Friday 28th January 2022

Two-In-One. #TreeSquare #SundayStills. Evergreen. 87/2021.

Two-In-One. #TreeSquare #SundayStills. Evergreen. 87/2021.

Re-visiting my first school. Lots of evergreen in trees in the playground. Me, not so much!

Since knowing that trees were to be the focus for BeckyB’s Squares in July AND that they would be featured on Sunday Stills too, I have been extra vigilant in my tree observations and my photo taking. To be honest, I am always finding something to photograph outside but with a theme like trees…I was IN!

Terri here has now  moved into her new abode and I will share this post soon as ‘my’ Sunday becomes Monday here. Terri is in the northern hemisphere. I do enjoy sharing and am happy to wait till Monday.

Being Square is Fun!

Join in this lovely challenge and post a photographic square daily for one month every quarter. The theme changes every quarter and is announced on this blog a few weeks, occasionally days, in advance of the challenge month. The challenge months are January, April, July and October.

Here’s all you need to know: Thanks so much to Becky.

Create your square post, and include a pingback to one of my daily square posts (not this page or the home page as otherwise I don’t know about your ping!). You can also add the link to your post in the comments on any of my square posts

  1. Include the theme’s tag (sometimes this may be the only way I can find you too); the theme for July 2021 is Treeswhich makes the tag #TreeSquare


My Squares in Evergreen…from Trees in Nature. Each has a small description of place underneath.

Many trees like this on the lake and coastal areas where we live.


Another evergreen pine-type tree right on the lake!


An Australian native evergreen. The banksia tree. Coastal loving tree.


This is evergreen alright and perhaps more of a large shrub but it is saving the beach from erosion.


This evergreen is a gum tree and its angle is somewhat precarious.


Evergreen National Park on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I grew up very close to here.


And this is the suburb where I grew up. Balgowlah Heights NSW. The pink arrow points to our former home. Lots of evergreen everywhere, including the colour Dad chose for the roof end.


This is what is left of the evergreen Dad & Mum had in their garden. House completely unrecognisable. Interestingly owners used same green for front door. Great place for us all: kids, grandkids and great grandkids 1959-2011.


Missenden Road Camperdown. Evergreen trees form canopy. My walk along here is to the Hospital for my check ups (still having them) and surgeries in 2017-18.

And my collage for #TreeSquare on Instagram:

I hope you have plenty of evergreen and trees around your area. They are such givers of life, literally!




  1. We are quite fortunate to continue living in a green area! I don’t know how I would go without water and trees!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Exactly. It’s Sunday and I have gone on my essential trip to Coles at Toukley and stopped at the lake for a photo or two.

      When I get out like that it’s to remind me that I am so much smaller (my thoughts etc) when I am out looking at the BIG picture!

      Have you walked the length of Missenden Road with all those lovely trees. It’s been a comfort in a way to check them out as I have headed towards Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. I park at the Rydges hotel now and always get one and it’s worth knowing I don’t have to search for a park. Mind you, I havent been since last September. Due back this September.


  2. Hopped into your post early today, Denyse. As I linked to Becky’s for my post I saw yours and thought I would visit! So far your evergreens are ever-beautiful and the lovely green is so restful. How cool to have an Evergreen National Park! I love that walk to the doctor’s office–really peaceful and restful! See you on the blog tomorrow 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Nice idea to pop over early too Terri. Thank you.

      Trees are so beautiful and necessary to our lives and it wasn’t till I went search for images to match “evergreen” that I saw how many I have in photos.

      That walk to the hospital where I have had my surgeries and see my professor is really helpful as it’s a time out of the car (two hour drive to get there) and back walking helps reduce any stress…not fully, but helps.

      It’s a very old part of Sydney’s inner city and I have memories as a teen going to the University of Sydney with my then boyfriend (not husband) which is on the opposite side of the street….

      Catch you again tomorrow.


  3. oh these are such gorgeous evergreen squares, I particularly love the banksia one. Thank you for sharing so many trees, and also family memories. A lovely post

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Becky, it’s been a great way to remind myself of all the great things I have seen & done in my life.

      I see how I’ve been surrounded by wonderful memories of trees…nature rocks!


  4. Fabulous evergreens Denyse, I do love that many of our trees fit into this category and you’ve captured lots of them in your photos. I love a tree canopy down a city street!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      You don’t realise till you look at your photos just how much richness we have captured in the trees do we Deb?
      I agree about Missenden Road, , it’s a great space but for many of us, walking there it’s always a mixed blessing. RPA on one side, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse on the other and many associated health places…also housing Sydney Uni.

      The populations doing that walk is a mix of patients, families, carers and professionals as well as Uni types!! My former boyfriend attended Sydney Uni so I went there a lot for Balls and Socials in the late 1960s.


  5. Hi Denyse, what a lovely square array of evergreen trees you made. That is super clever. Your pictures are lovely. It is amazing when trees line the streets and provide shade year-round.