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Today I Will. #LifeThisWeek 48/52. 2017.131.

Today I Will. #LifeThisWeek 48/52. 2017.131.

Today I will.…I wondered what I thought about when I made this prompt! It was a while back so when I re-visited it to write I decided to add in what was current for this week coming AND, by popular request, post my recipe for Lemon Meringue Pie! Oh yes….the first 10 Prompts for #LifeThisWeek 2018.

  • Drive to Sydney’s suburb of Dee Why to see my almost 94 year old father. Dad remains very well and independent and has many friends where he lives, some of whom he tells me are only a few years older than me. Thanks Dad! I cannot believe it but in checking my calendar this year there will have only been 3 trips to see him in total. I got very stressed about driving on M1 relating to my IBS back in the early part of the year and so did not go anywhere near that road. Until I had to. In fact, the first time I had to I wrote about here and it was the start of me overcoming my fears and anxiety with exposure therapy. So, Dad got his first visit for the year from me  in late April 2017. We talk on the phone each week as well. Then my life imploded with the news I had cancer…you can read about that here if you weren’t following the blog back then. The second time I drove down solo to see him was in early September and then my recent planned visit was cancelled as I had a bad virus. So… I go today.

The day I finally went to Sydney for the first time in almost 5 months.

  • Congratulate our daughter on her graduation from Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga campus)  with her Masters of Education (Teacher/Librarianship). She has spent more time doing this part-time than she ever imagined when she began the 2 year part-time course and was the Teacher-Librarian in one school until the end of 2014 and then BEGAN a brand-new school’s Library from January 2015. Family and health issues of hers and her grown kids meant she had to take some breaks from Uni (study is on-line) but for her to keep the role she loves in her school the course was to be completed. Today she graduates! We are so very proud of her achievements under difficulty and that next year she is back to school full-time and in charge of the School Library once more! She and her 4 children are attending the Graduation ceremony at Wagga Wagga on Monday at 9.30 a.m. We will be there in spirit!


  • Complete the cupcakes for the 21st Birthday Picnic next weekend for our eldest granddaughter who is 21 just before Christmas. We are so happy to be able to see her for her birthday and we will drive down to the park where it is all happening. This young woman has faced quite a few personal health challenges when she was diagnosed with Crohns Disease but she makes the very most of her life and as you might recall I wrote about her here and she allowed me to add her YouTube. It was an amazing and memorable day when I met you, JR, in the San, on a Monday and there you were..a beautiful little girl who would one day call me “Grandma”.


  • Add the recipe here for lemon meringue pie which has been  synonymous with celebration in my family from when I was a child. Once I learned to make the pie I added the variation of sometimes making it in little tartlet cases. It really IS a simple recipe but you make it to your taste in lemony-ness. I recall requesting it on special occasions and when we had all of our kids/grandkids for a meal back in the ‘living in Sydney’ days, lemon meringue pie would make an appearance. Since my mouth is severely compromised for eating I search for food ideas I can literally eat and swallow and this lemon meringue pie passes! My dad totally loves it too and will have some memories of Mum’s cooking when I take him a container of mini Lemon Meringue pies in January to celebrate his 94th Birthday!

What better way to say “Congratulations” on completing your degree KT…than Lemon Meringue Pie!

  • The Recipe: You will need 2 eggs, separated. One can of condensed milk. 2 lemons. Small amount of castor sugar. A baked pie shell. Can be your own or purchased as I did.

First: Oven should be pre-heated at around 150 degrees. It is just to help the pie ingredients mix and to get a nice brown look on the meringue.


1. Separate the eggs so that you have two yolks and two lots of egg white. I do this one egg at a time into a glass to ensure there is NO yellow in the egg white or it will not whip into meringue. I put both egg whites into a small bowl. Nearby I have my castor sugar ready.

2. Cut and squeeze the juice from two lemons. If you like a really tangy lemon, you may add a bit more juice (from a 3rd lemon) as you taste test the mix. You have to really. Leave juice in juicer. For now!

3. In a separate bowl you place the two egg yolks and the contents of the condensed milk tin. Yummo. You may lick a little bit but not the lid. Ouch. Mix with a spoon to ensure all the egg yolk is combined and add the lemon and keep mixing until it is all together. Taste test to see if ‘lemony’ enough. Leave this for now.

4. Get your electric mixer and beat the heck out of those egg whites and as they begin to combine and go lovely and smooth white, add up to 2 tabs of castor sugar gradually. To know meringue is done, when you lift the beaters, the mix should form peaks.

5. Place the lemon mix in the prepared shell. It all fits in one this size above.

6. With a tablespoon, add some of the meringue to the top of the pie so that edges are covered. It does not have to be neat!

7. Place the pie in the oven  and DO NOT go far. It does not take long for the top to get a nice bit of brown on top and then it can be removed.

8. Eat it in slices when it is warm (mmm) or leave it to cool where it might be easier to slice (mmmm) and ENJOY!!


  • Add the first 10 prompts here for #LifeThisWeek 2018. THANK YOU for joining in #LifeThisWeek in 2016 and 2017 and do come along, when the mood takes you, to join in 2018. Every 5 weeks will be a photo-based post of any type you like. With the loss of many link ups relating to photos, I suggested this on the blog as a place to SHARE YOUR SNAPS and I hope you will! Without further ado: here are the first 10 Weeks of #LifeThisWeek prompts for 2018. 

  • 1/52. “Bye to 2017”. 1/1/18.
  • 2/52. Word or Intention for 2018. 8/1/18.
  • 3/52. Favourite Weather. 15/1/18.
  • 4/52. What is Kindness? 22/1/18.
  • 5/52 SHARE YOUR SNAPS 1. 29/1/18.
  • 6/52. Starting School Stories. 5/2/18.
  • 7/52. Who’s a Worrier? 12/2/18.
  • 8/52. February is… 19/2/18.
  • 9/52. TAKING STOCK 1. 26/2/18
  • 10/52. SHARE YOUR SNAPS 2. 5/3/18.

I will add this list to the Home Page soon.

Next week the last prompt for 2017 is Christmas Plans. Then there will be no #LTW on Christmas Day. First day back on the blog for me will be on Monday 1 January 2018. The prompt is always optional. Link up an old post if you are in holiday mode or not. It would be great to see some links but being New Year’s Day I would understand why there might not be many!!

Thank you for joining in this year. We never got to 52 weeks of the prompts thanks for my cancer surgery but hey, only missing 3 is not a bad innings!!

Take care and I look forward to reading your posts and responding soon!!


I do not know what breaks Alicia or Kell are having but for this last time in 2017 I will link up too. Thanks for sharing your space ladies!


You can link up something old or new, just come on in. * Please add just ONE post each week! * Feel free to go with the prompt for the week to add your ‘take’ on the prompt. Or not. * Please do stay to comment on my post as I always reply and it’s a bloggy thing to do! * Check out what others are up to by leaving a comment because we all love our comments, right! * Add a link back to this blog in your post somewhere. I don’t have a ‘button’ so a link in text is fine! *Posts deemed by me, the owner of the blog and the link-up, to be unsuitable for my audience will be deleted without notice. * THANK you for linking up today!






  1. I love reading stories about people like your Dad, Denyse, who are still enjoying life in their 90s. Congratulations to your daughter for such an achievement, part time study can become tedious but she did it! Congrats also to your 21 year old granddaughter and that lemon meringue pie looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe! Have a great week. I couldn’t actually think of what to write for your prompt so I’ve written about my Christmas memories from Childhood. I hope you enjoy!

    • Thank you so much Sue. I think the sharing of our stories is the most important part of blogging. I am glad you have enjoyed it too. Next week I will write about Christmas but I am not sure which direction it will take. I know I will have NO post on Christmas Day and be back on 1.1.2018 for anything about 2017. I look forward to reading your post over the next day or so when I am back on the blog! Denyse xx

  2. Many thanks for hosting – will see you in Feb, so have a fabulous xmas and hope the recovery keeps moving in leaps and bounds!

    • Gosh Lydia that seems a long way off but I know once January hits it won’t seem that way. I hope you have an amazing break too and wish you and yours all the festive greetings. Your love and support of me through my cancer diagnosis and treatment has been amazing and it is so appreciated. See you back here in 2018! Denyse xx

  3. That lemon meringue pie looks to be a fabulous way to say congratulations – and it reads easy to make too…in fact, I might just give it a go.

    • Yay for recipes that are easy! This recipe used to be on the condensed milk cans but now they are all cheesecake ones. I hope you do make it. The meringue may not like humid weather but you will all eat it pretty quickly so should be fine. I keep my ‘left overs’ in the fridge these days. They do not stay left-over for long either! Denyse xx

  4. Denyse, I loved reading all the good news and triumphs in this post. You have such a wonderfully close and loving family and together you have achieved so much and also pulled each other through some tough times.

    Much love and happiness

    SSG xxx

    • Oh thank YOU! Even though our family is separated by distance and much busy-ness in everyone’s lives we do take a great interest and support where we can. Thank you for your loyalty to this link up and I wish you and yours a fabbo lead up to Christmas! Denyse xx

  5. So much news Denyse! Congrats to your daughter. The recipe sounds delish too.

    • Thank you Jody. Yes it is a bit of a long one today with all that news! I hope you and your lovely family are looking forward to the festive season..sending love, Denyse xx

  6. Congrats to your daughter! I sometimes regret that I didn’t continue with library work ( I did the Tafe library technician thing straight out of high school or whatever they call it now…).

    My mum also makes the best lemon meringue pie and also apple pie. YUM! Enjoy your day with your dad xo

    • Thank you Ness. I know they probably have changed the titles of who does what in a library but I reckon you would have enjoyed that. Have you ever volunteered at the kids’ school library? I know teacher-librarians value parent support…especially with book covering!! Glad to know your mum has the pies covered so well. I did have a good visit with Dad. Denyse xx

  7. Enjoy the visit!

    And it’s a big milestone to get the teacher librarianship qualification, let alone the jobs in it, so big congratulations to you daughter too.

    • Thanks I did enjoy the drive and the visit and it was my first for a while driving down the busy M1 but I had my choice of music – Christmas songs – don’t hate me – which was great.

      My daughter has had more challenges than most trying to complete a Masters like this – during her own surgeries, house moves x 3, kid challenges x more…and holding down the teacher-librarian position.

      It was a requirement of her appointment to the role (she is already a permanent K-6 teacher and has been for years) that she complete the Masters she had already started. However, her school and the Dept, along with the Uni supported her having to take some breaks.

      She finished it this time round by doing a Summer subject, doing her prac in July School hols and taking Long Service leave for a term to do the final 2 subjects. The good part about her qualification is that she can work in any library now and so it gives her some career options for the future. She did her prac at the Sydney Jewish Museum (she loves history) and now volunteers there once a month.

      Thanks Vanessa
      Denyse x

  8. Hi Denyse – you have the exact same recipe I use for Lemon Meringue Pie! I think mine originally came off the condensed milk label 🙂 It’s really creamy and a firm favourite whenever I make it too. Thanks for another link up – I’m going to be following your prompts a lot more in the year ahead as I cut back on my blogging so it was great seeing the first eight for 2018 x

    • Yes that is where Mum and I got it from too. But these days it is all cheesecakes on the side of the tin. Thank you for telling me you are going to follow the prompts more in 2018. I am so glad and this Monday linky is very friendly. Thanks, Denyse x

  9. I’m so pleased to read all the wonderful things you and your family are celebrating right now. I hope you all enjoy inhhaling your lemon meringue pie!!!

    • Oh yes, and it has been quite the journey and those things are usually appreciated more! On the drive down to Sydney to see Dad, I was on the Pacific Hwy and my grandson sent me a little vid of his Mum graduating. I stopped on Telegraph Rd in Pyrmble and looked and listened and wiped away a tear of pride!! It was the same degree and same place I graduated some 26 years ago!! I am saving the next Lemon Meringue Pie for Dad’s 94th in January. Denyse xx

  10. Today I will …. attend a job interview for a job in my organisation’s restructure. It was nerve wracking 1 hour interview this morning (hence my later than normal comment) , now the wait to see whether I get the location of my job where I want or whether I will consider asking for a voluntary redundancy if I don’t get the location I want.Why do they do these unsettling things at this time of year??!!!

    Thanks for sharing your lemon meringue pie recipe Denyse. I wll be making this, probably this weekend!


    • Oh wow. That is nerve-making news. I have no idea why companies do this kind of thing so close to Christmas. I know of another friend who only went back to her chosen and much loved career in journalism last year who thought week before last she was having a performance review. No, it was to tell her that her position was now redundant.
      I am crossing everything in the hope that whatever is the outcome for you is what you want. Best wishes, Denyse. PS that lemon meringue pie fixes everything. Enjoy.

  11. So much good news in one post! You must be so proud of your daughter – what an achievement. Reading that recipe for Lemon Meringue Pie has given me quite the craving! I would love to give it a go 🙂

    • Oh yes we sure are. I am bursting to add a photo or two but I won’t….she will when she is ready. I am just glad that the trip to Wagga Wagga and back for them all went well. They’re home safe and sound…and ready for “last week of school” and a “21st Birthday Picnic”. The Lemon Meringue pie is the best….and I can eat it, even better! Denyse xx

  12. Thanks for the recipe! I do love a good lemon pie xo

  13. I’m very late onto the bandwagon this week. I’ve been in quite a bit of pain this weekend so that threw a spanner in the writing works!

    You’ve got a full week planned. Thank you so much for the Lemon Meringue pie recipe, I can’t wait to try it out, although I suspect my pastry case won’t be up to scratch 😉 I’m sure that your dad was happy to see you and your daughter as well. I can’t imagine studying while working and looking after kids. My hat off to KT!

    • Oh dear, pain IS a pain and I know how hard it is to concentrate on anything. I hope things improve soon. The week is going well and it was such a treat to be able to show my Dad (and bro who had also popped in to see me) the little vid of KT on stage, and graduating and hearing her kids whoop and holler! Such an achievement which stalled more than once, but in the end, she has achieved it. This Masters also widens her future career options if she ever decides to take a break from schools. She can be a librarian in a business, a community centre etc.
      The pastry case for lemon meringue pie is a short crust one. Already baked ones from a supermarket are what I use, or the little tart size to make mini ones.
      Denyse x

  14. My lemon tree is not looking too good at the moment but once I have some lemons I will try out your recipe!

    • Oh good. Lemons have had a funny season here too and there looked like being a shortage for a bit. I hope you enjoy the pie! Yummo! Denyse x

  15. Lemon meringue pie is divine! I made it when my sister bought her new man round for dinner. Turns out he LOVES it, so good move lol 😉
    Lots of good news here x