denysewhelan_blogs and do ask for a follow there if you don’t already follow me. I keep my account private because I was hacked in 2017.


  • I will keep that account because it is linked (so far no issues) to my blog and to my Denyse Whelan Blogs Facebook page.



@DenyseWhelan will be deleted at the end of September 2021 on Instagram.


This is the new avatar with the ‘old’ one for @denysewhelan_blogs. Do ask for a follow! Thank you


Thank you for you support as I make these changes.

I cannot truthfully write about self care unless practising it so this is my story.

How do you practise self care as you move forward in life?


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  1. Hi Denyse, You’ve got a great photo collection of ‘Views’. A lot of memories packed in them. Thank you for letting me know in advance about your planned changes. I understand the importance of self-care. I don’t use Facebook or other social media tools so blogging and email are how I stay connected with you and other blogger friends. As to my self-care, every day I try to get enough sleep, exercise both my mind and body, stay connected with my family and friends, eat a balanced diet, and enjoy my hobbies in moderation. I feel grateful that I can live life the way I want to at this stage of life. Thank you for hosting #lifethisweek.

    • Thank you Natalie for understanding where my decisions were coming from.

      That is so lovely to read about your self-care Natalie. I admire your strength and commitment to yours very much.

      I understand and know that well too but have less self-discipline to keep at it.

      Meanwhile, I am very grateful for blogging connections and friends made on this medium and for your continuing support of the link up.

      Take care,


  2. Was panicked for a minute that #Lifethisweek prompts were stopping.I have noticed the quality of community at a number of link ups has declined dramatically. Interestingly I have some good photography ones out of Finland and Germany and I am spending more time google translating comments. Ha!
    Love the lego tower. I was quite sad packing up the lego for another decade or so….(fingers crossed). Still one of the best toys.
    Fabulous view from your old house but the most imporant thing about a house is the ease, comfort and happiness in the house, not the view out the window. So if the rent was causing stress, then always better to move on. And you still have the photos of the view!!

    • Oh dear me, as “IF” I would do that to you Lydia…lol.

      Next year will be somewhat different (I get bored) but in November I will share what my plans are for the link up #LifeThisWeek and that there will be a link up each week.

      Lego…we didn’t have a lot of it but this set that was user friendly for kids from babies upwards was popular. It’s been taken by my daughter for her school and the library.

      The other house was indeed very uncomfortable and ridiculously over priced so yes we took a loss (kept paying rent there and in new place up here) until end of lease. Our physical comfort mattered more.

      Take care,


  3. Hi Denyse, I thoroughly enjoyed all your different ‘view’ photo’s. Amazing how much of a story a photo can tell. I particularly love the photo of your granddaughter’s sandals next to her grandfather’s. I’m pleased to see that you’re applying some self care to yourself and lightening your load a bit. I have had to do that for myself too lately, particularly since I’ve been doing this 100 day challenge as it adds much more of a demand on my time. Once the challenge is over I’ll be reassessing how I use my time. I think it is something we need to do regularly. Things can’t stay the same forever. We need to be flexible and adapt as we get older and priorities and likes etc shift & change. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! xo

    • What a kind, caring and compassionate person you are Min. Thank you.

      Yes to 100 day challenges. Sound good when we start but…as you found “Life” takes us in different directions. I planned and have done the 30 days of #shareSeptember One Photo One Word but will put those kinds of ideas away as I adjust to LESS doing and MORE being!

      Adapting is good and better than hanging on to something that no longer serves us.

      Take care,


  4. I love how all of these pictures tell a story and how you’re making small changes that will make a big difference to you! I think it’s important to be able to make these changes because they help us grow and live our best life. We can all learn a lot from your self care strategies!

    • I like that you noticed my story telling in images Sam. Thank you.

      I do feel better already for my choice to do less ….and I know that for now it will stay….

      I hope as a result I see the benefits for me of having more time to ‘play’ rather than seeing some blogging parts as work.

      Take care,


  5. Some lovely pics there Denyse and great memories. I love that you’ve also included your current view and have your eye on what’s lying ahead of you as well. xx

    • Thanks kindly Deb. I had been mulling things over and thinking about how to announce what my choices were going to be…and then this post fitted in both topic and time frame.

      I do already ‘feel’ lighter as a result. Sometimes it takes stopping or slowing down for me to feel that.

      Take care,


  6. I remember building those giant Lego Duplo towers with my kids.
    It’s great that you are backing down from some of these social platforms. I spend most of my time on Twitter these days. Too many ads on everything else.
    Take care of your health too. x

    • Thanks Jody for your wise words too.

      Limiting my time on social media is much better for my health!!

      Lego are always enthralled with them I agree.

      I am doing well…and send my very best wishes to you too.

      Take care,


  7. Some great views there & great self-care re the blogging decisions… I’m contemplating cutting mine back a tad too…

    • Thanks so much Jo.

      I loved all of what I was doing until I “didn’t” and it came in the form of asking myself “why am I spending time on social media, others’ blogs (where unlike here, I often got no reply) instead of more time being here and present”…..and it felt like work!

      I never wanted my connections on-line to feel like that, hence the slowing down and reduction of IG account. That has been a total mystery for me why IG “banned” me but with social media companies there is no communication or ways to find out why…so I accept what works for me instead.

      I hope whatever you are thinking about makes sense to you…the most important person!

      Take care,


  8. Hi Denyse – I love that so many of your photos involved family – they always make any view that much more special – and you can’t beat time with grandchildren! Interesting to see that you’re stepping back a bit from your blogging etc commitments – I understand why that’s necessary at times. The good thing is that we can stop and start, slow down and speed up – it’s up to us and what works for us isn’t it? Enjoy your extra time and the plans you have for it xx

    • Thanks so much Leanne, thought you may have has a smile and nod of familiarity with this.

      I noticed as soon as I made the decision and could see how things would change for me, a sense of relief settled and I knew it was right.

      Getting my good health news was a catalyst along with realising at times social media obligations (commenting etc) was taking me away from connecting more with B!

      Yes, I know I can add to things again if I choose and I will see how things work for me after this time out….

      Take care,


  9. Hi Denyse, you have shown us a wide range of views and that lego tower is a classic! Our little ones are starting with towers and I'[m sure they’ll get that big one day especially with Papa G encouraging them on. I’m pleased you are continuing your #lifethisweek linkups but understand the need to reduce the amount of time spent online, it’s all about self-care as you so rightly say. I am ever so slightly envious of your beach views and your proximity to the seaside but it’s great to see your shots regularly. Thanks again for everything.

    • Towers are the thing alright. So pleased your little ones are getting to this. That set of Lego no longer in use here was commandeered by our daughter who is a Teacher-Librarian.

      I remember them as a teacher too of course..and some kids were very serious makers. You’d remember cuisenaire rods from school I guess. Well, if ever we got them out for free play in the afternoon in K-2 classrooms there’d be many a tower…and grief if one got “accidentally” knocked over.

      Thanks so much for you kind words of support and understanding. I was nearby the waterway where we used to live today and even though we “hated” the house, it was pretty marvellous to view. Also why the rent was premium.

      Your country views make Bernard sigh. He loved our time in the country and would like to live like that again and connections to Sydney are now reasons why we don’t.

      Take care,


  10. I’m not sure I’d be able to remember homeroom/classrooms I had – too many schools over the years! I do remember one school had stairs that went into the ceiling and I thought that was spooky-cool.

    • Thanks Vanessa, that one stood out because it was first year at High School and it was still recognisable because of its proximity to the main area of the school admin back in 1962. It was a brand new, architect designed school set out very nicely on a hill and a lovely space.

      Over the many years since, it had a change of type of school from all girls (public) high school to co-ed high school and then (as it is now) a Senior Campus Y11-12 with feeder 7-10 schools locally. The design had been adjusted and added to and what I recalled of the Assembly hall, and corridors nearby had been built over and the hall exists as storage area at ground level!).

      I love that you had one cool memory of a school….I wonder where those stairs ended…other than storage.

      Take care,


  11. You got so many wonderful views in this post. Loved going through them.

  12. Hi Denyse I love your approach to view and your photos. I’m constantly amazed at your memory. I can remember very little from my school days. Perhaps that’s because I disliked it so much.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer.

      I did like school but was never a nerd…I talked a lot and got sent out, even in Year 12…

      Memory for me has always been like this, but I am noticing some changes in my 70s that I do not appreciate. They are not bad, just annoying.

      Take care,


  13. So many wonderful views!

  14. I had a bit of a chuckle when I realized that I posted a view for my blog post this week, unintentionally! I don’t usually follow your prompts (sorry!), but like to see what others are doing so usually tap on 4-5 posts you get in Life this Week. I follow a number of folks already, but always fun to see what other folks are up to.

    It was interesting that your self care was stopping many of the challenge posting things. I wrote just a couple of weeks ago about how I felt a bit “wrong” for not joining in on those things. My own self- imposed once a week blog post is all I feel I can handle, but I give kudo’s to others who can join in to all the different ones. I agree though that you need to know what’s right for your own self-care! And yes, I view blogging as part of my self care!

    • Ah we are on similar wavelengths for sure.

      Yes, Patricia, I knew reached my limits of doing what I was when I stopped having fun.

      Bit of a way to know that made me realise “hey, I can change that”…so I did.

      I am very glad you pop in here to link up and never a concern about not being “on prompt” although this time it appears you were.

      Your words always give me time to think too.

      Take care,


  15. So many views, so many memories. Love the kids hugging!

  16. Great photos and views as always Denyse. I think you are very wise making the changes re social media and blogging. I know for me that once our personal issues are solved life will be very different. It’s all about finding what brings you joy and letting go of things that no longer serve you. I’m glad you are still have #lifethisweek but trying to keep up with all the link ups can be so time consuming. Best wishes for whatever you do x

    • Thanks so much Sue, I really appreciate your comment and in particular your understanding of exactly what I am doing and why.

      Looking forward to being a little less ‘busy’ and a bit more ‘me’

      Take care,